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heisenburgscousin t1_jefo4to wrote

Wpxi reported the other day that Highmark has plans to announce changes to its Work From Anywhere policy this coming Monday as well. Haven’t seen or heard about it anywhere else though. These companies really are stuck in the past. I know several people they hired specifically as “100% work from anywhere”.

For them to just completely alter such a large part of the job like that just because there are layoffs everywhere and they have the power to do so is completely unethical. Many people took these jobs specifically because of that agreement, and now the companies are deciding to change it, employees don’t have much of an option because the job market is so screwed in tech right now.


Vogon_Poetess t1_jeg1qaj wrote

That WPXI story was confusing and seemed like it was missing some key info…like who is impacted by the change.


B0bb3r7 t1_jeft0zb wrote

Please don't interpret this as defense of a big company. I think Highmark's change, at least as it was described in the media, was the most balanced WFH policy change that I've heard. It applies to VPs and above and is more of a work-from-someplace-other-than-home-three-days-a-week rather than a return-to-office. I would rather see more flexibility by an employer since WFH has been proven to work but this a less aggressive proposal than I've seen elsewhere.

u/Puzzleheaded-Equal70 linked a Pgh Business Times article in a previous post in this sub. I thought it described it pretty well. (It was much better than wpxi.)


antalog t1_jeg2pbw wrote

It does not just apply to VPs and above. While those guys do have to go in 3 days a week, so do a lot of us because it's based on your department's leadership. And it's definitely work from the office or possibly one of the AHN hospitals if you have to work on something there. Not "Work-from-someplace-other-than-home." We were told explicitly that we need to be in the office more than half of the week.


heisenburgscousin t1_jeguwh5 wrote

So they’re going to announce all employees have to return to office 3 days a week? What about people that are from out of state?


heisenburgscousin t1_jefx703 wrote

Ah, I had heard about the VPs and up being required 3 days a week. I thought they were saying that had already been happening and they were going to make a new announcement on Monday (aka all other employees)