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MeanLawLady t1_jecw1zt wrote

Tequila Cowboy


livefast_dieawesome t1_jeegory wrote

Any time we are walking past this place my wife shouts to any woman entering or outside that she can make eye contact with “cover your drinks! Don’t let your drink out of sight in there for one second!”


road_robert2020 t1_jeegied wrote

Last time I got dragged there the floor was so sticky I about yanked my foot right out of my boot. Fuck. That. Place.


Ceramicrabbit t1_jed2euo wrote

Tequila Cowboy is a fun time before Steelers games they have the drum line in there and stuff. I've never been on another day though


MeanLawLady t1_jee9j20 wrote

I’ve been there during less busy times too and it was okay but on a Friday or Saturday night it is a cesspool. The fire department needs to be watching this place closer because it’s always dangerously crowded. Couldn’t pay me to go there on a Friday or Saturday night.


AtonicBay312 t1_jeebglk wrote

“Popular bar is extremely crowded on a weekend night”


MeanLawLady t1_jeeih4e wrote

I’ve been to crowded bars before. Tequila cowboy is beyond crowded. It’s unsafe. There are occupancy limits for a reason.


barcinal t1_jeemgv5 wrote

Exactly this. I’ve been there once, & it was so crowded I had a panic attack. Couldn’t move whatsoever. My now-husband had to pick me up & pretty much bulldoze his way out of there


pine_needles24 t1_jegllx8 wrote

>I’ve been to crowded bars before. Tequila cowboy is beyond crowded. It’s unsafe. There are occupancy limits for a reason.

Yeppp, shit reminds you of a music festival with how many people are in there. Literally with the travel lines to get around like they have at festivals. They have to be over the number of occupants capacity.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_jeensaq wrote

Wonder why nobody complains about the shootings or stabbings that happen around Tequila Cowboy.


livefast_dieawesome t1_jef4360 wrote

I haven't heard of any shootings there, but there was at least one fatal stabbing outside the place in 2018. I work on the north shore and these things get around about that place.


James19991 t1_jeeozsm wrote

My workplace used to have holiday parties there before covid and they were fine, but they also restricted entry to only people who were with my job.

I can imagine though on the weekends it's full of the most obnoxious suburbanites in the area.


James19991 t1_jecovmn wrote

Jimmy D's, especially if you're over the age of 25.


lutzcody t1_jecznuw wrote

$0.50 cent drink Thursdays were a legendary time


James19991 t1_jed2qih wrote

Oh man, 2015 flashbacks 😂


McGrupp1979 t1_jedby9a wrote

Wow! I figured that had to be an early 00’s reference with the 50 cent price! Damn surprised they made any money those nights. Cover charge I guess?


MargaritaThrill t1_jee5z5x wrote

From what I recall they didn’t have a cover charge on .50 cent Thursdays either. Crazy times.


lutzcody t1_jee8jf9 wrote

They definitely did not have a cover


NorthsideBurghler OP t1_jefy5gd wrote

Any bar that has a cover in Pittsburgh is questionable in my humble opinion but maybe I’m just cheap


lutzcody t1_jeg4fze wrote

Goldmark is work it imo but that’s about it. Beleveders being $7 now is crazy


jetsetninjacat t1_jee7k4p wrote

I don't remember one in the mid to late 00s. Or maybe it was only if you went upstairs or arrived after a certain time.


James19991 t1_jeen8ib wrote

Yeah, I definitely remember them charging that much in the mid 2010s. No cover charge either as far as I know


fugly16 t1_jef1igx wrote

How that dance floor didn't ever collapse is a testament to modern engineering.


James19991 t1_jefbd4x wrote

I remember being on the first floor of that place and watching the dance floor bounce up and down above me.


feed_the_bumble t1_jedgcsi wrote

When you're a college kid, this is "the" bar to go dancing at.

Then you realize Bottlerocket, Tilden, and Lawrenceville exist


bigdumbdago t1_jed3fq9 wrote

gooski’s. and i mean that as a compliment


fleetiebelle t1_jef9lqm wrote

Gooski's was where all the cool punks hung out when I first moved to Pittsburgh, but I've heard through the grapevine that it's lately become popular with the wrong kind of skinheads.


livefast_dieawesome t1_jeegwt5 wrote

I do love Gooskis even if I can’t go there since I quit smoking. I hope it never changes and stays open forever though.


Halford4Lyfe t1_jegzi5x wrote

I've played like a dozen shows at Gooski's and I don't care if I never go again, honestly. The owner is more than just a "Trump Supporter". He's openly homophobic as well. There used to be a disc in the jukebox labelled "f*g music"


FuzzPunkMutt t1_jecwr5k wrote

I turned my basement into a bar. It's mostly frequented by kinky weirdos who don't tip. 0/10 wouldn't recommend.


382hp t1_jefz19o wrote

haha. turned half my basement into a rave space basically. loud enough speakers to shake the house, DJ setup, lights that pulse to the music. better than 99% of what the city has to offer 😂


CarRamrodIsNumberOne t1_jecpiy7 wrote

Anything AMPD.


rageharles t1_jecspvl wrote

funny thing about AMPD, i didnt know which restaurants were in their group, but they are literally all the bars/restaurants which are independently the worst places in the city. the fact it's the same people is just icing, but my god they're scam artists


PierogiPowered t1_jecpr7g wrote

Really need to rephrase this post as “Worst bars in Pittsburgh that aren’t AMPD Bars.”


RollTideMeg t1_jecuf3f wrote

Had to look up what AMPD was. Not sure about the bars, but the restaurants suck.


enoughstreet t1_jed20uw wrote

They pay their bills via trade so you get bill cost in booze.- dad got into this with his company


TheOneTrueSuperJesus t1_jef0jb5 wrote

Foxtail is trash, Local is mediocre at best, and Penn Society is way overpriced but I actually kind of like Standard Market. Can't really say anything about the other places they own.


MegaRocketPenguin t1_jeecrnr wrote

I'm relatively new to Pittsburgh and this is the first time hearing about the AMPD group. Briefly looking at their website, they don't look bad/sketchy... What's wrong with AMPD?


Never_Peel_a_Lemon t1_jeeqd8p wrote

Everything. Literally everything. Bad food overpriced drink, falling apart buildings. Terrible employment practices. The guys running it are grifters who know how to polish a turd well but that’s about it. They make their stuff look ok and then everything of substance is the lowest possible quality.


PittGreek1969 t1_jeeko28 wrote


Iiiiiinteresting. I had to google them, no idea all those places are related. Makes sense. Though I did do decently once at Local while waiting for a show at Club Cafe.


TheOneTrueSuperJesus t1_jeei0vk wrote

Tequila Cowboy or Jimmy D's for me. I've known girls that have been assaulted, harrassed, or drugged at both those bars. And from what I hear it's a very common occurence at those bars, especially Tequila Cowboy.

I also had two friends denied access to Jimmy D's because their shirts were too long and completely covered their back pockets... while I was also wearing a long shirt that covered my pockets and was cleared to enter. Only difference was I'm white and they're not... so yeah Jimmy D's just sucks all around.


Zealousideal-Bug1967 t1_jeejts2 wrote

Eh the place sucks and I believe this happened but my white friend was denied entry there one time because his shirt was too long.


TheOneTrueSuperJesus t1_jeeog96 wrote

Who knows. Their dress code always seemed so arbitrary (apparently converse shoes are an issue? Also had a friend denied entry on that) and completely up to the specific bouncer anyway. I always found Jimmy D's annoying because of that. The predatory patrons were the final nail in the coffin though, and I outright refuse to go Jimmy D's anymore for that specific reason.


fansofomar t1_jed19cy wrote

Anything on that one block on East Carson


catbosspgh t1_jed1vbg wrote

If that one block is ten blocks long, yes.


fansofomar t1_jed1ykd wrote

LMAO fair. My brother lives on sarah and 18th and I’m begging him to move


ChinaLouise t1_jedhzcc wrote

I'm pretty much exactly there too. It's bad. Some drunk guy out there singing Wittney Houston rn


critzboombah t1_jefsepu wrote

Whitney Houston? What song?


ChinaLouise t1_jefsxxu wrote

I will always love you. Honestly he wasn't that bad


critzboombah t1_jeft6oc wrote

I mean. There are much, much, worse things to sing. If I hear someone singing Whitney, on the street. I'm just gonna stop and savor that moment, ya know?


ChinaLouise t1_jefto2h wrote

I remember last fall a tiny, older lady was belting out Ain't No Mountain High Enough on Carson near the rite aid and honestly she was pretty batshit but she was also living her best life. I salute them both


catbosspgh t1_jed27bo wrote

Out of morbid curiosity, I drove down Carson at 6:30 pm on 3/18 & nearly every shitty bar had lines out the door. What a shit show. I feel bad for anyone who lives there.


heisenburgscousin t1_jeeslg9 wrote

What bar has a line out the door at 6:30pm unless there’s a big steeler game lmao


Jubjubs t1_jefgdki wrote

3/18 fell on St Patrick's day weekend which is basically the super bowl of amateur drinking in the south side


heisenburgscousin t1_jefh6ad wrote

Ah, forgot it was St. Pattys day. Thought he was talking about your run-of-the-mill Saturday


catbosspgh t1_jegng4l wrote

Yes, sorry for my assumption that we all knew it was a two weekend celebration this year, my bad.


catbosspgh t1_jeez0wj wrote

At least seven of the ones between 12th St & the Birmingham Bridge? Whatever floats people’s boats though.


Twatnocker t1_jed466y wrote

That one in Homewood thats been shot up about 10 times.


Aarthar t1_jefd5ho wrote

If we're judging by shootings....

Aces Deuces in uptown by the arena.


dogmom412 t1_jefsktw wrote

My daughter lives about a block and and half from there.


footballwr82 t1_jed13zt wrote

McFaddens. Seconds worst? Also McFaddens


NotAnOxfordCommaFan t1_jeea5d9 wrote



YinzerJagsNat t1_jees8cx wrote

When it opened I described it as 'a bar exclusively for guys who think Axe body spray and a backwards ball cap is a personality, and the women who love them'


shanderdrunk t1_jeehgxr wrote

This needs more upvotes. Never been in another place that looked so nice and was actually so shitty. They have like 3-4 bartenders for TWO FLOORS of people, it takes upwards of 15 minutes to get a drink, and if that wasn't enough, the food is the most expensive trash I've ever tried.


S4ltyInt3ractions t1_jecuj1r wrote

Sonny's in Bloomfield


bugogkang t1_jecvb5u wrote

Sonny's 10 years ago was shitty but great. Now it's just shitty.


Illustrious-Fold253 t1_jed0def wrote

As someone who went to Sonny’s too often ten years ago, and haven’t been there since… this is heartbreaking to hear.


TheFoolsDayShow t1_jeegltm wrote

Yup. Paul was always a shit head but after that video got posted of him on Reddit going on a homophobic rant at a bicyclist and trying to attack him I committed to never putting another dollar in his pocket.


sweaty_bobandy t1_jed3hr3 wrote

Ever since they banned smoking inside it just smells like a bathroom now


[deleted] t1_jeeqpdn wrote

Was scrolling for this. Most disgusting bar owner I’ve ever seen. No idea if he’s still alive, frankly I’d be shocked it sounded like he was on deaths door ten years ago.


Alexispinpgh t1_jef96v4 wrote

After Prince died I ended up there on a night that was just a tribute to him, just a DJ spinning Prince and related acts all night and themed drinks, and it was amazing. Also as an ex-smoker I liked having a place to go that still allowed smoking. But we haven’t been there since like 2016, and never will go again. So I’ll just have that one fond memory.


Redheadbabe97 t1_jefszcw wrote

Tequila, and I cannot stress this enough, Cowboy


[deleted] t1_jeczrby wrote



feed_the_bumble t1_jedg7on wrote

I feel it has to be this one hands down. Others here have their problems. But it's another level to not give a fuck about your patrons getting killed on your property


CBScott7 t1_jefh9y9 wrote

Who remembers Rumshakers?


jinreeko t1_jefunsb wrote

I'm sure there's worse, but I just feel uncomfortable in the shittier Dormont bars (R Bar, Albert's, The Apple, Slapshots)

Shittier in a different way: Tequila Cowboy

Shitty in a great way: Bar 11


RateChemical4705 t1_jeejdwc wrote

Jimmy D's and Tequila Cowboy are the only bars I actively refuse to go to. At Jimmy D's I was about 2 minutes away from trying to fight a dude who wouldn't stop grabbing my friend to keep her from walking away and Tequila Cowboy is just foul.


CARLEtheCamry t1_jefbd2h wrote

Lefty's in the Strip.

First and only time I stopped in - bartender was sleeping in a recliner behind the bar. There was another customer drinking a beer at the bar, I assume a regular, who walked back and woke the guy up.


30686 t1_jeeghdz wrote

Anybody remember the Apache on the North Side? S.O.D. and Sam & Bernie's in S. Oakland?

I've been gone since the '80s.


Zeppelin7321 t1_jeh4z82 wrote

If makes anyone feel better, the owner of Tequila Cowboy is taking over the old Bettis Grille, so we'll get a 2nd awful establishment on the north shore from them.


montani t1_jeeqhms wrote

Is the white eagle still there? I felt old in there when I was 22.


Emergency_Caramel_93 t1_jefngfr wrote

Slider Vibes. One of the bartenders refused to serve my friend claiming that she was drunk (she wasn’t) because she had a speech impediment due to hearing loss. When we defended her, the bartender was v rude to all of us.


sloth_hyena t1_jeefhlj wrote

Coop deville, way too broey


varzaguy t1_jeevib3 wrote

Among the worst bars in Pittsburgh though?

Damn you got some high standards lol.


thebloodofthematador t1_jefboz7 wrote

I wanted Coop to be so much better than it is. The food is good, but the bar is meh and the arcade games are a huge waste of money.


TheOneTrueSuperJesus t1_jeff8nn wrote

This so much. The main appeal of arcade bars is that the arcade machines are usually free (at least the best one's I've been too), though with generally higher priced drinks than a standard bar. Coop gets it wrong on both accounts by having overpriced drinks AND paid arcade games.


burritoguitar t1_jegbdg3 wrote

Which comparable bars have significantly cheaper drinks than coop?


TheOneTrueSuperJesus t1_jeghq65 wrote

Comparable in what way? I would say many other bars have cheaper drinks and/or better drink specials (my benchmark is usually Shadyside Mario's), though given Coops location it's probably comparable to other nearby bars in the Strip and Cultural District. The biggest issues I have with coop is that's it's model of paid arcade games and expensive drinks (albeit in an area where expensive drinks are typical) makes it worse than than many arcade bars I have been to (which includes those outside of Pittsburgh)


382hp t1_jefz5l5 wrote

I miss rowdy buck


nippleflick1 t1_jegagnt wrote

In the old days , the Hut - Grandview Ave.


lisa-e t1_jeglog6 wrote

red 'n irene's


Burghflex t1_jef9dei wrote

Mikes Beer bar.


Prudent-Fly-8299 t1_jeebigc wrote

the bar in erotica


ScratchMoore t1_jeeosrt wrote

I remember having to go to the basement and having a deaf girl fill my cup from a keg of beer.


dogmom412 t1_jeeoguo wrote

The Linden Grove.


Mikasa_mommy69 t1_jeeu2o9 wrote

Milf central


dogmom412 t1_jeeuo4d wrote

I have never felt so young and pretty in my life and I am almost 50. Now it's been a few years since I have been there but the drinks were terrible and the number of people with oxygen was alarming.


bionica1 t1_jeex05e wrote

I moved super close to Linden Grove 1.5 yrs ago. After a year of being so curious about it, my boyfriend and I went over at around 6 on a Thursday. There was a cover charge because line dancing started at 7p. We said we just wanted a drink and not stay for the line dancing so the door person let us in without paying. It was such a bizarre hour of my life. I too felt SO young and pretty at 47 years old 😆


rxjen t1_jeewxqr wrote

I think you mean awesome! You can feel like a total dime and dance all night in a circle with your friends like it’s middle school. 10/10


dogmom412 t1_jeft3xk wrote

Maybe not the worst, but maybe the saddest!


MikMcD1977 t1_jefckj4 wrote

I never knew this place existed until this past Wednesday when I made the mistake of attending a male strip show there.


MrPGH t1_jefmzsc wrote

The sweet smells of desperation and Bengay


roflgoat t1_jeeasd9 wrote

Brillobox blows


shanderdrunk t1_jeehnp7 wrote

Used to be really good, but there was a big changing of the guard while they were closed and now none of the people who gave a shit about the place still work there.

Source: a friend who used to work there before they suddenly closed without telling their own staff


roflgoat t1_jeelxcw wrote

Yeah it's a neat place but now the prices are ridiculous and a lot of the staff is not great


_unclegeno_ t1_jeeckld wrote

Used to love Brillobox but we have gone there with a small group a couple of times since they reopened and have been treated really poorly by the staff each time. Maybe we didn’t fit the vibe or something but it’s disappointing 😞


ronatello t1_jedbzl7 wrote

Bar 11..seriously fuck this place


htwhooh t1_jee9aty wrote

Why? I've never heard anybody say they don't like it.