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Can we just talk about AIL Arias agency and the lawsuits they are facing? This place is such a cesspool. Sexual harassment, rape, drugs… the list goes on and on about what people are accusing them of. I’ve known quite a few people that have worked here over the years and have heard NOTHING good. Most end up owing them money and broke. Eager to watch this place go down.



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[deleted] t1_jdcqr99 wrote

Prestige Worldwide (worldwide, worldwide, worldwide)….


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NewYinzer t1_jde0t3s wrote

We lead the world in computerized data collection!


FatassTitePants t1_jdg0j45 wrote

Ha! I was thinking Wolf of Wall Street in sweatshirts, but Sopranos is definitely the better comparison.


onlyyoucanseeme t1_jdcyx0r wrote

Don’t worry everyone! He also got a PPP Loan to the tune of $179k totally forgiven! No doubt it was also on the up and up 😉

Edit: Since others are asking about reporting fraud. I’d direct you to the U.S. DOJ site setup specifically for this.

Furthermore, it appears that you would need more than just allegations. But if you have firsthand knowledge of any misdoings, or particularly if you were the victim of such, I’d highly encourage you to complete the form that is also found at the linked site.

Or if you’d like to remain anonymous, there is the U.S. SBA (Small Business Administration) OIG hotline that allows for this. And they may even be better suited for PPP abuse specifically, since I believe this program falls directly under it.

But if you do possess highly relevant information, you should also be aware that there appears to be Whistleblower Rewards (from 15% to 30%) for PPP loan fraud, in the event your assistance ultimately leads to any proceeds being recovered. So anonymity be damned if that is you.

Edit 2: The more I think about it (as to not dissuade anyone from reporting), well even as simple taxpayers we were all victims to the rampant abuse of the shambolic PPP loan system by the fraudsters. It was meant as a lifeline to those businesses truly in desperate need. Not as a means of access to free money to potentially pay yourself and other top earners at your company. And might I add as a reminder that that money did run out, leaving many empty handed. So if this man and his agency are as highly successful as he purports it to be, was the need genuine? I’ll leave that up to you all and potentially any future investigators to decide.


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I was told from someone with knowledge about this that the FBI are now looking into them


Pennsylvasia t1_jdckkm4 wrote

I hate their hype video. Why is he yelling at me, I didn't even apply yet.


threwthelookinggrass t1_jdcowh3 wrote

Lmao in this one they're driving a bentley from their mcmansion in wexford to their office in a strip mall.


Pennsylvasia t1_jdcsdom wrote

I also spent too much time looking them up online. So weird to see him promoting a big baller lifestyle out of fucking Cranberry.


steelforgedstudios t1_jder5oi wrote

Lol seriously holy fucking shit who is he impressing in Wexford and Cranberry 50 year old soccer moms making their school runs?!


Tencentstamp t1_jdhx4k8 wrote

This is exactly what I expect from Cranberry residents, tbf.


mmphoto412 t1_jdcr3p7 wrote

Wtf was that?? I got only a minute into it and stopped. Too much cringe.

The office looks like a boiler room. Random guy wearing a tank top in the office. Random guy’s lifting at a gym. Wtf does that have to do with whatever MLM or Ponzi scheme they are running


threwthelookinggrass t1_jdcs1wj wrote

It definitely sounds like a MLM scheme. Their product is supposed to be selling life insurance to unions. Looks like the Nebraskan department of insurance sent them a cease and desist for operating an unregistered insurance company in Nebraska.



deadlifts_allday t1_jddbb5k wrote

It somehow kept getting worse. One interview was a guy at a desk with about 10 of those generic "certificate of achievement" thumbtacked to the wall behind him.


mmphoto412 t1_jde7u4f wrote

Yooo every single person in that looks like they are straight out of a “Bobby Bottle Service “ sketch from Kroll Show.


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deadlifts_allday t1_jddd927 wrote

If you hung them all up, you could have your own cool YouTube video, fancy cars and a McMansion.


Cryptic_Skies t1_jdddief wrote

Lol. I just celebrated my third year on WFH. The only people who ever hung those up were the worst employees.


deadlifts_allday t1_jdde58o wrote

I used to work for a company that sent an electronic certificate for everything too. Then they added some feature where you could create custom certificates (I assume for managers to do custom training with their teams) but my department just made up nonsense and sent them to each other like "best at heating up lunch". That was the only certificate I enjoyed getting.


Aezon22 t1_jdcv11i wrote

What the fuck, is this Andrew Tate’s cousin?


danstymusic t1_jdd3cia wrote

The ass hat at the center of the sexual abuse claims posts videos of Andrew Tate on his Facebook page. He looks and posts exactly how you'd imagine.


Aezon22 t1_jdd5chf wrote

I don’t have Facebook so I can’t login to take a closer look, but does he have pictures of himself photoshopped to look like a Nordic warrior? Is this a cosplay? How has no one told him how ridiculous he looks?


LocksmithOk2200 t1_jdrkhme wrote

😂He used to. He changed it to a picture of him and his kid. He still always looks ridiculous.


lotavio69 t1_jdd7dde wrote

I thought the guy was related to Leonel and Marco Salamanca, from "Better Call Saul"... 😂 And at 0:12, the CGI text on the building says: "Repetative Tasks"...


tonyzak36 t1_jdcno1o wrote

I like how they act like they won’t hire any schmoe stupid enough to apply lol


FreeCashFlow t1_jdcro75 wrote

You never, ever want to work for a guy wearing that much jewelry and that awful suit. Money can’t buy good taste.


notfromsoftemployee t1_jdcyhow wrote

How the fuck can anyone be stupid enough to even apply for this shit. Like I get the average person is pretty dumb but there's more red flags in that recruitment video than a Chinese political rally.


Pennsylvasia t1_jdd1jr8 wrote

I remember coming across some of their job ads 10+ years ago when I was desperately job hunting. They seemed a little shady, but their job ads then and now aren't too different than most independent sales positions you'll find. For example, here's a recent posting that looks almost normal. Of course, most people will Google the places they're applying to, but places like this prey on people who don't know any better; their social media is also focused on the type of person chasing the influencer / athlete lifestyle, and believes they can accomplish anything just by showing up for enough hours.


fatherofApolo t1_jdd681v wrote

Yea when I applied it was made to seam like a insurance broker. Complete bait and switch they try to wow you figures and prizes people have won. They pretty much offer you a position on the spot and tell and try and get you sign up for the license… which they make money on also so even if your not a good fit they don’t care as long as you pay in to them they are good


Jayde_Knight t1_jddp7ce wrote

I agree. I had a company overview today. It does not sound right. You have to pay for the licensing, and the company is supposed to do that. Plus, what they are selling sounds too good to be true, would cost the average person an arm and a leg. The pay doesn't sound right either. Nor does the lavish lifestyle they claim with the trips and the cars. Something doesn't add up.


zezzene t1_jddfnib wrote

What the fuck do they even do? What product or service do they sell?


Ok-Twist921 t1_jddi55k wrote

When somebody still looks trashy as fuck in a suit, you know he should be on a watch list


Accomplished_Case_21 t1_jdcsqic wrote

It's a pyramid scheme. Some guy from my high school got caught up in this a few years back and was like a brainwashed zombie posting propaganda and trying to recruit everyone. Feel bad for all the vulnerable people that get conned by this guy.


jcawley11 t1_jdcylnx wrote

I went on an interview with them years ago. I was young and desperate for a job. They talk you up like you’re the best applicant they’ve ever had. Tried to talk to me as a friend rather than a traditional interview. I had agreed to a second interview and during that one they learned I came from a union family and I could “connect” with the clients, they treated me even better. The guy told me how much money I’d be making and even told me how many girls I’m going to get. I realized after that interview I still had no idea what they did! I never called back or answered their calls.


Novel_Engineering_29 t1_jdcqx2k wrote

Can someone explain to me in small words what (cult? pyramid scheme?) actually does? Because I can't figure it out from the video.


Novel_Engineering_29 t1_jdcsdgp wrote

Okay, nevermind, per the Insider article it's life insurance. Bizarre.


heili t1_jdd5wh2 wrote

It's a pyramid scheme that sells insurance. If you join his "agency" you're becoming a part of his downline so that he can hopefully profit off of anything that you sell.


natetan t1_jddji2w wrote

Not defending him and the company. But that's sorta how insurance is set up across the board. Insurance agents get commission off writing new policies which then get funneled upwards.


jts8820 t1_jdczpex wrote

Life insurance agency. I worked for them for like 2 months and it really sucked. Long hours, running miles in your personal car all across WPA. Cold calls. Commission-based with almost no training on what the product is that you're selling. They essentially make you memorize a script and you hope that the customer doesn't ask you any questions because you learned fuck all about it.


SnooWoofers2255 t1_jdd8smc wrote

In 2020 they did a zoom interview with me, ended up being some juiced guy giving me a power point presentation. The one slide that stuck out to me was their pay structure which was literally in the shape of a pyramid with different job titles equaling different pay.


staceyann1573 t1_jdduajf wrote

My sons friend worked for them so I got a small life insurance policy from him. Within months they started calling me every day to get more. If I wouldn’t answer they would call all 3 of my kids looking for me. They would call after 10pm or early morning zero respect. They called constantly. It was beyond obnoxious. I dropped that policy immediately.


Which-Ad-9502 t1_jdel4y6 wrote

Make sure to check your bank statements that they aren’t charging you still they had a lawsuit against them for doing that after someone cancelled their policy


idunnoaboutthishere t1_jddf7c1 wrote

I read the news article and they are facing arbitration in a class action lawsuit for rampant abuse towards women. One man, Michael Russin, is facing independent charges in court.

This kind of abuse happens to women every day in the workplace. I've had it happen at two separate Pittsburgh businesses. Telling HR cost me my job. I work for myself now because I can not ever go through that again. My mental health and sense of security in the world will never be the same.

Kudos to the brave young woman who has taken these monsters on. I hope she gets justice.


fatherofApolo t1_jdd5e6t wrote

I interviewed there in 2021 and could not get out fast enough. From the “alpha frat bros” to telling me they raffled off a Lamborghini. Then pitched their podcast to me. It was a strange experience.


wahyoudoingwobi t1_jddmr6v wrote

Felt this way for years. Quietly praying on their downfall. The Stratton Oakmont of Pittsburgh IYKYK

Edit: was to way


FergusonBishop t1_jde9a44 wrote

always delighted to watch some MLM bros, working out of a Wexford strip mall, lose their wives and McMansions simultaneously.


LocksmithOk2200 t1_jdrkxrr wrote

Who is losing their wife or mansion?


FergusonBishop t1_jdrlen7 wrote

Glad you created a whole ass account just to simp for this place.


LocksmithOk2200 t1_jdrnawe wrote

Simp? It was a real question. Didn’t hear of any of them losing their wives or houses. YOU “created a whole ass account” just to bash the place so if that’s what you thought I was doing your no better. Calm the fuck down.


FergusonBishop t1_jdrqow5 wrote

Your account is hours old and only comments are in here defending the shady business practices of this place.


LocksmithOk2200 t1_jds2hyz wrote

If you read any of the comments I posted they’re either asking real questions or confirming info or sharing info because I used to work there and know first hand. Not defending this place what so ever. But ok sass queen. Your clearly triggered because you posted a wild statement and can’t back it up with anything valid. 😂


Old_Science4946 t1_jdd2n48 wrote

i’m reading the insider article now wtf 😵😳


Zestyclose_Minute_69 t1_jde27cn wrote

I worked there very briefly. Their leads are garbage. I did make some sales but not in their pushy, masculine way. The people that actually make any money have no morals. Notorious BIG “Juicy” plays at the start of their Monday all staff meeting, where they announce who made what in the last week!

After I quit, I started writing a piece about them called “the church of Arias” but got disgusted with it.


doghound412 t1_jdd5szc wrote

I know some Arias agents and am connected on social media. The daily staged success stories and practiced tone of confidence in their voice is absolutely hilarious when they try to speak like they invented being a winner in faux designer suits and borrowed sports cars. Simultaneously I’ve been sad for them for years though because I knew stories like this would come along and derail their actually fragile lifeline. This is a classic example of the old saying “talk shit, get hit”.


Llamacka t1_jddhp8t wrote

Shazier aligned himself with these guys and it makes me wonder if he doesn’t know or doesn’t care


Pennsylvasia t1_jddme7i wrote

I feel like that's a grift that should be looked into, too. Looks like they're connected through "Steel City Impact," a non-profit that is supposed to help disadvantaged kids in Pittsburgh (specifically Sto-Rox, looks like). Their board includes Arias, former WNBA player Tyra Grant (who also works for Arias), Justin Adams (the guy in the board room wearing a tank top in one of the videos), the owner of Armina Stone, Ryan Shazier, Jimmy Wan (for some reason, from the restaurants), and others. They're doing an event next month where VIP tickets are $1,500. Probably worth looking into what, exactly, they accomplish.


steelforgedstudios t1_jdess2y wrote

Jimmy Wan is tight with all the athletes in Pittsburgh. They're all constantly there and call it their favorite local restaurant.


This_Yogurtcloset930 t1_jdey1nx wrote

Love Jimmy wans what athletes go there


steelforgedstudios t1_jdf293g wrote

Like all of the Pittsburgh Penguins off the top of my head. There's one by their HQ. It's Sidney Crosby's favorite restaurant apparently.


Llamacka t1_jddn7ze wrote

It’s more than a nonprofit, Shazier has his own insurance agency affiliated with AIL too. I doubt he engages in the antics of Arias but doesn’t seem like the best bed to lay in. As for the nonprofit that is quite a crew they assembled there too and a cool 1.5k a plate they must do a lot of good lol


Human-Cellist265 t1_jdkwbrv wrote

Don’t get why shaizer is wrapped up in all that. It’s weird


Human-Cellist265 t1_jdkwkdd wrote

Celina Pompeani from Kdka/Pittsburgh today live frequents with Simon at penguins games…they did a short segment with him back around Christmas time on PTL where Simon, victory church in cranberry teamed up to give a woman some shitty house way out in Verona as a gift.


Which-Ad-9502 t1_jdek35i wrote

So many people from my town got sucked into this and sadly I know most of them. Seeing them change into completely different people because of this job was what tipped me off to look into this. I work in the life/di insurance industry and know what you can and can’t do as an agent. I have been waiting for this downfall for so long. I wish I had the proof but one of their current agents admitted to rebating and that alone could put him in prison for years. Read this it’s pretty long but hearing the ex employee Renee’s story is a must.


Brak710 t1_jddsoqh wrote

Nothing feels better than seeing scum bags get what they deserve.

Although it would be funny if we can brand them with a tattoo on their forehead of being fraudsters and abusers, I'll settle for jail time and losing everything of monetary value.


Govass13 t1_jdff3rl wrote

I worked there and got a group together to sue them for illegal practices. They’re the absolute worst. Simon Arias is SCUM and they’re all liars.


LocksmithOk2200 t1_jdrik1o wrote

How is Simon Arias scum?


Govass13 t1_jdrtcxf wrote

Depends, how much time you got?

He’s a liar, flashes fancy clothes and cars but his Bentley had a problem with stalling and the radio didn’t work. His whole company works based off of hiring “coachable” people meaning those that sit down shut up and do what they’re told. His weekly meetings are full of cult and manipulation tactics. The parent company was built off a scam and that’s all it is is a giant scam. I sued them and they were so quick to offer money for me to fuck off because they know what they do is illegal and they wanted to keep it as hushed as possible. The list is truly endless


joeyswt627 t1_jdgb2m9 wrote

Thank you for posting this to the Pittsburgh reddit. Been "following" this company for years after some acquaintances got involved with bad results. Arias agency's reach is almost nationwide at this point as well with offices across many states. This notion fails to mention all the other AIL subsidiaries that exist in the US and Canada where the same toxic culture may pervade.

So much golden content exists on how scummy this place truly seems to be and this lawsuit is great exposure. Yes, shazier is involved for some reason and also possibly terrelle pryor. Jim Tressel is Simon Arias' "mentor," and often features on his social media.

Mike Russin is in deep doo-doo. For more insight into the mind of this maniac check out his "podcast." He truly has a warped view of the world as it stands in 2023 and deserves to be punished should his alleged actions be proven true in court.


Human-Cellist265 t1_jdkx9fl wrote

— Most of (if not all) of their cars are rentals/leases from LW Automotive in McCandless on 19. You can drive by at anytime and see the exact cars that are featured in the videos/and or the agents claim they “own”.


heili t1_jdd5m5e wrote

AIL is an MLM, so of course it's a shady giant scam.


[deleted] t1_jddf06b wrote

Lol I know somebody who worked here. She def drank the cool aid and always posted on fb about being promoted to vice president lieutenant managers former roommate, but she quit and joined the army

Anyone work at PLS logistics? My first job interview was there but I heard some stories lol


kyach25 t1_jddpvhw wrote

Lol. I think PLS might have been one of my first job interviews too. It was for a job in one of their their administrative departments. Heard bad reviews too and declined the job.


MisterMakeYaMumCum t1_jdf62a3 wrote

It was my first job out of college but I was only there for 6 months until I found a better opportunity. I remember walking in and seeing kids all around my age working at these desk and thinking I made a mistake. Regardless I was desperate and needed a job so I took it anyways. You do training for like 3 weeks then they put you out on the floor to help the main sales people make calls and schedule loads. The guy I was assigned to was a huge asshole and couldn’t stand seeing him every morning. Eventually they throw you out on your own to build your own book of business but it’s such a saturated market. Hated it but got some experience and met some friends from there so I guess that’s a silver lining


--InigoMontoya-- t1_jdd3dok wrote

This is by far the greatest video I've ever seen. I still don't have any idea what they do.

MMA training, football recruitment, car shows, boxing, real estate? Blew my mind.


Adorable_Anybody_133 t1_jdd65gy wrote

I still have 0 idea what they do after watching their stupid videos. And I love a hiring video with someone wearing a ridiculous political shirt… and another man drinking a beer while standing beside his car… and someone boxing? What?! This is a hot mess that screams all the accusations that they now have against them…


SnooMarzipans3516 t1_jddtzvb wrote

I’ve watched two videos that were posted here and I still have no idea what this “company” does? Other than act like douchebags


orphanpowered t1_jdi5r2o wrote

I was an agent there. They asked me to commit insurance fraud. A guy lost his insurance license, they wanted me to let him write policies using my license # and forge my name. I quit.


Objective-Class-9213 OP t1_jdikdcq wrote

Wow… unreal. I have a very close friend who is pretty up there on the ladder. This person is actually a good person and not at all like the rest of these jerks. I keep telling them to quit before they go down with the ship. It truly is like a cult.


orphanpowered t1_jdiqtld wrote

There were good people there but you can't be a good person to make it there. All of the higher ups are ex-"gangster" types. They really want a person that is decent at the job but then ends up quitting. If you quit all of your business goes to the dude above you in the pyramid.


V_I_I t1_jddaui9 wrote

Definitely seems like a shiesty company. There's no way they're all making that much $


SnooMarzipans3516 t1_jdek741 wrote

Man, you don’t need to have a degree or anything, but apparently need to be a douchebag to work there.


ReineDeLaFolie t1_jdr4x8c wrote

Had an interview there but the red flags had me declining that offer in an instant - glad I did!


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EllaMinnow t1_jdckzfm wrote


pangaea1972 t1_jdcrb9v wrote

Holy shit that is some horrible behavior. It's so sad that we still allow men like that do get away with treating women like garbage. I wish this story were more widely known so these assholes could be put out of business and in prison.


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Sweet_District4439 t1_jddtujg wrote

Can confirm. Tried to lure my sisters BF with his nice car "hey bro like my car? Wanna sell insurance". Shit you not


[deleted] t1_jddvwg6 wrote

Not gonna lie for 2 years after college I was lost so I woulda been a victim/survivor too


[deleted] t1_jddp6uz wrote

Help find their lost pet and get candy? Ok I’ll go


Dancing_Hitchhiker t1_jdd95w0 wrote

Ive met a few people that worked there and it always seemed very odd to say the least


goldengirlsmom t1_jde0skn wrote

I'm not even sure that I've ever heard of them, but the fact that they're ALL ACROSS APPALACHIA (which I'm sure he views us as poor and desperate) says it all for me.

I'm not desperate, just poor.


Itsjustataco t1_jde2eyf wrote

Thes guys make all their money through new "employees". Each new employee has a group of friends, family, contacts they don't have.

Once the employee is tapped for contacts he starts under performing and eventually gets fired.

Finally, they bank on you not saying anything and continuing the policy because you're embarrassed but really, it's just their business model.


penguins8766 t1_jddi8y4 wrote

There’s a guy on my Facebook feed that raves about that place and the owner. Pyramid schemes like them are the absolute worst!


This_Yogurtcloset930 t1_jdf14tk wrote

I had an interview with them said I knocked it out the park but couldn’t shake the feeling like it was a BS place because they said you don’t do calls or any noting for a while a lot of it is team meetings


Old_Image5824 t1_jdfspvl wrote

I used to work at a location in Warrendale. Simon and his family would always come in for our professional services (staying anonymous). He was always so nice but I couldn’t figure out how on earth they had so much money. Looked into employment with them and it was always bright red flags. The way he carry’s himself I wouldn’t be surprised.


Old_Image5824 t1_jdfsu26 wrote

Somebody said on here mlm, and that’s what it felt like. He always drove the gently but would always have two younger (presumably interns or new hires) driving and with him