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just_an_ordinary_guy t1_jefy4d8 wrote

Same type of person who would be like "my diet pepsi was empty for 5 seconds before you came by to refill my cup, and that's why you deserve zero tip."

So your first batch of bread was an hour old, and they had a fresh batch for your next round. So the manager is making their rounds making sure their patrons are happy. Maybe a server happened to overhear them complaining and alerted the manager, or this person was scowling and they can read body language from afar. I can 100% guarantee that this person has literally never worked a service job ever in their life. Probably born in the south hills and moved to Fayette county for "the space and lack of neighbors" and "the taxes are cheaper" and then they complain about gas prices while commuting an hour to monroeville or greensburg for their job in a Rav4 or Highlander.


SendAstronomy t1_jegcbb1 wrote

I'd only be suspicious if the manager asks how my food is and my mouth wasnt full right at that moment. They seem to have the ability to show up right when I'm stuffing my face. :)


shapeofjunktocome t1_jegp0io wrote

I've thought about this as well. Pretty sure we are just fat asses who start shoveling it in the moment the plate hits the table and don't stop til its empty.


jaycatt7 t1_jegpjum wrote

Gah. I burned my mouth that way last week, trying to swallow fast enough to say everything was fine.