Submitted by RubberChicken24 t3_11asb42 in pittsburgh

Where are you going for your fish sandwich today?

Bonus points if you recommend somewhere in the south hills that includes alcohol.



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nbslabtech t1_j9u6qbo wrote

St Albert the Great in Baldwin. Delicious fish, great prices, fast service, and they've always had beer.


weavs13 t1_j9vczye wrote

Also would recommend St Albert's! Went today for lunch at noon. I got for take out. Only took 30 minutes from the time I left my house until the time I returned. Quick service. Pierogies are homemade and they also have fresh donuts!


hoppiness91 t1_j9uc41h wrote

If you want alcohol, your best bet is probably Doridos


Steven_Snippert t1_j9wli46 wrote

Why is this being downvoted? Here's an upvote.


TheMiddlePoli t1_j9w6w9k wrote

Make the drive to Community Kitchen, Best Fish Fry I've ever had.


teacamelpyramid t1_j9vnclf wrote

I’m meeting friends at Golden Age in Homestead. I’ve been waiting a year to try their fish sandwich.


Bungalow_Man t1_j9wqbrc wrote

I got fish from the American Legion in Bethel Park, and it was huge disappointment. Last year they had fresh cut fries, and they were so good. I was looking forward to their delicious fresh cut fries again, and even got a second order of them, but all we got were food service fries even though they are still listed as fresh cut online. The fish was soggy too, had to crisp it up in the air fryer at home.


chippyinairplane t1_j9umsy4 wrote

Haven’t been since Covid but st valentines was the best


Bungalow_Man t1_j9wpqpd wrote

Not sure why you were downvoted. St. Valentines has a great fish sandwich. Sides are meh though. They didn't offer dine-in for 2021 or 2022. Just looked, and it appears to be takeout only again this year too. They did offer alcohol pre-covid, but it was a keg of swill (Miller-lite, I think).


OutbackBrah t1_j9tp7gs wrote

Bicycle cafe probably


RubberChicken24 OP t1_j9tusaq wrote

Ya I see the options. Just wanted to see where people were going. Where's the best to go to?


LukeV19056 t1_j9unq89 wrote

This subreddit is full of about of obnoxious people who refuse to answer questions, I don’t know why they bother to comment. It’s almost like they don’t understand community. Obviously you could look at the map but you wanted to hear what PEOPLE were doing for the fish fry not dots on a map


Confident_End_3848 t1_j9u7ewe wrote

Alcohol is going to wipe churches off that map. There used to be a bar at the McKees Rocks side of the Fleming Park bridge that had pretty good fish, but I haven’t been over that way in years.


Longjumping-Bid7705 t1_j9uwpy6 wrote

Saint Mary’s of the Mount had alcohol before they sold their building a few years ago! So being a church doesn’t immediately mean no alchy


weavs13 t1_j9vd88m wrote

St Albert the Great in Baldwin has beer.