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I was watching the Sebak documentary today, Things That Aren't There Anymore, and it got me thinking. Since it was made in 1990, and the focus was more on things that had been a part of Pittsburgh around the 1930s-50s or so, things that less and less people now would have been around to remember first hand, if the documentary was made today what would it include? The show ends with the closing of Forbes field in 1970, so I'm thinking things mainly from the 70s to 90s to parallel the time frame of the show.



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cmyk412 t1_j9zwi9r wrote

There were so many iconic music venues and nightclubs that are now part of the past. Off the top of my head there was The Decade, Graffiti, The Electric Banana, Holiday House, Club Laga, The Upstage, Metropol, Rosebud, 2001, The Turmoil Room, Cloud 9, The Lava Lounge, Nick’s Fat City, City Limits, Syria Mosque, Millvale Industrial Theater, Heaven, Mirage, I.C. Light Amphitheater, Rex Theater


betterashthandust44 t1_ja0meoz wrote

altar bar too


funkyb t1_ja1w4a9 wrote

Cool as hell venue, terrible fucking sound


zappafrank2112 t1_ja4z2ge wrote

To this day, I miss Altar Bar. 10 minute drive for me, easy parking, and a great view from my preferred perch up on the 2nd floor.

Now all the stuff that would go to Altar Bar goes out to Jergels which is far from being my favorite venue. Stuff I'd otherwise have gone to in a second at Altar Bar I now have to think on and that's 100% due to the fact that it's Jergels.


hooch t1_ja37gr7 wrote

Saw so many great shows at Altar. Skaters, Devin Townsend, Awolnation, Nile, Death From Above 1979…


zmny t1_j9zykjl wrote

Any of these other names of the rock club in station sq? That venue had some surprisingly good shows!

Edit: was right next to Hooters

Edit2: Jimmy eat world and the killers 2004 :)


pittsburghfun t1_ja0icju wrote

Ic light amphitheater? I saw the Ramone’s there.


Rocktroy33 t1_ja34qvh wrote

IC light ampitheater was awesome! I went to many concerts and events there!


cmyk412 t1_ja0krvk wrote

Hooters was that random building in one SSq parking lot - Are you thinking of Matrix? Woodson’s?


cmyk412 t1_ja03fs7 wrote

Hmm that I don’t remember. Donzi’s? The Hard Rock is still there.


hooch t1_ja378z1 wrote

Rock Room maybe? I was at that Killers show in 2004!


44problems t1_ja1z9pv wrote

Remember when IC Light ended the sponsorship so it became the Amphitheater at Station Square, the ASS?


Col__Hunter_Gathers t1_ja39gy2 wrote

Fuckin A, I miss the IC Light Amphitheater. I went to my first ever concert there. Weird Al. What a great fuckin show that was. Also got to see Lamb of God & Gwar together, which was magnificent. Oderus had the biggest crack rock I've ever seen up on that stage lol.

Now my kiddo is getting to concert going age and I wish the Amphitheater was still there cuz it would be a great spot for me to take her for a show.


cmyk412 t1_ja3fec7 wrote

I saw Weird Al at the Amphitheater too


Col__Hunter_Gathers t1_ja3hr5v wrote

Nice. I just looked it up out of curiosity and it was July 2003, so technically it wasn't the IC Light Amp anymore lol. That was always the name though, just like StarLake.


zappafrank2112 t1_ja4zhcu wrote

I miss the Rex. Saw so many great metal shows there. I loved the balcony.

But it's probably just as well that it's no longer there given that South Side sounds like a nightmare anymore (awaits the downvotes from people who live in Southside for besmirching it)


cmyk412 t1_j9zwjsn wrote

The Beehive (both of them)


UselessLezbian t1_j9zqxqg wrote

Not Pittsburgh proper, but I can't help but think of all the classic Kennywood rides I had growing up in the 90s that are gone now.


cooleymahn t1_ja1jsqd wrote

La Cachot always comes to mind


Col__Hunter_Gathers t1_ja39n2h wrote

That was by far my favorite ride and I'm still bothered by it's absence. The stupid Garfield mural that was in its place for years was just an insult to injury.


cmyk412 t1_j9zwxok wrote

Century III Mall


UselessLezbian t1_ja05g7y wrote

I can't even read that without immediately hearing the Century III Chevrolet jingle in my head.


sparksofthetempest t1_j9zsik9 wrote

I still think the original Pechins near the Fayette County Fairgrounds should be remembered. As a carny who traveled all around the state in the 80’s, it was still our favorite stop when we resupplied for all our spots in western PA and WV.


Danthezooman t1_j9zzykx wrote

Pechins! I still remember going and getting burgers for like 5 cents, just had to shoo the flies away!


subjiciendum t1_ja0ddcy wrote

Wait, when did pechin’s shut down? The one between Uniontown and Connellsville?


OriginalIronDan t1_ja2ox4e wrote

It burned down years ago. Took a few friends from in the city there when they came to visit me in C’ville. Fed all 4 of us for under $20 in the early 80s.


enoughstreet t1_ja407zy wrote

The family turned it into a large grocery store in Laurel valley mall, then pulled out of the Laurel mall about 2 years ago. Then went into parts of connellaville.

I’m dying on occasion penchins cakes it’s up there with bethel bakery and haven’t figured out yet where it is. Near one of the old train stations according to family friends

Next time I’m home I guess


subjiciendum t1_ja4yxe1 wrote

Interesting. I guess I never knew the OG pechin’s, only the second one. Thanks for the info.


enoughstreet t1_ja561fv wrote

We never went to the newer one often but they had good cakes in my opinion. But the original was a landmark id give it that


hippo_nerd t1_ja31w5k wrote

Grew up in C’Ville and Pechins was an experience you just had to experience.


[deleted] t1_j9zw8lo wrote



puppy_fan t1_ja379zj wrote

Being a Queen fan, I found my first the Cross CD there. Always loved to stop when I took the bus up to North Hills while in college.


More-Adhesiveness-54 t1_ja0vc5a wrote

Tele ropa
Brave New World
The Roboto location in Wilkinsburg
Carmike Cinema theater out by the Washington Mall


zappafrank2112 t1_ja4yqje wrote

> Brave New World

Loved Brave New World

I see Spahr and Rob at shows still, and I made it a point just a few months ago to let Sparh know how much BNW meant to me. I was only around for the last few years of its life, but I got a ton of great stuff there and they were always cool as hell to me.

In fact, the concert this was at was Raven (NWOBHM), and it was the guys at BNW back in the day who recommended which Raven album to start with (All For One).


[deleted] t1_ja04hhx wrote



guyonlinepgh t1_ja09rji wrote

B52, and before too long Onion Maiden. Getting harder to find good vegetarian/vegan options in this town.


PeachesAndBells t1_ja0d6l4 wrote

and the Quiet Storm before that.


mamallamam t1_ja1p5oy wrote

My husband and I still mourn Quiet Storm brunch and we aren't even vegetarian.


cmyk412 t1_j9zwupw wrote

Three Rivers Stadium


UselessLezbian t1_ja06l6d wrote

I remember being late to church that day because we stayed home to watch the demolition.


cmyk412 t1_ja0brxl wrote

Lol the Three Rivers demolition was church that day 😁


daninhim t1_ja1333m wrote

I joined tens of thousands of others on the point that day to watch the demo. Imagine all those people trying to exit the point at the same time as the toxic dust cloud floated over the river toward us. Spoiler…We didn’t get out of there in time.


RemarkableSource7771 t1_ja1a60w wrote

Watched it from the roof of the Sixth Street garage. My goodness it was cold that morning.


[deleted] t1_ja0ylj7 wrote



Bungalow_Man t1_ja5flla wrote

I took my driver's test there in the mid-90s. They didn't make me do a 3 point turn, but I was prepared.


cincorobi t1_ja0wh0q wrote

What happened to tele ropa


333scorpio t1_ja10coc wrote

Mary Beth Buchanan happened. She went apeshit on Tommy Chong and all the shops that peddled in "for tobacco use only" pipes.


katerradar t1_ja26c81 wrote

There was a short time after they closed in Oakland they were open in Century III Mall. Prob around y2k.


MissMurderpants t1_ja12xok wrote

I miss C3 mall.

It was huge. It had almost everything. Le sigh


TSOD t1_ja0imok wrote

Dino Kingdom at Parkway Center Mall.

I didn't know a single kid in the south hills that hadn't gone there for school, a birthday, etc.


FireIsMagic t1_ja0uj8h wrote

Bellevue movie theater on Lincoln Ave


piejamma t1_ja8mihs wrote

Insult to injury is it being a Family Dollar now.


SpartanBH t1_ja206ks wrote

Discovery Zone, Safari Sams, Q-ZAR, Dino Kingdom, Caddyshack, Wildwood Highlands, and Fun Fest (back when it had mini golf and then lazer tag) were some of the hot spots as a kid that were better versions of Chucky Cheese. Had to check if Seabase in Greensburg is still around and it is!

Monroeville Mall was glorious in the 90s. Had a massive arcade and some great stores like the candy store Icky, Sticky, & Goo, Disney Store, Warner Bros store, Natural Treasures, and the old bridge over the Koi pond on the lower level. That mall is absolutely depressing now. Holiday time there was magical.

Tons of great restaurants are now long gone...The O (of course), More's, Kazansky's, and Poli's were personal favorites.

Grew up when the Sheetz/Hotel area in Wilkins Twp was Showcase Cinemas and had the only place I could ever play thr Simpson's arcade game.

While Blockbuster was of course king, I remember Family Video in Churchill, West Coast Video (with a little carousel) in Penn Hills, and Suncoast Video at Monroeville Mall.

Kennywood had a banger arcade. Also Fastenation and Past Time were awesome ball games you could spend the entire day playing cause they cost a dime! Could even win some cool prizes.


Grimedog22 t1_ja2wh2w wrote

Oh the peak Monroeville Mall! I remember it fondly… truly a shame that it has fallen from it’s heyday.


Powerful-Tonight8648 t1_ja52quy wrote

Icky, Sticky, & Goo wow forgot about that place! I’d always hit up rite aid for snacks because it was cheaper, but loved browsing there!


RLS1969 t1_ja2tjj9 wrote

yinz er making me cry


ItsGroovyBaby412 t1_ja04k5n wrote

The movie theater downtown

Edit The Gateway Theater on 6th not Warner Center


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_ja088po wrote

The movie theater on North Side that was for jerking off


ItsGroovyBaby412 t1_ja0dswk wrote

The Garden! My dad used to watch cartoons there when he was a kid lol


Happy_Charity_7595 t1_ja0petu wrote

The Civic Arena. Went to Disney on Ice there in the 90s.


Powerful-Tonight8648 t1_ja1lpia wrote

The apartment buildings that used to span penn Ave and you’d drive under them, and the cheap movie theatre in west mifflin just up from the mall. RIP


-animal-logic- t1_ja2zaq5 wrote

Lots of good ones posted already. I'll add Zelda's Greenhouse in Oakland. That place was huge, with multiple bars.


jimibee t1_ja43ai2 wrote

Also in Oakland, Panther Hollow Inn.


-animal-logic- t1_ja5hvok wrote

Yeah I forgot about that one. A friend of mine sold pizza from the back of that place for a while in the late 80's. It was the one place CMU students had nearby at the time. I miss that place too.


Pwrmyr t1_ja2v75n wrote

The BBT. Pierogies, the Polish Platter, and most of all , Steve the owner.


jralll234 t1_ja46dfl wrote

I loved that place. Could eat pierogis, drink cheap beer, and listen to a string quartet on a random Thursday night. And Steve would remember your name every time you came in.


44qwert44 t1_ja47p6i wrote

Tequila Willys and have a nice day cafe


Bungalow_Man t1_ja5ft06 wrote

Tequila Willys, where at least the drinks are stiff.


whenwillthisend19 t1_ja0juve wrote

St Joseph Hospital on the south side. Got stitched up there. It's some kinda housing now. Down by the library


kirbypuckett t1_ja16gbs wrote

In high school one of our teachers who didn’t want to teach would just show videos. He put this tape on (I think, may have been “Stuff that’s not…”) and Rick is wearing a Boss sweatshirt in it. This one girl stands up and yells “Hugo Boss, things that aren’t here anymore!” — hope she got into comedy because that comedic timing was incredible.


Zestyclose_Cash_9310 t1_ja2fm92 wrote

The VIP Club in Great Southern Shopping Center and Hampton on Rt. 8. Disco dance floor and arcade games room, plus sofas to lounge on. Something for everyone - was so cool! The Giraffe in Parkway Center. Speaking of Parkway Center, US Air Headquarters!


BurghPuppies t1_ja2twdw wrote

And it can end with Three Rivers Stadium and the Civic Arena.


Carolus1234 t1_ja7ax17 wrote

George Aiken's in town by Market Square.


nippleflick1 t1_ja0p80i wrote

The original overlook on Grandview Ave on Mount Washington. It was the only one there and was wooden.


koaruaok1564 t1_ja1o0ba wrote

Spinning wheels in castle Shannon. It’s now a busy beaver.


Lyonors t1_ja3jlz7 wrote

What was the name of that head shop in Oakland that was up on the second floor? I cannot come up with a name to save my life.


Tonyclifton69 t1_ja3vbw8 wrote

Pittsburgh Sports Garden. Spent lots of time there and saw an 18 year old Jaromir Jagr parked at the Ms PAC Man all night by himself and nobody knew who he was.


MenudoFan316 t1_ja12yxm wrote

The intersection of Rte 19 and Rte 51 right before the inbound Tubes. The Damacus restaurant was on the corner.


bl00dy4nu5 t1_ja1p69a wrote

Ozzie’s. Toula’s.


OriginalIronDan t1_ja2p83o wrote

Someplace Else. Played in the house band there for a couple years. What a time it was! I’ll be talking about it for the rest of my life. RIP Danny.


Fine-Designer5474 t1_ja405m4 wrote

Del Kids in Crafton in Route 60. Del’s & Bloomfield Bridge Tavern in Bloomfield