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burghfan t1_je2qnzx wrote

1T vinegar, 1/4c brown sugar, 1c ketchup, 1c water, 1/2t dry mustard. Paprika to color, simmer, add 1 lb ham. Let simmer for at least 15 minutes before serving. Better leftover!


K10RumbleRumble t1_je36qs4 wrote



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1stCaptainSkrall t1_je3opa6 wrote

I work at a deli. Some psychopaths order it sliced. Yes, it looks unappetizing like that


FunyunInspector t1_je4xtft wrote

Ordered some chipped ham in my grocery order for curbside pickup from Walmart. To my horror, it came sliced. My thoughts were the deli worker must not be native to the area.


1stCaptainSkrall t1_je5pquj wrote

There's people that swear it's better sliced. Honestly I'm ashamed these people's vote counts as much as mine, because I cannot possibly fathom being so confidently wrong

And every time I ask why they get it sliced, they always say it was their parents who got them on that when they were kids. I don't know why anyone would make choosing the worst possible way to eat grease meat a lineage.


CARLEtheCamry t1_je53jnb wrote

> Chopped ham is the product.

Which is equivalent to a hot dog for ham.

Chopped ham is a mixture of ham chunks and trimmings and seasonings, ground together and then packaged into loaves.

Don't get me wrong, I like it and I eat it. But people being picky about it is an oxymoron like "gourmet hot dog" IMO.


heili t1_je59ria wrote

The biggest difference between bologna and a hot dog is...



K10RumbleRumble t1_je7gywp wrote

Really just scale if we’re comparing a Hot Dog and a Tube of Bologna.


ShanghaiShrek t1_je2rktj wrote

All these people saying you just add BBQ sauce to chipped ham couldn't be more wrong. This recipe is close to what I learned.


PearBlossom t1_je2swtx wrote

that recipe isnt that far off from Islay’s actual bbq sauce. They just use a different and cheaper sweetener.


pghreddit t1_je2voau wrote

>1T vinegar, 1/4c brown sugar, 1c ketchup, 1c water, 1/2t dry mustard.

this is the actual recipe for BBQ sauce. If you have a bottled favorite, it's perfectly fine to use.


CL-MotoTech t1_je36n5s wrote

BBQ sauce usually has garlic, Worcestershire sauce, onion (either fresh or powder), and usually more sugar than you would find ham BBQ sauce. A lot of BBQ sauces are quite high in the molasses, which ham BBQ is typically not. I know we are sort of splitting hairs here, but personally, ham BBQ sauce is enough different from traditional BBQ sauce to me that I consider them to be two separate things.


pghreddit t1_je3h6ua wrote

>I know we are sort of splitting hairs here

Agreed. A little personal touch is never a bad thing, particularly with this dish.


CL-MotoTech t1_je3rgp3 wrote

Personal touches are awesome. I have no qualms. I like to make a very spicy version. That said, I still keep the molasses low. It separates it from a traditional BBQ sauce.


West-Stock-674 t1_je5h7ha wrote

I agree with you. Most of the old ladies I know that make this use Coke+Ketchup and maybe some onion and garlic powder. Regular bbq sauce doesn't work.


heili t1_je5a636 wrote

Yes. Ham BBQ sauce is its own distinct sauce and is only used for the ham BBQ, which is not barbecued.


Kered13 t1_je5m7nm wrote

To be fair, the diversity of BBQ sauces is enormous. Ketchup (or other tomato base) is not even required. The above recipe falls well within the bounds of BBQ sauce.


kieraey t1_je6qk35 wrote

Yinzers arguing about bbq now? Too many regional variants. Let’s just stick to ketchup.


CL-MotoTech t1_je6zd50 wrote

There's no argument about ketchup. Heinz is the best and nobody is debating that.


SilkyZubat t1_je38tpa wrote

Replace the water with Coca-Cola and you pretty much have the recipe I grew up with.


jetsetninjacat t1_je36lry wrote

You seem to be missing the coca cola part. Not sure where and when but it's in there.


burghfan t1_je3870j wrote

Never have used cola. This is from a family cookbook. My uncle worked at an isaly's location, but I'm not sure if it originated from his experience or somewhere else.


West-Stock-674 t1_je5hf8h wrote

Yeah, the official old lady Pittsburgh Ham BBQ is Coke+Ketchup with some onion and garlic powder. No vinegar, because the coke and ketchup are already acidic enough. No sweetener, that's what the coke is for.


Low-Ear-2171 t1_je38c8c wrote

But don't you also use "official" Isaly's chipped ham? A lot of grocery stores in the area still have it.


sirjamesbluebeard t1_je3boay wrote

my family (from Brookline) uses Heinz chili sauce in place of the ketchup+dry mustard in their recipe, which is my favorite way to make it. naturally, I’m biased of course.


Cultural_Blueberry_5 t1_je3jibt wrote

This is how my Pittsburgh raised grandmother taught my mom to make it! I'm biased, too, but this is the way.


[deleted] t1_je3bw0h wrote

so when you making some and can i come over? haven't had a good ham bbq in a while


thatoneladythere t1_je36xfh wrote

Sometimes a little tiny bit of sweet relish too! It's that good good extra.


booksgamesandstuff t1_je41gex wrote

My uncle would always put some piccalilli (that my aunt had made!) on his barbecue chipped ham, and my aunt and cousin would glare at him, as if he were desecrating the barbecue ham. I'd had it both ways for years, depending on whether my mother or my aunt were making it, but wow people got serious about it.


colindean t1_je39zhm wrote

I had a really dumb recipe that I used to make a lot when I live alone that was basically open pit barbecue sauce because it was so cheap and then I would add some extra soy sauce because I wanted to feel fancy. This recipe is a lot better than that but the way that I used to do it was a great mindless bachelor way to whip up some chipped ham that wasn't just straight from store-bought.


jinreeko t1_je4m0fc wrote

This reminds me a lot of what Central PA calls BBQ. Except the use ground beef instead of ham. Nice sweet and tangy sauce that crystalizes orange when you put in the fridge


burghfan t1_je4pzur wrote

Yes, sloppy joes. My recipe for that is very similar, white sugar instead of brown and adds relish.


jinreeko t1_je4sa6w wrote

Gotta be careful though haha. Sloppy joes outside of central pa is sometimes a much more tomatoey sauce. In my high school cafeteria they just called it "BBQ"


West-Stock-674 t1_je5gzdj wrote

I disagree, the authentic Pittsburgh Ham BBQ sauce is Coke and Ketchup, nothing more.


Substantial_Name595 t1_je2mlsk wrote

You have to make it. Only way.


Substantial_Name595 t1_je2mou6 wrote

Go to GE- isalys chipped ham is pretty inexpensive. Get some good buns. Make your OWN bbq sauce. Add ham. BOOM.

Some are a fan of relish, I am not.


orangevega t1_je2v98z wrote

Pickle relish? Like heinz sweet pickle relish?


blahlbinoa t1_je5mtn3 wrote

My dad uses a green tomato relish that he makes for his Ham BBQ


philpalmer2 t1_je2vi0u wrote

I used to always add the relish. It just seemed like the right thing to do.

But, I like it much without now 😊


Augiehack t1_je58sms wrote

Yea tool me a long time realize I never really enjoyed ham bbq to do the pickes or relish that most add

Frick part maker does a pretty good ham bbq special


GarbageSad5442 t1_je6lvyx wrote

Isaly's also makes a BBQ sauce that most GE's carry near the deli! Make sure they chip the ham.

I'm not a fan of the Isaly's, it's really greasy so I use chipped cooked ham and either Sweet Baby Ray's or Sticky Fingers sauce. But, try the Isaly's first for the authentic Yinzer sandwich!


monongahellyea t1_je6zbak wrote

Isalys was 99 cents a pound not that long ago… circa 2010s. I think it’s now like, $3.99 at the big bird. Damn inflation!


NickNash1985 t1_je35qsv wrote

God, this thread is taking me back. My dad used to make this at home all the time. I remember how the kitchen smelled. Haven’t had it in years.


lisaneedzbraces t1_je2mdru wrote

Chipped ham+BBQ sauce+pan


Myownvalentine t1_je2vath wrote

I had no idea this was a regional thing until Jeff Goldblum brought it up! I grew up with this meal.


catnik t1_je2rtmw wrote

Needs Heinz chili sauce! And, preferably, is Isaly's ham.


Hank_the_Beef t1_je2t60b wrote

Honestly, just the thought of this is making my mouth water. I haven’t had good ham bbq in a few years because my wife hates it.


cmyk412 t1_je2oa02 wrote

Only legit if it’s made in a huge crock pot from the VFW.


OutrageForSale t1_je2s45e wrote

I was surprised the pan option was so highly upvoted. Crockpot with some tongs sitting on top of a dozen paper towels.


orangevega t1_je2vkgu wrote

Can there be a guy in fireman pants with the suspenders with male pattern baldness with a cigarette in his mouth that's burning down very close to the filter stirring the ham with the tongs?


cmyk412 t1_je2yr6u wrote

Completely required. Bonus points if he keeps yelling at his grandkids across the room to “git dahn offa dat”


1stCaptainSkrall t1_je3oy9v wrote

Bonus points: he lists every single town within 20 miles that used to have an Isaly's deli in it


chazbe t1_je2zov7 wrote

Oh my heavens, I used to be the guy in the bunker pants with the cigarette handling the tongue duty. Oh, that cracks me up.


TwilightTurquoise t1_je2o94g wrote

Giant Eagle has the Isalys BBQ Sauce. In my local store it is near the deli.


Piano-Green t1_je4qii3 wrote

I can't believe that more people aren't talking about Islay's BBQ sauce.


dcp2 t1_je4znjc wrote

Ham bbq is just 100x better if you make your own sauce. Love Islays but that sauce tastes like it was made by Hunts


heili t1_je5an33 wrote

Bonus for spelling "Isaly's" in the proper ham BBQ way and not the Scotch whiskey way.


IMicrowaveSteak OP t1_je2y1ec wrote

Sorry, OP just getting back to this thread. So there are 51 replies as of now, everyone seems to have validated this is indeed “a thing” but literally nowhere has them for sale? I’m at a damn Marriott hotel. I can’t whip it up in a crock pot!


leadfoot9 t1_je32j3u wrote

You'd be hard-pressed to find someone selling green bean casserole, too, but it is indeed a thing.

Personally, I hated both as a kid.


Zhouston63 t1_je3d8iu wrote

You microwave steak so I'm sure you could find a way to microwave chipped ham and bbq sauce lol


semcdwes t1_je34qvs wrote

Go to a flea market or thrift store. Cheap crockpots as far as the eye can see.


PadSeeYewLater t1_je3otoa wrote

Your grandma mentioned chipped ham to you for the first time in the year 2023?


VulturE t1_je43xpe wrote

Just goto giant eagle, buy the islays sauce (should be in a jar that says buy 1.25lbs of their islays chip chopped ham), ask for the islays meat at the deli counter chip chopped, they'll cut it Bible paper thin if they do it right.

Layer it meat then a little sauce in a container then heat it, then transfer to a bun. Bun is gonna get soggy so don't try to heat it on the bun or it's gonna be mushy as hell before you even eat it.

It's referred to as "ham barbecue", I don't think you'll find it at any restuaunt. It was Def an at home meal.


Kolintracstar t1_je3pjgd wrote

No one would sell them. It is a cheap but good thing, and I would definitely not buy one from a store out of posterity.

Just go to your nearest shop n save, pick up Isally's Chipped ham, Isally's Barbecue Sauce (since you can't make your own) and hamburger buns (and a bowl to heat it in the microwave). Combine sauce and ham, heat, then put the ham on the bun, then eat.


Piano-Green t1_je4qa26 wrote

If you wait until July, there are some kids that sell it at the neighborhood yard sale.


QuiteAffable t1_je57o57 wrote

I’ve never heard of this. What neighborhoods does this happen in?


QuiteAffable t1_je57cbo wrote

Someone in this thread has to have some in their fridge.


Karen2211 t1_je2s0az wrote

My parents simply made their bbq sauce with ketchup and Coca Cola. It was quite tasty.


tesla3by3 t1_je2n5n6 wrote

I don’t know of any place that sells it pre-made. It’s basically chipped chopped ham cooked in barbecue sauce and served on a bun. There are variations in how people make it, though. Some people add onions, pickle relish,etc.

So ask grandma what her recipe is and make it for her.


DoctorCAD t1_je2nn36 wrote

Isleys chipped ham plus Open Pit BBQ sauce. Warm it up and stick on a hamburger bun.

If that doesn't say Pittsburgh, you ain't real Pittsburgh.


SBpotomus t1_je2r3dy wrote

I may be kicked out of Pittsburgh for this... but ham BBQ is gross


HopelesslyHuman t1_je2t8yg wrote

Preach. There are dozens of us who reject the ham bbq. Dozens!


cmarme t1_je2ut9j wrote

I’m afraid you just blue yourself.


lod254 t1_je6qovp wrote

I missed you at the convention.


MammothBobcat7198 t1_je4ew3r wrote

It's one of those inexplicable Pittsburgh things that we outsiders will never understand. Like omitting the infinitive in sentences.


helpmefindthissongg t1_je2qkjc wrote

My grandmother just called it barbecued ham. Definitely a thing. She made her sauce with ketchup, mustard, brown sugar, maybe some vinegar but I can’t remember. Soft sesame seed buns. Chips on the side.


snaptop43142 t1_je2z6e2 wrote

Doesnt have to be complicated. Ketchup and Coke. Relish optional. Just thin the ketchup (Heinz) with the coke and heat with the chipped ham.


hiperson134 t1_je3dr9h wrote

Here's what you need to do to do this at a hotel. Find your nearest Giant Eagle or Shop'n'Save. If Kuhn's is closer, one, I'd be surprised, but two I'd go there. They just tend to have better prices imo. Locate the deli, ask for Isaly's chipped ham. It'll almost surely be pre-sliced in a giant heap at the deli counter. Nearby you'll be on the lookout for a jar of orangish red sauce on a yellow label that says something like "Isaly's bbq sauce." It's usually somewhere in the vicinity of the deli, not in the aisle with condiments. I wouldn't exactly call it bbq sauce and I wouldn't substitute it with anything else. Forget the homemade stuff, this'll do.

Find yourself some kaiser rolls, don't need to be anything fancy. Mix up your ham and sauce and heat it up. I like mine sauteed in a pan, some people do a crock pot, honestly....a microwave will do if that's all you have access to. You're really just trying to warm it up.

Throw it on the roll and serve with a Turner's iced tea.


NoMaans t1_je4p76s wrote

I can taste my childhood from this detailed comment


QuiteAffable t1_je58010 wrote

Any chipped ham will do, the sauce is the differentiator


rogimonster t1_je3oqha wrote



kashmir772 t1_je2mufz wrote

Yep, but make sure it is chipped chopped ham. Sizzle that up for a bit pure yummy.


PearBlossom t1_je2pkhg wrote

Islay’s chipped ham with Islay’s bbq sauce. Sold at every Giant Iggle and Shop n Save in the area but ya gotta buy it at the deli and make it yourself.

Im not from the area originally but I found it revolting. The ham is the most disgusting fatty mechanically separated and put back together weird hunk of nope Ive ever seen. And I come from the land of pork roll (chefs kiss) and scrapple (everything but the oink). The second ingredient in Islay’s bbq sauce is high fructose corn syrup and the fourth ingredient is corn syrup, to give you an idea.


burghfan t1_je2sku8 wrote

The jarred stuff is gross. The ham itself is hit or miss , I like the vacuum packs from sam's club better than deli cut


Substantial_Name595 t1_je2ptga wrote

Where are you buying your ham? 😂 never had that problem with my ham from GE and other reputable delis.


PearBlossom t1_je2r0a4 wrote

Ive worked at Shop n Save deli for a while, I can’t even begin to tell you the hundreds of pounds of this stuff that I have chipped. The official Islay’s brand. There is an absolute clear difference between this type of lunchmeat and your standard actual hunk of whole meat. No pig is marbled in such a way that Islay’s ham looks like. Its all ground up and made into a loaf. The only ham I found worse was Bar S and it is mostly white and very light pink due to all the fat. Its the reason they are so much cheaper per pound.


A_lunch_lady t1_je2s1lj wrote

Former GE deli worker and I agree Isaly’s is gross and all the deli workers hate it because it makes such a mess when you have to chip it!


PearBlossom t1_je2sibq wrote

yes! It flies everywhere. Fat smeared all over the slicer. We chip multiple pounds of it and put it in containers to sell throughout the day because it makes such a mess. When I have to clean the trays and containers I have to soak them in the hottest soapy water I can to melt all the residual fat because there’s no just wiping it off.


sonofcrack t1_je2wxr5 wrote

That’s the good stuff lmao the fat makes it fry up real nice


PearBlossom t1_je37mo9 wrote

Don’t get me wrong, fat has its time and place. I cant eat meat any longer but I long for the days of a nice fatty rib eye or thick hunk of fatty prime rib cooked medium rare. Im a big believer in Philly cheesesteaks being fatty. Hell I picked the fatty parts off the roast hams my mom made for the holidays. But there is just something so off about the fat in lunchmeat like this. I also think their closely related cousins the dutch load, old fashioned loaf, pickle loaf etc are equally gross and they use similar methods.


1stCaptainSkrall t1_je3phlb wrote

We just got done with a sale at my store, $2.99 a pound. Everything since last Wednesday has been coated in a thin veneer of grease and I've found pieces of the ham stuck in the grooves of my sneakers every day after work. People came and ordered anywhere from 2 pounds to some lunatic who ordered 14 pounds. I think today alone I chipped almost 40 pounds.

If that sale comes around again I'm going to work in the bakery or something for a week


MagentaMist t1_je2rj56 wrote

You can make your own BBQ sauce. Brown sugar, ketchup (Heinz, of course), red wine or apple cider vinegar, water, Worcestershire sauce, paprika, hot pepper sauce, salt and pepper. Easy peasy.


nintante t1_je2umqd wrote

Ritual house downtown has chip chopped ham


Zealousideal-Bug1967 t1_je2v78g wrote

Don’t think it’s something you’re going to find at a restaurant but it’s most certainly a Pittsburgh staple meal.


ATastyPickle t1_je34yla wrote

You don’t find it. It finds you if you’re lucky


BuffyTheMoronSlayer t1_je4ha6x wrote

A few weeks ago, I made this for my teen sons. They were horrified by it. It was hysterical to watch their reaction. It’s such a throwback to a very specific era in Pittsburgh history.


winebiddle t1_je4wqlc wrote

you put that shit in a crockpot with some of the isaly's sauce. throw it on a bun. oooobaby.


yolorelli t1_je2uwh6 wrote

They used to feed them to us in grade school at lunch.


wi_voter t1_je2vh1w wrote

I grew up in Pittsburgh and it is chipped ham, a cup of Heinz ketchup, and a can of Coke


CowboyNealCassady t1_je2vhwi wrote

CoGo’s is my go to, 5 paunds a chip chop ham and a bottle of isley’s bbq in a crockpot, boom


beardedbearjew t1_je2w7cv wrote

I'm a transplant so maybe it's a yinzer thing, but my wife makes it a crockpot with bbq sauce. I'd never had it before but it's pretty good.


Reasonable-While6727 t1_je30ff8 wrote

There is an Isaly’s restaurant in West View. They still serve it.


atuznik t1_je33zmc wrote

There’s a little town just north of the city that is home to one of Pittsburgh’s Legends: Islay’s Chip-Chop Ham Barbecue. Genevieve has been a server here for 65 years, and she’s never missed one shift.
“So what exactly is a chip- chop ham, Genevieve?”
“We’ll, we take the ham and chip it so thin, some of it gets chopped!” “Mmmm, that sounds delicious.” “It is.”


PuppyShover t1_je353ev wrote

Yep, that’s called a ham barbecue!


NotAnOxfordCommaFan t1_je37llj wrote

People all make it differently. We do isalys chipped ham and heinz chili sauce.


PoorPauly t1_je39mfd wrote

Buy a lb of Islay’s chipped ham and a jar of islays bbq sauce. Combine and heat. Put on a bun with some American cheese. Viola.


watergate_1983 t1_je3nin5 wrote

The one Pittsburgh delicacy I never loved. I still remember the commercials though.


SendAstronomy t1_je3qwyq wrote

My grandma worked at Islay's so chipped ham and Klondikes were staple foods when I was growing up.


lhurker t1_je47tc8 wrote



tactslave t1_je4axeq wrote

Take her to another grandmas house.


RLS1969 t1_je4ird1 wrote

My gram worked for isly’s this is her recipe

5 lbs Chipped Chopped Ham

1 big bottle of heinz ketchup

1/2 c of brown sugar

20 oz pepsi

warm chipped ham in a pot enough to drain some grease

add ingredients, stir

simmer for 5 hours

(also better left over imo)


Other_Ad_1515 t1_je5auon wrote

Yes it is a thing. Apparently the only part of it that we can agree on it however is that you use Isalys chipped ham. For the sauce my grandma always uses brown sugar, ketchup, and a little bit of grape jelly.


lexispots t1_je5bcpc wrote

That is exactly how I was taught to make it.


Other_Ad_1515 t1_je5bnuq wrote

Haha awesome. I was getting worried reading through all of the relish and vinegar comments.


lexispots t1_je5hfoi wrote

We never added vinegar but we would occasionally add relish and maybe real BBQ sauce if we could afford it (the 1980s were tough).


mooninthelining t1_je5pcno wrote

idk what if any other stores carry it buy you can buy islay’s bbq sauce in a jar a khuns


longredbeardpgh t1_je2wv8h wrote

We called it chipped ham barbecue growing up. I've lived in a bunch of different places and never found anyone who knew what it was unless they were from western PA.


motociclista t1_je32qok wrote

It’s a thing. But you don’t buy it. You make it.


Sensitive-Slide3205 t1_je39rkk wrote

Go to Islays. They sell everything you need. Just get a crock pot


KeisterApartments t1_je3ecev wrote

If you're not using chipped chopped ham, you're not getting the hammiest flavor you can


pugapooh t1_je3erl1 wrote

Is this the same idea as Barbecue Loaf? Made by Esskay,found at some deli counters.


ElJamoquio t1_je3eygb wrote

Definitely a thing. We just made it in the skillet.


scholly73 t1_je3fve5 wrote

Any time I pick my kid up from Pitt we buy Isalys chipped chopped ham and bring it home. There isn’t any here on the eastern side of the state that I can find anyway. Can’t beat it. One of my girls loves it. Other one hates it lol. Can’t win them all I guess.


Kairenne t1_je3gto5 wrote

I have used DelGrosso’s sloppy Joe mix as the sauces. Very tasty!


Jahya69 t1_je3ig8z wrote

I believe it's just sliced ham, basically marinated in very salty barbecue sauce.


Hokiecivil t1_je3jo2a wrote

My Grandmas, Mom and Aunts all called these sloppy joe's and yes, Isalys all day.


ChUNkyTheKitty t1_je3n18x wrote

You have to make it yourself. I cook the isaly’s chipped ham down , add sweet baby rays and some dill relish. Delish!


die-jarjar-die t1_je3n1ct wrote

You can satisfy ol' grandma by dressing her up in a pair of yogurt pants and getting her over to the Arby's on Mcknight. Order a ham sandwich, add Arby's sauce, find love.


pugsnblunts t1_je3svmc wrote

Isaly’s chipped ham, Heinz ketchup, yellow mustard, relish. That’s it


CrowSucker t1_je3y09r wrote

The fried green tomato on the chipped ham bbq is a family favorite. It’s usually Sunday week 2/3 Steeler games.


IClight69 t1_je4dbs1 wrote

Just buy the jar of Islay’s Ham bbq and chipped ham at like Kuhns or shop n save. Put that ish in a crock pot and get some potato buns and live ur best life. Add an ic light or a red ribbon to warsh it dahn . Maybe make a pretzel salad to goes long wid it nat


mball80 t1_je4kr2w wrote

Go to I.S.A.L.Y’s in West View. You can have a great breakfast and then get your chipped chopped ham and Isley’s BBQ sauce to go.


skuc79 t1_je4mked wrote

We just made this last week


natetrnr t1_je4no2c wrote

Party food around here. Not the greatest.


Agile-Hopeful4707 t1_je4tza0 wrote

It's possible that your grandma used Isaly's sauce for this. It is still available and it has directions. Sweet or dill relish are recommended choices. And potato buns. It takes 5 minutes and grandma will appreciate it.


jak341 t1_je5ec79 wrote

Pittsburgh ham BBQ made easy.

  1. Go to local deli and request Islay's chip chopped ham. Chipped chopped is how you want it sliced.
  2. Buy a jar of Islay's BBQ sauce. 3 Boil ham in sauce for 20 minutes.
  3. Serve on a roll. If you want some N.E. Pennsylvania flair, serve on a hard roll.
  4. Enjoy.

wagsman t1_je6aw5h wrote

Oh hell yes. Get you some chipped ham at the deli, cook it in BBQ sauce(islays is the #1 seed), slap that on a bun, and eat it.

Every family engagement with the Pittsburgh side of my family had/has a slow cooker full of that.


Nickzino t1_je6kege wrote

Gotta have the isalys


Pittsburgh-Punk-Rock t1_je8o63u wrote

Ham BBQ. Just grab a pound of Isaly’s chipped ham and a jar of Isaly’s bbq sauce. Mix them together and warm it up in a pot, Serve on fresh Italian bread or rolls. Delicious.


JuliKay2u t1_jeb5l9v wrote

Many, many moons ago, I worked in an IGA deli. We made BBQ chipped chopped ham with Isaly's, Heinz chilli sauce, Heinz ketchup, and brown sugar.

Start with a dump of the chilli sauce, ketchup and a good spoonful or two of the brown sugar. Heat slowly over low heat, stirring. Taste and augment flavor with more of the above, then slowly add in the ham. Add more "sauce" ingredients as needed to coat the ham. Serve on a good squishy bun. Enjoy!


sonofcrack t1_je2wgmf wrote

Get a pan.

Some isalys ham(or whatever is cheap), must be chipped.

I prefer sweet baby rays but whatever BBQ sauce you prefer.

Fry the ham and add some BBQ sauce once the ham has a slight char. Mix well.

That’s how I grew up on ham BBQ


pparhplar t1_je31bbh wrote

One can of tomato soup, just enough relish. Simmer to perfection. I don't remember my mom adding anything fancy.


HOTGRIZZY t1_je3ctyh wrote

Cant believe this is even a real question