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McGrupp1979 t1_jedby9a wrote

Wow! I figured that had to be an early 00’s reference with the 50 cent price! Damn surprised they made any money those nights. Cover charge I guess?


MargaritaThrill t1_jee5z5x wrote

From what I recall they didn’t have a cover charge on .50 cent Thursdays either. Crazy times.


lutzcody t1_jee8jf9 wrote

They definitely did not have a cover


NorthsideBurghler OP t1_jefy5gd wrote

Any bar that has a cover in Pittsburgh is questionable in my humble opinion but maybe I’m just cheap


lutzcody t1_jeg4fze wrote

Goldmark is work it imo but that’s about it. Beleveders being $7 now is crazy


jetsetninjacat t1_jee7k4p wrote

I don't remember one in the mid to late 00s. Or maybe it was only if you went upstairs or arrived after a certain time.


James19991 t1_jeen8ib wrote

Yeah, I definitely remember them charging that much in the mid 2010s. No cover charge either as far as I know