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WuKongPhooey OP t1_je9qkrp wrote

Damn! Did one of them try to pass inside the tunnel? I'm glad no one was seriously hurt! I swear only in Pittsburgh do people have this much difficulty driving straight for 2 minutes.


weavs13 t1_jea85j6 wrote

Saw some photos floating around on facebook. I know nothing about vehicles but the comments made it sound like poor maintenance on the truck. Something about looked like screwed fell out and caused an issue with the axle.

Edit - per someone claiming to be the tow truck driver but they don't specify if the damage is from the accident or the cause of the accident.

"Sheared all the bolts off both axles, no clue how it didn't blow any tires or rims, even hit the front wheel and bent the front leaf springs at the front shackle"


steelcity_ t1_jeba6c1 wrote

I have seen 18-wheelers change lanes inside the Fort Pitt tunnels twice. Nobody should be doing it, it's insane and dangerous, but you'd think the people whose job is driving would have the foresight not to do this crap.


SendAstronomy t1_jebpgaq wrote

People are so used to dodging potholes that they are no longer able to drive in a straight line.


nova_paintball t1_jea5zei wrote

I wonder if someone wasn't paying attention and swerved to avoid rear ending the person in front of them, or else did rear end someone and the hit also caused them to go sideways as well