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sparksofthetempest t1_j9zsik9 wrote

I still think the original Pechins near the Fayette County Fairgrounds should be remembered. As a carny who traveled all around the state in the 80’s, it was still our favorite stop when we resupplied for all our spots in western PA and WV.


Danthezooman t1_j9zzykx wrote

Pechins! I still remember going and getting burgers for like 5 cents, just had to shoo the flies away!


subjiciendum t1_ja0ddcy wrote

Wait, when did pechin’s shut down? The one between Uniontown and Connellsville?


OriginalIronDan t1_ja2ox4e wrote

It burned down years ago. Took a few friends from in the city there when they came to visit me in C’ville. Fed all 4 of us for under $20 in the early 80s.


enoughstreet t1_ja407zy wrote

The family turned it into a large grocery store in Laurel valley mall, then pulled out of the Laurel mall about 2 years ago. Then went into parts of connellaville.

I’m dying on occasion penchins cakes it’s up there with bethel bakery and haven’t figured out yet where it is. Near one of the old train stations according to family friends

Next time I’m home I guess


subjiciendum t1_ja4yxe1 wrote

Interesting. I guess I never knew the OG pechin’s, only the second one. Thanks for the info.


enoughstreet t1_ja561fv wrote

We never went to the newer one often but they had good cakes in my opinion. But the original was a landmark id give it that


hippo_nerd t1_ja31w5k wrote

Grew up in C’Ville and Pechins was an experience you just had to experience.