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Aggravating_Foot_528 t1_j8azkqm wrote

Shit. $100k+ just to be the actual salad bar?


hcb9117 t1_j8bvv5k wrote

Nah, this position requires tossing the customers' salad, that's why it pays so well


SendAstronomy t1_j8ca7ua wrote

Team member, there will be other people on the bar with you.


Self_Hating_Dentist t1_j8b7zgt wrote

As a former salad bar attendant at the sewickley Eat’n park 2000-2004, I can say that salary estimate is slightly off… even adjusted for inflation


Souritos t1_j8bbc29 wrote

Salad bar in 2004. 6.50 a hour. Line cook was 6. Left in 2005 for a 8$ a hour job.


Self_Hating_Dentist t1_j8bc94g wrote

That sounds right for starting… by the time I left in 2004 I think I topped out at 8.25 though. I got .25 cent raises like I was salad-tossing royalty. As you could imagine, with that kind of cash flowing in I was really able to pimp out my ‘03 neon and turn it into quite the pussy magnet.


AutoRockAsphixiation t1_j8dygaq wrote

As Salad Tossing Royalty, you could probably do very well for yourself on OnlyFans now.


Madlister t1_j8c29w6 wrote

oof, paying cooks $6/hr?

Htf they ever keep anyone more than a week?


jetsetninjacat t1_j8dk3u6 wrote

This was when the min wage was 5.15. It jumped up to 6 around 2007 and then again 7.25 in 2007.


hubbyofhoarder t1_j8d58te wrote

That was a crime. Line cooks made 12 an hour plus in downtown hotels in the late 90s.

Source: me, managed downtown hotel restaurants in the late 90s


BecGeoMom t1_j8i3zbk wrote

In 2005 you were only making $6.50/hr??? Yikes.


RosieBunny t1_j8fh2hv wrote

I just want to tell you that yours was the last restaurant that two of my grandparents wanted to go to before they lost their mobility completely. They loved eating there and I loved going with them. So thank you so much for that. I just want you to know that your work mattered and made a difference to our family.


squinkys t1_j8brfk1 wrote

I was slinging salads at Hampton EnP around then...never realized how much they low-balled us!


ChefGuru t1_j8b3wgu wrote

When they say that you'll be "tossing salads", you had better confirm what they mean.


NewAlexandria t1_j8by69n wrote

If you don't pass the interview, they instead offer you a job just fluffling the salads


Robert_L0blaw t1_j8b393d wrote

I'm assuming that the job just is this.


matt_1060 t1_j8b5210 wrote

More like 10-13K


AbigailLilac t1_j8bllu1 wrote

I'd be the best salad bar worker EVER for this kind of money. I'd hand-wash every leaf.


MrChichibadman t1_j8bpo4y wrote

I got the job, don’t bother applying.


PaApprazer t1_j8azk3g wrote

I’m guessing a Tesla is included


unenlightenedgoblin t1_j8d8fe9 wrote

Shouldn’t every salary meet cost of living? Pretty fucked up that it requires a special badge these days. This new version of the Gilded Era really sucks.


No-Mixture-9747 t1_j8dnfzk wrote

I believe on certain career search platforms you can set your personal “cost of living” so to speak based upon job history, pay history and current required monthly living expenses, etc.


JuliaX1984 t1_j8bbajo wrote

Estimated. Indeed's algorithm probably misunderstood what a salad bar team member is.


Woman_from_wish t1_j8db35c wrote

I mean this would be about what you'd expect if we still lived like older generations did.


crhs78 t1_j8c2f3n wrote

I’d be the best salad tosser they had. I would make them come back for more


Santa_Says_Who_Dis t1_j8cbjjx wrote

Do you really need to earn about $103K - $130K to live in Wexford?


Whiplash_666 t1_j8bzc67 wrote

On a serious note, I saw an Aldi in Irving NY today was looking for an assistant manager for $25 an hour


Jazzlike_Breadfruit9 t1_j8cy087 wrote

That’s only $52,000 a year to be an assistant manager of a grocery story. I feel like that position should be getting a lot more.


tesla3by3 t1_j8d79pe wrote

Maybe it’s “Assistant to the Store Manager “?

But seriously, that’s only a bit on the low end, unless the person has a lot experience, then it’s probably very low. On the other hand, aldi stores are much smaller and simpler than a typical supermarket.


tesla3by3 t1_j8cbrie wrote

That is not at all unusual. Larger supermarkets might pay even more.


Rob27shred t1_j8d93zk wrote

I wonder how the manager will feel when they get flooded with applications asking for six figure starting salary to tend the salad bar! 🤣


notfromsoftemployee t1_j8dd9xl wrote

Don't get too excited there's a typo. That's career salary.


Chug_Chocolate_Milk t1_j8duag4 wrote

Can confirm, I work at the salad bar at Sheetz and make 200k/yr. This doesn’t count my on-call pay or quarterly bonuses.


motociclista t1_j8eu76a wrote

It’s funny to me that it says estimated $103k-$130k a year. What that means is, Eat’n Park didn’t list a salary, so indeed just made that up. Somewhere indeed has a list of jobs and what they think they pay. And on that list is “Salad Bar Team Member” and somehow they arrived at that being a 6 figure job.


sala215 t1_j8crwyj wrote

Toss that salad!!!


ark-jpg t1_j8di2a9 wrote

I work for a company owned by them and NOPE NOT EVEN CLOSE


Jahya69 t1_j8dyu07 wrote

That food has gotten worse and the prices have gotten higher


fuzzimus t1_j8fvrrn wrote

Do they still have the red-dyed apple rings?

They were sooo RED. Skin & insides.


BecGeoMom t1_j8i3wt4 wrote

Hot damn! I would drive to Wexford every day for a $130,000 a year job managing a salad bar!! Where do I apply?!


kermitthefrog9 t1_j8iadm9 wrote

I was gonna say, that's more than I make, and I'm an engineer... feels bad. Good for whoever gets the job but man.... i think i need a new job....


Available_Pack2300 t1_j8bhyah wrote

This is my local eatnpark. Just came to comment, the salad bar is never open when we go! My eldest daughter loves the salad bar. We recently stopped after her hockey game. She was so excited when the waitress said the salad bar as an option since that's what she always wants but is never able to get and decided on the spot that is what she'd get, and when the waitress came back to take everyone else's order, she also announced that they would be closing the salad bar early!!! My daughter was so sad but pulled thru 😜. Also, whenever we go, there is never a line, but always a wait to be seated. The restaurant is steady to empty, with tables that need to be cleared. Seems seasoned staff doesn't want to take a table to extend their shift, so wait until newer fresher faces are caught up and seat us. Husband is not a fan of any eatnpark, so finds the waiting to be an added unpleasant feature, so we don't go as often as we should to support a favorite business.. We usually see the same seasoned waitstaff and a few young new faces. The seasoned ones are always working hard, but never go above and beyond to seat, often stopping to close out someone's tab, or help close the salad bar, or even mop by that food counter area with the stools. The young ones are always full of energy and great and go above and beyone and husband usually overtips them since we both are former waitstaff and appreciate the effort. It is disappointing since, as a South hills girl, eatnpark was always a part of social events or a place to meet up, and I dont think my kids will get those same great experiences. The food overall is consistent, so no complaints there. Really, it's the waiting to be seated every single time and for what appears to be the same reason. But never having the salad bar is a drag, too. Did tell my girl I'd take her to the McKnight location just so she can do the salad bar, but honestly, we aren't down that way often so it hasn't happened yet.

Edit for typos


driving_85 t1_j8bik7b wrote

When you are down there, I recommend the northbound McKnight EnP. Its salad bar is superior.


Available_Pack2300 t1_j8bj0m1 wrote

Yes, that is the one I'd go to. I think i heard the southbound one closed? Not sure tho. Onlyn14 minutes away, but where we are in wexford, usually go north to ceanberry for anything, or into the south hills from the highway.