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Quirky-Nerp4089 t1_je9wk8h wrote

The article also doesn't mention that police arrested the Kennywood shooter but zappala decided not to prosecute.

So he's not concerned about schools. Not concerned about gyms after the LA fitness shooting. Not concerned about malls after Monroeville mall issues. Not concerned about houses of worship after Tree Of Life.

It's politics and grandstanding. For the first time in his career he has a legitimate candidate running against him and he's singling out one business to try to make it seem like he's tough.


Neat-Pangolin1782 t1_je7vsyf wrote

I don't understand why this article poses a question but does not cite specific examples. The implication may very well be true, but the Trib should complete the journalism instead of just providing clickbait and giving people who have less access to the information than they do a reason to argue.


Neat-Pangolin1782 t1_je80ucz wrote

Although those are examples of places that need to have higher scrutiny of their security procedures, they are not necessarily relative comparisons. Schools just simply need to exist. Kennywood does not. There is no relevant governing body that will hold Kennywood to account other than the DA. With city schools, there are probably 2-3 that provide some degree of oversight. The point is that you can't expect a profit driven entity to make good decisions in the public interest. That's the difference.


Ceramicrabbit t1_je8am8s wrote

What about a zoo? Or a concert venue? Neither of those have as much security as Kennywood


Neat-Pangolin1782 t1_je8grcg wrote

Those entities 100% deserve the same level of scrutiny.

The issue is price of admission. Sounds crazy right? Kennywood costs like $50 for a ride all day right. I don't have specific dates to cite but there was a point that the general admission price was limited to purchase until a certain time of day. After that you have to pay full price to come in after say 5 pm. This was around the time where the metal detectors and bag searches were employed if I recall correctly. Fast forward 12-15 years and introduce the $99.99 season pass. People just coming in to hang out and cause trouble is once again an issue.

I'm not a historian by any means but there is a good amount of adlib truth here. This type of price structure doesn't apply to a concert venue. The zoo isn't a place where 15-25 y/o's are going to just hang out. Plus the zoo closes pretty early.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_jea03q0 wrote

> There is no relevant governing body that will hold Kennywood to account other than the DA.

The DA has no power to hold Kennywood to account and this is political grandstanding to appeal to suburbanites, hope this helps.


tesla3by3 t1_je7xfzi wrote

The editorial gives two specific examples- shootings near Oliver and Westinghouse schools.


j428h t1_je9dg7s wrote

To be fair, other crime scenes don’t have the potato patch. /s


Silly_Benefit_4618 t1_jebmkl0 wrote

I think the press conference regarding Kennywood went horribly wrong. My understanding was it was supposed to focus on Glock switches and how dangerous they are. And the state laws don’t really allow for people to be held accountable. Only federal laws do. They even demonstrated at a shooting range how deadly they can allow a Glock to be. But the media gave the shooting range very little coverage.

The shooter in the Kennywood incident had a Glock switch. The only reason the incident wasn’t worse was because it jammed. To me, that point was lost in the press conference. But to be fair, it also wasn’t conveyed properly.


Aggravating_Foot_528 OP t1_jecd9zd wrote

Agreed I think when you're in Pittsburgh and you threaten to shut down Kennywood at a news conference, perhaps there is a reason all the other messages get lost.

Wonder if next he'll have a new conference saying that Heinz Ketchup will be banned in Allegheny county?