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weavs13 t1_jdrwzbi wrote

I'm already planning to call in sick tomorrow for that reason. Glad I have that option.


AWrenchAndTwoNuts t1_jdrzezc wrote

Sigh......... I will have to ferry everyone to the grandparents later today for baths and showers. My wife and I both have staggered 10 hour days tomorrow and neither one of us work at a place where we can just call off either......... Well I mean we could but she does taxes and it's the busy season for our customers so while I could call off the only person we would be screwing over would be ourselves.


weavs13 t1_jdsecds wrote

Yeah. That's exactly why I strayed far away from tax preparation! We just got power about 5 minutes ago hope you're soon to follow!


AWrenchAndTwoNuts t1_jdspc1u wrote

Good call, she is always so stressed out this time of year. It really is a years worth of work in a few months