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sqqueen2 t1_j1mfny7 wrote

Sorry about your kid


ejcpc17888 t1_j1m69pa wrote

Looks like Take a Break is open at 9. Not the most ideal depending on what you're looking for but just a FYI.

Not sure if you can still smoke in there.


stadulevich t1_j1m9uyx wrote

Take a break is my fav bar. You can still smoke inside which Im not crazy about. But, you get the most diverse crowds and a 24oz mug of beer is like $2.50 still.


ejcpc17888 t1_j1macta wrote

I love it there but I know it's not everyone's cup of tea and wasn't sure if OP was familiar. Great place to shoot the shit at the bar for sure.


stadulevich t1_j1mba4e wrote

Ya the billiards table is always fun too. And slots. Just stuff for OP to take their mind off things for a bit. But I get the not everyone cup of tea.


Padfootsgrl79 t1_j1ms3h1 wrote

Hope your kids feels better soon.


Ernie077 t1_j1mqyl1 wrote

Brewers is open and is celebrating anyone who doesn’t have a family for Christmas


LockedOutOfElfland t1_j1n5qoa wrote

You need to either take a car or a bus to get to Brewer's from UPMC Children's, though. Not unmanageable but it's just pushing the definition of "close walking range".


lkb33 t1_j1m8hx2 wrote

William Penn tavern on Butler opens at 3


Romeos_Crying t1_j1omiaz wrote

That's my usual holiday bar. Was gonna head down around 9 but kinda hungover from last night lol


Jazzlike_Breadfruit9 t1_j1m379d wrote

Liberty Beer is open, which might be the only option near Children’s. Obviously not a bar.


KentuckYSnow t1_j1m7wxi wrote

Any place is a bar if you pour your BEvERage into an appropriate cup!


DreadSocialistOrwell t1_j1oa9dq wrote

Why go to Liberty Beer when Penn Ave Beer is right next door?


Jazzlike_Breadfruit9 t1_j1oanyl wrote

  1. Forgot about Penn Ave Beer. My bad.
  2. Liberty let’s you buy singles of most things. It’s a good option if you just want one beer.

gshannon11 t1_j1of0xr wrote

Why would you want just one beer?


Jazzlike_Breadfruit9 t1_j1ofnza wrote

Some people like options. I’d rather have 2 or 3 different drinks/ beers in a night than 1 type.


Amrun90 t1_j1m14cm wrote

Best of luck. Sounds like a terrible Christmas.


MeasyBoy451 t1_j1m5clz wrote

I'm sorry to hear that, wishing you the best. Another option could be a Chinese restaurant, they tend to stay open on Christmas. Not the same but would be a change of atmosphere


swargin t1_j1m6wkq wrote

Not a bar, but Salems will be open at noon


penndawg84 t1_j1miynd wrote

Not a bar, and not super-close, but Salem’s on Penn between 29th and 30th is open and has yummy, inexpensive food. I know it’s not what you’re looking for, but throwing out options just in case.


LikeDeej t1_j1nqd5j wrote

I have some Jameson and weed?


MycoMountain t1_j1n9odq wrote

Beirport in Row House's basement area is open till 8 and it looks like new Amsterdam will also be open. Other than those two Take a break is the best option. If it's not crowded the smoke isnt terrible


Queen_Bee24 t1_j1mk951 wrote

So sorry you’re spending the holiday like that! I know my recommendation isn’t super close to Children’s but Sloppy’s on Mt. Washington will be open 7pm-2am tonight. Stop up and hang!


snakeskin1982 t1_j1niiec wrote

Not super close, but I know Goldmark will be open.


Disastrous_Swimmer17 t1_j1nm22e wrote

sorry to hear about your children. I hope they are stable and improving.

I am not sure what is open, but anything to cheer you up is good.


jbubs84 t1_j1obzw6 wrote

I saw Goldmark was open tonight late starting at 9.


borski88 t1_j1m6jok wrote

Seems weird to leave your kids sick in the hospital on Christmas while you look for an open bar.


Jazzlike_Breadfruit9 t1_j1m7p5m wrote

I think it depends on how long OP is planning on being at the bar and if there are other family members at the hospital. Stepping away for an hour to get some fresh air and have one beer seems fine. If OP wants to get blasted and down a bunch of shots and be gone for most of the day, probably not fine. Caring for a sick loved one can be really challenging and caregivers do need to time to themselves to recharge.


Intelligent_Sundae_5 t1_j1m8j8y wrote

Whenever my husband had his kidney transplant I ended up at a bar across the street from the hospital. It was good to get out of there for an hour, sit at the bar and talk to random people. I got to eat food (didn’t have a drink, although I thought about it) and just breathe to get me ready for the upcoming days.

OP good luck to you and your family today.


ohidontthinks0 t1_j1mlq2a wrote

Don’t be that guy. Especially when you have 0 details of OP’s situation.
Sometimes getting out for a minute is the only thing keeping a parent from completely losing it.


borski88 t1_j1ms9ld wrote

Parent here and I completely understand needing to get away. To me the time and date of when to get away is what really stood out. But you're right I don't know the rest of the situation.


[deleted] t1_j1m7xby wrote



Yinzer89 OP t1_j1mfzws wrote

Cafeteria is basically closed. No one is here.

Hospital is almost nearly empty with both patients and workers.

My kid doesn’t have RSV.

Have a great holiday.


snarkysnape t1_j1nhd77 wrote

Seems weird to so openly and publicly judge people you know nothing about.


VacantLot412 t1_j1m2w1w wrote



Jazzlike_Breadfruit9 t1_j1m343z wrote

They are only open Tuesday - Saturday. Today is Sunday.


VacantLot412 t1_j1m3d8r wrote

I know what day it is.


Jazzlike_Breadfruit9 t1_j1m3wci wrote

Lol then why would you suggest a place that is closed?


IClight69 t1_j1m8hzy wrote

Perhaps some place are going to open because some folks like to go out even if tiny baby Jesus had a birthday or not?


Antique-Low3985 t1_j1mbt09 wrote

It’s amazing how stupid you are. You’re sitting here mocking Christmas and you can’t even keep up with 4 post long Reddit thread.


IClight69 t1_j1mf27t wrote

Aw, thanks. I’m far more stupid than you could ever imagine. Thanks for the Holiday Cheer! Do you have a newsletter I could subscribe to?


Invaderk2 t1_j1mwagx wrote

This is funny not because it's funny but because you think it sounds clever and it's not lol.


IClight69 t1_j1n5fhf wrote

It’s meant to be stupid and self deprecating. I’m aware of the ham fisted sarcasm that is dull and unfunny in my comment. That’s why it’s funny to “me”.


Snoo909 t1_j1mxcgb wrote

They're not usually open on Sundays to begin with. It seems like their schedule is still the same, and tiny baby Jesus had nothing to do with it?


IClight69 t1_j1n51mv wrote

They had been opened on Christmas Eve, and sometimes places open up to take advantage of additional sales. And I like the prayer scene in the Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Combine that and they you have it. Thank you for being cool to someone who was being silly and trying to be positive.


McJumpington t1_j1msay0 wrote

Prob shouldn’t potentially spread your kids illness to healthy people


Yinzer89 OP t1_j1mv0qw wrote

Pretty sure you can’t pass pneumonia and a double ear infection.

Thanks for your advice.

Have a great holiday.


McJumpington t1_j1mvyid wrote

Well many ear infections are the result of a contagious cold or respiratory virus … which is spreadable. Also- There are contagious forms of pneumonia.

No kid deserves either of those - hope they recover super quick.


LockedOutOfElfland t1_j1n5wcm wrote

I'm assuming the doctors already did the requisite testing and determined OP's kid doesn't have anything contagious.


McJumpington t1_j1nepsi wrote

Possibly, but often times doctors focus on treating the symptoms and not cautioning others potentially exposed to contagions. Like I said ear infections are the results of viruses or bacteria… this was likely a. Virus since both were infected. I received 4 ear infections in 3 months from my son bringing home contagious viruses. No doctor ever told me to stay home… they just treat the current symptoms. Not sure why people think it’s a dick thing to caution potential virus carriers not to expose it to others.

It’s Reddit though- everyone is so eager to be offended.