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James19991 OP t1_je6prck wrote

Just thought I'd give everyone a heads-up, about the upcoming weekend weather. I would imagine areas in the extreme area could see a high wind watch and or warning.


blp9 t1_je6ry9h wrote

And to contextualize: current forecast discussion is calling generally for 50-55mph wind gusts with 75mph winds expected in the "ridges of eastern Tucker County WV"


James19991 OP t1_je6szp6 wrote

Thanks for adding that. I just saw the image on Twitter without mention of a wind gust speed that would go with the extreme category, but I was kind of thinking it would be 60 or even higher.

Looks like a repeat of or even worse than last Saturday.


blp9 t1_je6tbs0 wrote

I honestly didn't know so I went looking-- definitely going to be lots more downed trees and power outages as this front moves through.


James19991 OP t1_je732o0 wrote

I've been pretty lucky with a lack of power outages in the four years I've lived in my apartment, so hopefully that can continue again this weekend.


EmphasisFinal t1_je7a3xb wrote

Jinxed yourself bro


the_real_xuth t1_je8bil6 wrote

Realistically, beyond these "jinxes", there are places where electrical service is far more reliable than in others. In certain areas of the city you have lots of redundancy and switches so that faults can be isolated and routed around. Places where you can have a bunch of separate power line cuts where nobody loses electricity or where there is no way for more than a few buildings to lose power without lots of electrical faults in the area. If you know what you're looking for, you can find lots of automated switches on the electrical lines within the city. By contrast, there are places, especially as you get further from major cities, where if a single tree falls on a power line running for miles through wooded or tree lined streets, everybody in that area is without power.


DaikonPuzzleheaded66 t1_jeadho3 wrote

Agreed! Greenfield resident here. For the first 10 years I lived here, we rarely went weeks in a summer without short power outages of 1~15 minutes. (always resetting those clocks!) But in the last 5 or so years, they've been much more rare, just a few times a year.


blp9 t1_je9982m wrote

The worst outage we had was July 4 2019 -- super hot day, and our power went out about an hour before a big thunderstorm came through with lots of wind.

I think we were out for 36 hours? The biggest problem was that we weren't actually part of the storm damage, so it took a while before the crews got to "no visible storm damage but the power is out to that block" and replaced our transformer.

The crews were so loopy by that point, I saw one of the linemen dancing a jig in the street at 3am when they finally got our circuit back on.


billfriedman9987 t1_je8t1me wrote

Always appreciate the heads up, good look man. ty.


James19991 OP t1_je9m156 wrote

I'm figured more than a few people on here have some things they'd want to secure or maybe trim a branch or two if they knew in advance.


shawnsblog t1_je768yh wrote

I just put my own roof back on using Florida’s building code for hurricane winds.

Bring it bitch.


bionica1 t1_je7io62 wrote

I tell ya, I was a way bigger fan of XTREME weather when I was a renter. Since I bought a house in 2021, not so much anymore. It sucks.

It’s windy now and I’m sitting here worrying about shingles, siding, tree branches, power lines swaying. Totally worth it to have my own house though!


fryerandice t1_je9yqsq wrote

I literally just spent $700 on roof repairs and replacing siding after last saturday, and I have 2 downed trees I am about halfway through processing, the entirety of my free time has been undoing fucking wind damage, looks like I am doing it again.


bionica1 t1_jea5ik2 wrote

Oh damn. That really sucks. Fuckin wind. I wouldn't even know where to begin if I had to replace siding. I'm a newb with homeownership (bought my house at age 45 in Oct 2021) but learning so much. Every day. It's fascinating how much time is involved with homeownership. Glad I waited till I was older to buy. I see people on reddit buying in their early 20s and don't get it. I was having too much fun being a goof in my 20s. :P

Question since you have siding - How do you clean it? Mine's not bad but I would like to. I used my pressure washer on the gutters but was reading online about being careful not to get water behind the shingles so I just didn't do it yet.


fryerandice t1_jeaath4 wrote

I pressure wash my siding lol. But before I do that I buy this stuff called 30 second cleaner, they'll be setting it at the front of lowes/home depot soon. Wear sacrificial clothes the stuff is basically liquid chlorine concentrate, and even using the hose attachement they give you, it will trash your clothes.

Spray it on, 30 seconds, pressure wash off.

Don't get it on your windows, Brick, Tin, Aluminum, Vinyl, all fine.


bionica1 t1_jeadfld wrote

NICE. Thank you!! I swear this pressure washer is the best purchase as a new homeowner. It's so fucking fun. And satisfying. I can't wait to clean the siding on the house now. Garage is a different story - it has weird algea looking shit growing on it but the siding is super cheap. May try it with a hose and this cleaner. Can't wait!


fryerandice t1_jeb4xgc wrote

30 seconds cleaner will eat the algae, mold, mildew, all that. It's suprising how well it works. When you use it you won't have to pressure wash much.


Verniloth t1_je8il84 wrote

I feel you my friend. Same timeline here. At least our interest rates are low! My reassessment is gonna be a doozy. Glhf.


bionica1 t1_je937vx wrote

High 5! Yea we really got in right before they started creeping up. 2.5% here!

I appealed my reassessment (had to hire a damn lawyer) and the hearing was in early Aug. Haven’t heard shit yet. I don’t think it will be as high a jump as the school district wanted (their comps were an utter joke) but the jump is still huge since there hasn’t a mortgage on my house for probably 30-40 years. It sucks waiting so long. Everything I want to do with the house is on hold until I know how much my mortgage will go up 😡

Good luck with yours!


Verniloth t1_je9cqs6 wrote

My lawyer didn't tell me this until last month, do yourself a favor and start saving that tax amount. They will back date the tax amount to the day that they originally reassessed. So say your taxes go up by 300 per month. You will need to have saved 300 per month that the house SHOULD have been taxed. House poor here we come!


bionica1 t1_je9gciz wrote

Oh my god are you serious? How in the flying fuck is that fair considering my hearing was in AUG 2022!!! I called in Nov or Dec and the person I talked to said there are over 800 appeals that have not been decided yet that were heard in 2022. So that means it could still be months.

Well, this is going to keep me up at night. I made sure to buy a house that was well within my budget just for this to happen. I'm going to be sick. Thank christ my boyfriend will be moving in with me soon to split the mortage but still. This is disgusting. I do appreciate you giving me the head's up though!


Verniloth t1_je9hexp wrote

You're going to be okay. Start setting it aside. Email your attorney so that they can confirm. I heard a rumor that it was to be back dated, and I contacted mine and they did confirm it to be true. I'll need to come up with like 4 or 5 grand. :/ ugh


Select_Yard_3925 t1_je9jv1i wrote

This is how every city in America collects taxes now. Why charge old people who bought a house for $50k on an asset worth $300k when you can just charge people who are buying homes now? Old people vote, and they're never going to vote for making themselves pay their fair share because they already spent all the money living happy lives.


hooch t1_je9xcyv wrote

Bought my house in 2020, then we had those terrible storms in '21. The downburst threw a tree at my house. The top 20-foot portion rolled over my roof like a tumbleweed and landed on the highest power line in front of the house.

Incredibly no damage to the house. I lost a window screen and a gutter got bent, that's it. My insurance covered the entire cost of removing 5 trees that the tree service said were at risk. All in all, I feel extremely lucky.


Lost_Feature8488 t1_jea2p37 wrote

Half of the shingles on the smallest portion of our roof blew off on Saturday and our chimney got damaged, so this is going to be fun!

We bought our house in late 2021 and this is the first time we had wind damage too.


bionica1 t1_jea6slw wrote

Geeeeeez. Poor roof and chimney. Sure, we don't get snow this winter but instead, all this damn wind!!

My neighbor's huge tree fell down (on a nonwindy night) and took out the power to my house a few weeks ago so DLC had to run new wire from the pole. Had to hire an electrician too to replace the weather head (new word for me). The line looks way more secure now but even with the wind last night, it was making me nervous!

Hope you fare ok this Saturday!


Lost_Feature8488 t1_jeae9nw wrote

That's scary!!! I hope you guys fare okay this Saturday too. I was nervous last night as well. I kept wondering if the rest of the roof was gonna go. Thankfully, it held!


bionica1 t1_jeb2cs4 wrote

Too bad you can’t just bungee cords to hold the roof on!

Yes it was terrifying! We were about 15’ away chilling in the living room when the power went out. No storms or anything going on so I look outside and boom giant tree in my front yard!! It took power lines down onto a very busy street. Thankfully it was almost midnight on a Wednesday when it happened.

Not to make this too long of a story but when I called 911 (power lines were laying on the road) I waited on hold for 7 minutes. “Due to high call volumes”. That was even scarier than the tree falling I think!!


ScareJessica2Death t1_je6zwjq wrote

Looks like my window to hang glide off Mount Washington.


Burgers_and_Pizza t1_je7fmh0 wrote

Why does this always seem to happen on Saturdays?


swisslard t1_je7q4w2 wrote

Because god forbid the power goes out when I'm at work.


just_an_ordinary_guy t1_je8fmjp wrote

I actually don't want the power to go out while I'm at work because it's a huge pain in the ass (water treatment plant). Fortunately, I'm scheduled off on saturday.


Potstiller t1_je7eg6l wrote

See ya suckers! I'll be kayaking the cheat river down near Morgantown.

-Checks weather map-



subjiciendum t1_jeadk9v wrote

Just stay in the middle of the river and the falling trees should miss you. Except for the really big sycamores.


Ok_Cap3087 t1_je72fit wrote

Time to put bricks in trash cans


epsilon025 t1_je72e15 wrote

I have to go into Kennywood for work that day. I am very glad for modern construction sway limitations and planning.


stickittothe t1_je734o5 wrote

Dealing with a water-line break and a flooded basement this last week. Not sure what this Saturday would bring to our house 😬


James19991 OP t1_je7aiv8 wrote

Best wishes for your house this weekend 😵‍💫


pittpanthers95 t1_je7ai3d wrote

Can’t wait for my power to go out. I’ve lived in Regent Square long enough to know it’ll happen.


kniki217 t1_je7y90a wrote

I lived in edgewood for a few years. A slight breeze would make the power go out when I lived there. I don't miss it.


antlerstopeaks t1_je7l4oc wrote

Man this year has been brutal with the wind. Hopefully most of the weak trees were taken out last week


steelerschica86 t1_je7wxt4 wrote

I’ve lived here my whole life but not really paid attention to wind MPH. Is this typical for our area, or is it getting worse because of climate change?


James19991 OP t1_je7xbel wrote

Possibly getting worse. More powerful storms and more extreme temperature differences can cause more strong winds.


lemony_dewdrops t1_je83jen wrote

Greenland melting could be a cause. It can cause a weaker Gulf Stream, without the heat from the Gulf moving north via water, it will over land. That will cause it to pass over us and make these wind events with stronger differences between hot and cold.


SendAstronomy t1_je8m9vy wrote

I live on top of a hill, wind events are common here. But I get significantly less power outages now than I did a decade ago.

I duno of it means infrastructure has improved or I've been more lucky recently.


IamChantus t1_je8c784 wrote

PSA Anyone knocking on your door after a heavy storm to see if you have roof damage is trying to take your homeowners insurance for a ride. Let them look, then tell them you'll think about it. When they inevitably find "catastrophic damage", call someone you trust for a second opinion.


Aleph_Rat t1_je72jnu wrote

Well at least I'm not on call if the power goes out at work again.


James19991 OP t1_je72zms wrote

Saturday is usually my food shopping day, but I think I'll hold off until Sunday just in case.


Aleph_Rat t1_je737df wrote

Smart move. I usually just pick up on the way home.


James19991 OP t1_je7aevn wrote

I work from home, so it's too much effort to want to go on a weekday lol.


daviator88 t1_je7e3bx wrote

My trashcan lid just blew down the street so maybe right now as well


dr3224 t1_je7rjgy wrote

Haha jokes on you Mother Nature! All the trees in fayette county blew over in the last two wind storms. Suck it.


thisisinput t1_je8d9qq wrote

I flew back into town this past Saturday. Worst turbulence I've ever felt. People crying, vomiting, and praying. Ended up getting diverted to Dulles for gas and then flying back 4 hours after scheduled arrival time. What a crazy day.


samosamancer t1_je93f7e wrote

Well, damn. I’m flying back to PGH this Saturday. Thanks for the heads-up on what to potentially prepare for!


bottlestars t1_je8pj36 wrote

I’m so tired of the wind… swear it never used to be this bad till recently


GeekyBookWorm87 t1_je81v35 wrote

Mother Nature's April Fool's joke! You thought the last weekend in March was bad. Hold my beer...and happy April Freaking Fool's Day.


MolaMolaMedia t1_jed4qjp wrote

Hey quick heads up if anyone was looking to fly into the city today if driving or being driven is an option; don't!

Had the worst flight of my life last weekend during the last high wind event coming in from a connecting flight from DC. Plane was delayed 6 hours, finally got on a aplane (after deboarding due to unrelated issues), had the roughest flight of my life. Then we couldn't land in PIT due to the winds, we made it close enough that I could all but touch the runway, and had to turn back around to DC. At least 4 people, myself included, were just full on vomiting by the end and the plane had to be checked for damage before it could taxi in to the terminal

I got off that flight shaking like a leaf and ate a pretty decent sum of money to cancel the next flight scheduled for the morning and just got a long haul taxi to take me in. Longest and most expensive 1 hour flight of my life


Dangerous_Cookie4303 t1_je98az9 wrote

Nice, the roofers just finished repairing the damage from the last one , let's see if the insurance company can screw me over more


gracefulnesto t1_je7megh wrote

Hope yinz ain't flying in tonight! Giddy up!


SendAstronomy t1_je8lxsq wrote

Wtf is "threat risk". Can't we have something useful like miles per hour?


NastyBass28 t1_je7lb5h wrote

I just want to put up my greenhouse tent! I don’t feel like ruining it 3 days later!


GeekyBookWorm87 t1_je81q5x wrote

My neighbor bought a bigger one this year, put it up before last Saturday, and now has a hole in it you could fit a bowling ball through. I feel bad for him.


2ndSonofa2ndSon t1_je7vowt wrote

My power went out tonight from 7:30p until 9:15p with the tiny bit of wind me had. Can’t wait!


Perplexed-Owl t1_je84dig wrote

I’ve been following the SPC forecasts (which is just crazy for Friday) but I didn’t see this graphic on the local PGH NWS page. Is it there, just buried?


SucksToYourAssmar3 t1_je8a3b6 wrote

It’s stripping the old tar paper off the shed for me, bit by bit.


OneDwarfTwoSocks t1_je8yir5 wrote

What are the steps to follow when part of your home collapses? Mine hardly survived the other day..


da_london_09 t1_je9rmr4 wrote

Glad we got our roof done last year.


billfriedman9987 t1_je8sztx wrote

Came home from work, trashcans were everywhere and trash was all over the place from the winds. The gusts were moving my car as I drove, it was kinda insane..

Long story short, I have an excuse for not putting the trash out tonight


ElRamrod t1_jea9csl wrote

Does anybody know if the Weather radio for Pittsburgh is back up?