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doodle_day_lewis t1_j8t3c17 wrote

We are millennials in our early/mid 30s and eat out 1-2 times per week, primarily at mid-price places such as Caliente, Dad’s, Ramen Bar, Kiin, and other local family-owned places. We don’t eat at places like King’s, Max & Erma’s, etc. The food just isn’t good, less beer selection, not an interesting location.


Dancing_Hitchhiker t1_j8tusti wrote

Same situation here really, I WFH so I just need to get out and get tired of cooking. Dont really wanna waste the times I go out on meh places like that.


sparksofthetempest t1_j8t4qjs wrote

I’m all for local eateries over chain places…but even local chains like Mad Mex are feeling the pinch.


lydriseabove t1_j8tbd6i wrote

Mad Max also has many of the same features that the national chains have, low quality, re-heated food that isn’t worth the price.


betucsonan t1_j8tlp2v wrote

Yeah - this is key and Mad Mex is a perfect example of this - just a clone of a national chain business model which inherently means a steady decline in quality. In the end you have what Mad Mex has been for years now: decidedly sub-par Mexican food (even by Pittsburgh standards) in a sub-par dining environment. Most of the people I know who still go to places like this have young kids, and it makes a bit of sense for them, I guess, but outside of that there really isn't any good reason to give business to these places.


I_read_that_as_xxxx t1_j8xrdxa wrote

I can get 3 tacos from a vendor on the street in Oakland or in beechview that are 300% better at 1/4 the price. Fuck mad Mex.


lydriseabove t1_j8tuyv6 wrote

I couldn’t respect myself if I was served the worst quality, store bought chips at a “Mexican restaurant” and didn’t walk out before ordering. That’s just me though.


the1999person t1_j8u2ghd wrote

Chipotle frys their own chips in restaurant every day. Why can't a sit down Mexican restaurant do that?


the1999person t1_j8u2bri wrote

Very few things there are "cooked to order". Basically like Chipotle were they assemble your Burrito and finish it in a steamer.

Haven't been there in a few years and the wife and I had a day off together while the kids were in school. She said let's go there for lunch. Sigh, ok. I think it was a $45 lunch including an acceptable tip. Very disappointing.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_j8t9zhz wrote

Every business has a life cycle, places like Mad Mex or The Sharp Edge were cool in the nineties. It isn't the nineties anymore though. Sharp Edge is already gone and Mad Mex was feeling pretty stale last time I was there.


CL-MotoTech t1_j8u6zwi wrote

I haven't had a decent meal at Mad Mex in a decade.