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skfoto t1_j2ecx57 wrote

Per this source, he’s a little unconventional but reliable:

> Pittsburgh Police Called To Disturbing Scene This Morning In Downtown & Fort Pitt Bridge.

> Police units responded Around 9 this morning to find several dozen deceased animals. The police discovered the scene around 1st & 2nd avenue in Downtown Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh Animal Control was called to the scene.

> After recovering the bodies police where then called to the Fort Pitt Bridge for additional bodies of deceased animals. Per soruces the animals were headed for cremation when a vehicle carrying the dead animals lost its load at several locations. The bodies were claimed by the mortuary the company has been contacted for comment as of right now it appears that this was an accident.


motociclista t1_j2enzr2 wrote

Oh wow, that would suck. I just picked up my dogs ashes. I can’t imagine being told they didn’t have his ashes because he fell off a truck.


bekahed979 t1_j2f68ge wrote

I'm really sorry for your loss


motociclista t1_j2fbiut wrote

Thank you so much! He was my buddy for sure. It was unexpected but he lived a long and spoiled life (10 years, which is a lot for a so called “giant” breed.) so we’re concentrating on the positive. We just picked up a new puppy some some of the pain has been replaced with pandemonium!


weavs13 t1_j2ewcw8 wrote

How does the vehicle just casually lose its load in several places and just give zero F's about it. I'd be rising hell if my dog was one of them.


hambone012 OP t1_j2ek96z wrote

Thanks for the update. She told me that and I was hoping it wasn’t malicious.


finalmessy t1_j2ebzn8 wrote

I have a friend who works for animal control. He thinks they were on the way to be cremated and fell out of the transport


GargantuanWitch t1_j2ebudf wrote

Your wife showed you a Facebook post and you ran to reddit for confirmation? Is there another source for this?


hambone012 OP t1_j2ekcqq wrote

It’s exactly what I did. But I didn’t run I remained in the prone position and asked here.


ttawney2 t1_j2emsl1 wrote

We saw a dead dog on the Fort Pitt Bridge this morning around 8:45. We called animal control to report it


mclark9 t1_j2ewnhf wrote

I saw the same and my wife convinced me it was clothes or rags or something, ‘cause how the heck would a dog get up on the bridge. Fort Pitt outbound, at ~8:45 AM.


malepitt t1_j2eb91d wrote

"citation needed," as they say


ssmn88 t1_j2f712x wrote

There is an animal crematorium on 65 in Bellevue. I wonder if that is where they were headed?