Submitted by SummerSt0rmz t3_zxgzj8 in pittsburgh

Hi all, I’m looking for any input regarding these schools. I applied to both for their doctoral program in psychology (Psy.D). My anxiety over this decision has been rough!



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chippyinairplane t1_j2078xk wrote

I would go with the place that gives you more funding and is cheaper.


B0bb3r7 t1_j210l5l wrote

I love the irony that pursuing a PsyD is giving you anxiety.


TSOD t1_j20db9v wrote

Both programs are good, and for a PsyD you should take whatever one lets you in and has the best working/financial aid situation.


cmyk412 t1_j20azcp wrote

I have a friend who recently graduated with a PsyD from Chatham and is now a licensed, working (and very busy) therapist in a small practice doing well. It’s a rigorous program but she did her masters and doctorate in maybe 3-4 years?


lmcclel t1_j20jf0j wrote

I went to Chatham for their Master's program in counseling psych and found it to be a wonderfully supportive program. I am pretty sure that the professors of the master's program are the ones that also do the PsyD program and highly recommend them.


Bright-Reputation t1_j20cqnt wrote

I’m in a Carlow masters program now and I like it :) I’m sure both have good programs!


Omgitsjustdae t1_j210o1t wrote

Carlow alum here. They're both great programs. Go with the one that's going to give to the most funding. Carlow and Chatham are very similar in a lot of ways.


weavs13 t1_j20xlee wrote

As a Carlow alum. I'm partial to Carlow but I've heard both have good programs.


woodcuttersDaughter t1_j219x3n wrote

I’m a Carlow alum and work in my field of study. I feel like I got a solid education. Both schools are probably pretty comparable. Go with the one that costs you less.


AlternativeSteak5427 t1_j23sfw0 wrote

Chatham Alum here, Chatham is a very small school with very limited support in specific degree fields. That would be something to keep in mind as well


HeyitsWillow t1_j21ms8m wrote

I am in the PsyD Counseling Psychology program at Carlow currently. Both schools are great and I think either would give you a good education. I don't know a lot about Chatham's program but Carlow does have opportunities for graduate assistantships and such. They also have a grant that gives you a $25k stipend in your third year so that's pretty huge. I personally love Carlow and have been there since undergrad.


its-saute t1_j21nczt wrote

If you’re looking into a doctoral program, the most important thing is going to be who your advisor is. I would research the specific advisers at each university in depth, meet them if you can and find one that you feel is a good fit and who will watch over you over the course of the program. Check with their previous doctoral students to get a full 360 on them.


NostalgicAdolescents t1_j253n57 wrote

I’m living with someone who is going to Chatham. There is a heavy amount of “woke” ideology in the program. If post modern theory or intersectionality is your thing, then you will be comfortable there. If you’re more conservative minded or not very ideological, just be prepared to encounter a heavy amount of far left ideology. One required book for a required class is called “Counseling The Culturally Diverse”. It sounds good on it’s face, because obviously it is important to understand other cultures so that you can be a competent therapist. However, the book and course hardly covers other cultures, but focuses on intersectionality in a vague as gaslighting way. Again, it may be your cup of tea. Personally I’m finding it to be toxic and unnecessarily cynical as I’m back in school to become a therapist.