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pittpajamas t1_je9nbw1 wrote

If I were the casino, and wanted some late night foot traffic (read potential gamblers), I would make some of the eateries in there 24/7. I mean the casino is open 24/7 anyway.


HarpPgh OP t1_jea9g7n wrote

That’s a good point. You’d think Waffle House would take notice and move in somewhere over there. I’m sure the one by Meadows makes a killing lol


trevorbenyack t1_jeeok2v wrote

I used to work at the casino in Food & Beverage. They don't want to draw a drunk, rowdy crowd (hence not going the 24/7 liquor license). But more than that, they run F&B almost as a separate business and adjust restaurant hours to maintain profitability. I personally didn't agree with closing many of the venues as early as they did/do, but it's just the business model they use.


pittpajamas t1_jef9hy5 wrote

Makes sense on the liquor license. Imagine if all of SouthSide just took the party to the casino at 2AM.

Interesting about F&B.

Thank you for the insight.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_jea664u wrote

The casino's late night customers are gambling addicts and they're there whether there's food or not.


pittpajamas t1_jeauls3 wrote

I've been there a lot of late nights. A lot of young people just drinking(until 1:30) and gambling a little. Especially Thursday,Friday, Saturday. I would argue that the addicts are more the daytime folks. Edit: Grammar


half_monkeyboy t1_jeb1o0p wrote

I always wondered if the casino was able to serve alcohol 24/7. This answers that. I wonder what time they start back up in the morning.


adamcp90 t1_jeayck1 wrote

You're missing the point. If you want to get a bite to eat and the only place open is the casino, you will consider going there when otherwise you wouldn't have set foot on their property. It's about attracting potential customers, not about selling food.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_jeaz9d3 wrote

I wouldn't really consider going there for food, the entire place is depressing.


adamcp90 t1_jeazzp1 wrote

Do you speak for the entire population of Allegheny county? Maybe you wouldn't, but other random person who is up at 1:00am and looking for a bite to eat might consider it if it's the only option within a 30 minute drive.


69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_jeb06as wrote

The casino's purpose is making money, if they don't have a 24 hour restaurant there it's because they've already ran the numbers and figured out that they can't make money off your hypothetical.


plastikstarzz t1_jec207d wrote

Or we just have jobs with weird hours & want a night out..