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da_london_09 t1_j5po0m0 wrote

Better solution is just to expel the students... then no issue at the bus stop, and the parents can figure out what to do when their kid is home all day.


weavs13 t1_j5pxqc6 wrote

Except the parents aren't going to figure it out. They will just let them do as they please all hours of the day.


[deleted] t1_j5pzkb2 wrote



Ralph_the_Dude t1_j5qa41i wrote

So then kids without a GED end up as tomorrows absent parents. I think you're looking for a simple solution to a systemic issue.


aboutsider t1_j5tf0ii wrote

Yeah, that's not just their problem then, is it?


Novel_Engineering_29 t1_j5rk3rr wrote

Expelled teenagers don't stay home all day. They'll be right in that same spot waiting for their friends too get it of school.


burritoace t1_j5rsw4y wrote

An atrociously bad suggestion. It's a good thing people like you aren't in charge of this stuff