Submitted by thehofstetter t3_127q1to in pittsburgh

Vue 412 was my favorite fancy meal in the city - went to make reservations the other day and it's closed. I can't find anything as to why. No media, nothing on their website or socials.

Anyone know what happened, or what will be replacing it? (I saw their sign is still up, but there is a liquor permit application posted)



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ns20 t1_jefgbzp wrote

Anecdotally I had a pretty meh all around experience the one time I went there last year.

I also noticed they had started offering and advertising carry out and (I believe) six packs to go, which indicated to me that they were struggling to compete with LeMont, Altius, Coal Hill, and Monterey Bay all being right there too.


thehofstetter OP t1_jefhwkg wrote

I had a TERRIBLE experience at Le Mont - I've never tasted food so bland. The vegetables were boiled with no seasoning at all.

Altius I enjoy (just tried it yesterday when I couldn't go to Vue). Haven't been to the other two yet. But Vue was my favorite. Healthy portion sizes, staff was nice and attentive, and their filet was great.


dehehn t1_jeg7lz4 wrote

Le Mont is terrible. I'm amazed they stay open.

I've heard it accurately described as what people think a fancy restaurant is, but it actually isn't.


saltedkumihimo t1_jefuvnd wrote

Le Mont has had a terrible reputation at least since Richard Caliguiri was mayor. The only thing that saves it is the view.


ns20 t1_jefi8ut wrote

I’ve admittedly never been to LeMont but have heard the same about it. I think it still has more of a reputation than Vue did as being a “white tablecloth” kind of place though.

Monterey Bey and Altius are both fantastic.


JAK3CAL t1_jefrlm7 wrote

+1 to Altius, fantastic meals there. May be cliche but don’t care


Itsjustataco t1_jefk7gd wrote

It really was kind of basic. I went once, maybe 2018. Didn't see any reason to return.


chibman t1_jegosv6 wrote

If you're looking for basically the same menu in a different location, their other restaurant Roman Bistro is still open in Forest Hills.


hippieflipping t1_jegd5cj wrote

Awful food and even worse management. Look up yelp and google reviews.


tesla3by3 t1_jegsirx wrote

The liquor license is in the process of being transferred to "Mountain Top One, LLC", which was just formed late last year.


MagAqua t1_jefi8ga wrote

I have absolutely no idea what happened but what happened was it wasn’t making enough money and what will be replacing it is another restaurant most likely. If not I’ll go with another business


thehofstetter OP t1_jefwwao wrote

There are dozens of reasons for a restaurant to close that do not involve them not making enough money. An owner could have died, they could have been bought out, the lease could have ended, the health department could have closed them, etc.


MagAqua t1_jefx7yx wrote

If an owner died and it was successful the family would keep it going. If they were bought out it’d be a new restaurant and there would be signs, if the lease ended and they didn’t renew obviously they didn’t make enough money lol, if the health dept closed them wtf would you go back there then haha. Just cause I got downvoted doesn’t mean you’re not a dunce for posting this


thehofstetter OP t1_jeg6k01 wrote

None of that is true.

If an owner died, maybe they didn’t have family or family who wanted to run it. If they were bought out, it wouldn’t necessarily have been by a restaurant. If the OWNER didn’t renew the lease, doesn’t matter if the restaurant was doing well. And if the health department closed it WE WOULDNT KNOW AND THAT IS WHY I AM ASKING.

There’s so many reasons it could have closed. If you don’t know why, it makes no sense for you to pretend you do.


MagAqua t1_jegdcj0 wrote

There are. There are so many reasons. Why do they interest you? What reason would satiate this post?