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borski88 t1_j1m6jok wrote

Seems weird to leave your kids sick in the hospital on Christmas while you look for an open bar.


Jazzlike_Breadfruit9 t1_j1m7p5m wrote

I think it depends on how long OP is planning on being at the bar and if there are other family members at the hospital. Stepping away for an hour to get some fresh air and have one beer seems fine. If OP wants to get blasted and down a bunch of shots and be gone for most of the day, probably not fine. Caring for a sick loved one can be really challenging and caregivers do need to time to themselves to recharge.


Intelligent_Sundae_5 t1_j1m8j8y wrote

Whenever my husband had his kidney transplant I ended up at a bar across the street from the hospital. It was good to get out of there for an hour, sit at the bar and talk to random people. I got to eat food (didn’t have a drink, although I thought about it) and just breathe to get me ready for the upcoming days.

OP good luck to you and your family today.


ohidontthinks0 t1_j1mlq2a wrote

Don’t be that guy. Especially when you have 0 details of OP’s situation.
Sometimes getting out for a minute is the only thing keeping a parent from completely losing it.


borski88 t1_j1ms9ld wrote

Parent here and I completely understand needing to get away. To me the time and date of when to get away is what really stood out. But you're right I don't know the rest of the situation.


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Yinzer89 OP t1_j1mfzws wrote

Cafeteria is basically closed. No one is here.

Hospital is almost nearly empty with both patients and workers.

My kid doesn’t have RSV.

Have a great holiday.


snarkysnape t1_j1nhd77 wrote

Seems weird to so openly and publicly judge people you know nothing about.