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Crittbeast t1_jdqijrl wrote

Pierogies plus in McKees Rocks


Legitimate_Soft5585 t1_jdqjn81 wrote

Lamperts, in McKeesport, has the best kielbasa and other salted, cured meats. No doubt. Peirogis Plus is great, they have sweet and savory selections. Enjoy!


Life___Is__Good t1_jdqk209 wrote

Forgotten taste is just wonderful … also the halushki and kielbasa is yummy


jetsetninjacat t1_jdqtcfv wrote

I love forgotten taste and I can't say I've had a bad meal there yet. S&D is also good.

With the passing of old immigrant babas in the city as time naturally goes its hard to find that true good taste. You used to be able to get it everywhere like church and street fairs where they made it in their own kitchens. But these places hold up pretty well.

-someone who grew up eating family recipes as well as this food made by babas and my own.

Edit: op literally named two of the places I would've sent someone.


Life___Is__Good t1_jdqtmqh wrote

There is a forgotten taste in pine as well … but agree those are my 2 go to spots for polish food


imadv8r2 t1_jdrgzer wrote

Please. Pierogies Plus is your answer. And, if you get them at the Squirrel Hill Market, you can choose from two stellar kielbasas from Thoma Meats and Bardines Smokehouse.


ddesigns t1_jdqlwm8 wrote

Tom Fridays has really good kielbasa or Silver Star Meats. You can also hit up Pierogies Plus while your out that way like others mentioned.


ElJamoquio t1_jdrelzy wrote

Hey, that's Forgotten Taste in MOON, not cory.

--Me, former Moon HS grad


jacklyn2647 t1_jdrx5nu wrote

Forgotten Taste Pierogies in Wexford


pieface100 t1_jdqov95 wrote

Forgotten Taste is amazing


spratsandtoast t1_jdt5ust wrote

Forgotten Taste has excellent borscht, but Pierogies Plus has better pierogies.


uswforever t1_jdrc7ha wrote

Mine must be the only family in town that wasn't impressed with SD's kielbasa. It wasn't bad, but we didn't think it lived up to the hype. I mean if it was in our neighborhood, we might get it once in a while. But we don't feel like it's worth the hassle, or the price.


rogimonster t1_jdtndk1 wrote

Pittsburgh Pierogi Truck is very solid. Old ladies were in line in front of me in the rain without plastic babushkas so….that’s all you need to know. And Pierogis plus sucks. Get ‘em in the freezer aisle before you go all the way to the Rocks.


floppgh t1_jdwi9jj wrote

Nasers in Apollo has great kielbasa !!