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oldschoolskater t1_je8dzwh wrote

Tom's Diner in Dormont, if a time machine could take us back to 2016.


HarpPgh OP t1_je8gub7 wrote

Man.. my parents used to take us to the south side Tom’s diner with the buffet pretty close to 10-11pm sometimes after grade school basketball games. You’d definitely see some sights. It totally makes sense why that’s not around anymore with the way the Southside has shaped up. But the total demise of Tom’s/Folino’s/Penny’s is a shame. Such a Pittsburgh staple gone away


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_je9p38p wrote

> with the way the Southside has shaped up

South Side is no worse today than it was a decade or two ago. It's always had a lot of weirdos. And that's fine.


drewbaccaAWD t1_je9vfld wrote

> with the way the Southside has shaped up.

If anything, it's better now than it's been in the past. There's all that development on the eastern end of Carson and a lot of the get embarrassingly drunk crowd has moved to different neighborhoods.

I miss the old chaotic south side though, if anything, it's just not as full of life as it used to be. Entire area used to be one big party but honestly, I felt more at risk back then with so many drunks stumbling onto the road. Now it seems frighteningly calm almost any time I go down there.