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Hduebskfiebchek t1_je5gs50 wrote

Sounds like a pretty big change in the millage rate to go with the new assessments. Seems fair. Hard to believe that there hasn’t been a reassessment in 40+ years.


Lord_Paddington t1_je63bfi wrote

They only did it because they were sued and forced by the court


Hduebskfiebchek t1_je6fcr8 wrote

No the reassessment was triggered by a lawsuit. The adjustment of the mileage rate is because of windfall provisions in state laws. They have to adjust the tax rate so that the amount of taxes collected remains steady.


hypotenoos t1_je7pmac wrote

Butler hasn’t reassessed since 1969.


just_an_ordinary_guy t1_je894lw wrote

When they do, people in cranberry gonna shit a brick.


hypotenoos t1_je89wu5 wrote

They will really only get hit on county taxes which aren’t very high for starters. And oddly the newest stuff might actually be the least impacted. It will be all the little Ryan homes built in the 70’s that are now going for over $300k that will see the big shift.

Their township taxes should be pretty much the same since there haven’t been big shifts in value within the township itself.

The same is probably true for school taxes. Places like Zelienople and Evans City that had more value relatively speaking in 1969 will see some of their school tax burden shift out to the townships. But since the levels of development have been so lopsided, even if Zelie’s share of school taxes got cut in half that would be a pretty small increase absorbed by all the development everywhere else in the district to make up for it.


Aggravating_Foot_528 t1_je5kt6g wrote

They buried the lede- they're going to adjust down millage accordingly so people will only be paying a smidge more,.if that.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_je5mblp wrote

I'm also not going to feel bad for Pete Sudak, who owns multiple properties. Fuck 'im.


TheDocWhovian t1_je7fyl2 wrote

My thought exactly. “Some of my properties…” FUCK OFF. Let people have ONE property!!!


uglybushes t1_je5se8h wrote

People shouldn’t own multiple properties?


wagsman t1_je6ngzz wrote

He didnt say that. He said "fuck 'im" I would assume that in this scenario, if you can afford to own multiple properties you should be able to pay the taxes on those properties with whatever revenue streams you had to buy the properties in the first place.

It's not an unreasonable position. If you can't afford the taxes, you shouldnt own the property, sell some till you get back in the black, or increase your revenue somewhere to cover the cost.

Or be like most businessmen and lobby the (local)government to lower your tax rate so you are good.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_je5stn7 wrote

Landlords are human garbage, but if you're going to be a landlord at least pay your fuckin taxes without crying about it.


uglybushes t1_je5t24u wrote

So the government should own all properties? What would the solution be?


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_je5te53 wrote

I don't care what the solution is, I just don't want to see a social parasite crying about the tiniest social obligation imaginable. Dude can sell his properties and stop being a fuckin' parasite if he's that upset about taxes.


uglybushes t1_je5u56l wrote

But you said all landlords are bad? If you are going to complain at least have a solution


Winter-Relief4661 t1_je5vxyv wrote

Lol I’d take a good long look at this guys post history before asking for anything that approaches a nuanced (or even original) thought


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_je5vg6x wrote

My solution is Chairman Mao's solution, but in the absence of public will to do what needs to be done with the landlords they can at least pay their taxes.


uglybushes t1_je5vwqh wrote

Ahhhh you think the government should control housing. Big brain here


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_je5w06m wrote

What, you think letting a bunch of parasites charge people 60% of their net income every month in rent is a better solution?
I guess it works out great for you if you're a parasite, not so much for everyone else.


uglybushes t1_je5w7in wrote

You can go buy a home it’s not hard


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_je5was1 wrote

So you think it's great to let parasites bleed people out while adding nothing of value to the economy?

Are you a parasite?


uglybushes t1_je60fzv wrote

I wish. Property ownership is a great way to build wealth. I think landlords provide a service for those who cannot afford housing. You could become a landlord and help others


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_je60k2v wrote

"I sure am helping this guy out," I tell myself as I take 60% of his income every month for doing nothing.


uglybushes t1_je61997 wrote

What you make doesn’t change what you pay in rent. Have you tried find new employment that pays more or renting a less expensive apt. Or you just don’t look for solutions just for things to complain about


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_je61e8g wrote

I own a house. Doesn't change the fact that landlords are parasites who add nothing to society and should be shit on at every opportunity.


uglybushes t1_je61uio wrote

I’m so lost here. So you make up that you pay 60% in rent for a make believe argument. But in reality you’re a home owner. How many rooms are you renting out to help those who can not pay the high rent right now?


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_je6273u wrote

What's to be lost about? Landlords are parasites and add nothing to the economy. They should be shit on at every opportunity possible.
> How many rooms are you renting out to help those who can not pay the high rent right now?

This you?


uglybushes t1_je6400x wrote

I’m not over here making up scenarios of rent im not paying to try to justify an argument.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_je644dk wrote

All I said was that I have zero sympathy for a social parasite bitching about paying property taxes, the argument is yours.


johnjr_09 t1_je6crh8 wrote

Um I don’t agree with the 69420 guy but saying go buy a home it’s not hard is nonsense. It is hard to buy a home. Property values are insane currently. Townhouses for 300k and such it’s nonsense.


uglybushes t1_je6eaag wrote

You can start cheaper


johnjr_09 t1_je6g71k wrote

No doubt but even then… say ya buy a house for 120k. Your gonna need like 25k straight cash. That’s about half of your yearly take home if ya make 30 an hour.


zunit110 t1_je5wbli wrote

You’re not going to be able to lead the horse to water with someone who, well has a username has 69 and 420 in it.

They’re probably recently out of college (maybe) and don’t have a comprehensive understanding of the functioning of the world around them, just yet.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_je5z3v2 wrote

> who, well has a username has 69 and 420 in it.

Many Reddit posters are poorly-socialized, and have a hard time with social cues or understanding things like irony.
> They’re probably recently out of college (maybe)

I'm in my forties. Also landlords are parasites, cope.


DemonRHK t1_je95dao wrote

My brother in Christ, first off don’t feed the troll (unless you are one yourself)…but but why argue the position with ‘whataboutism’ and ‘pull yourself up by the bootstraps’??


CARLEtheCamry t1_je6a4i0 wrote

Yeah it was kind of shocking to get the letter saying my house which was previously assessed at $26k (way low) was now in the 6 figure range (which is more accurate). But I knew they were going to adjust the millage before I got it so I didn't panic.

I could see this blindsiding someone who didn't know. And then the news interviews them because "taxes bad" and gets views/clicks.


hypotenoos t1_je7sndx wrote

It all depends. You have 3 different taxing authorities that have to adjust their millage.

For some there could be a big swing for County but not much for school. Others could see a big swing in school but not County.

It all comes down to how an individual property’s value compares in relative terms to the mix of values within each of those 3 taxing entities.

The line they like to throw out there is a 1/3 will go up, 1/3 down and 1/3 the same- but that is way oversimplifying things.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_je5htg1 wrote

Oh no, taxes are going up to match the level of service new residents there are demanding!


just_an_ordinary_guy t1_je89ot4 wrote

But I want the same level of service as a city for a fraction of the cost and in an area where it's quadruple the expense, and it's my god damn right as an American.


pedantic_comments t1_je6i8wo wrote

Sheeeeee-it. Rookie mistake.

Smart homeowners board up a window and tag the facade before reassessment.


hypotenoos t1_je7q6rf wrote

What this will do is redistribute the share of taxes to better reflect the share of values countywide.

So there should be significant shifts in county taxes, limited shifts in municipal taxes and either limited or substantial shifts in school taxes depending on how the school district overlays with municipal borders.

A place like Aliquippa where the city and district boundaries match won’t see huge swings while some place like Central Valley or ambridge might see big swings due to their mix of urban boroughs and suburban townships.


Small-Cherry2468 t1_je6x8zi wrote

It's honestly long overdue and partly only occurred due to the complaints by a local developer, Chuck Betters. I still feel my reassessment is about $75K low due to improvements I have done and comps, but I am not complaining. I really feel bad for some of those in Allegheny County who were paying $50K worth of taxes on a $500K building before the reassessments. That has to suck.


hypotenoos t1_je7qkhl wrote

Only occurred because of his lawsuit. The commissioners were happy to keep kicking the can down the road.


antlerstopeaks t1_je9cjcw wrote

This subs hardon to raising everyone’s taxes is so weird. Oh yay the police get more money and they won’t actually improve anything and people will be forced out of their homes because they can’t afford them anymore.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_jead89g wrote

> This subs hardon to raising everyone’s taxes is so weird.

One of the big reasons people keep moving out to exurbs like Cranberry Township is to enjoy subsidized infrastructure at artificially low tax rates. So yes, when their rates go up to what they should be, it's good.
Your tax dollars subsidize this hopping from development to development in search of artificially low taxes.


> and people will be forced out of their homes because they can’t afford them anymore.

Yeah, I'm sure some guy in a $700K Cranberry Township McMansion is going to go homeless over this.