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ballsonthewall t1_j6jn9ct wrote

great question, I've always thought one would thrive in South Side and Oakland (doesn't even have to be a gas station, just a convenience store)


nonymiz t1_j6jpsk4 wrote

There used to be one in Oakland, back when I was attending Pitt in the 80s. Not sure when it closed.

It was on the corner of Forbes and Oakland Ave. Where the First National Bank is now (across the street from Stack'd).

Use to love buying chili-cheese hot dogs from there. Could get two of them for some really cheap price, something like 2 for $2. Might have even been two for a buck. I forget.


There was also a 7-11 on Forbes at the same time. Across the street from DLH (david lawrence hall; I think they just call it "lawrence hall" now). Where the 'forbes street market' now is.


Niagaraballs71 t1_j6n2j3w wrote

I used to go to that one in those days too. It was a GNC for a while after that.


[deleted] t1_j6mwgwn wrote

Mmmm chili cheese hotdogs. Should be on the city’s flag


CARLEtheCamry t1_j6jrb4i wrote

I always heard Sheetz takes a loss on the gas, in order to get people into the store and buy merchandise/MTOs. So yeah, double whammy of even if it was difficult/expensive to permit fuel tanks in the city, just open a MTO station and they'd make a killing.


Jenna_Money t1_j6kp9wd wrote

I can’t remember the last time I got just gas at Sheetz. I always go in for a Starbucks Doubleshot, bottle of Fiji or coffee.


hacktanna t1_j6o0wi9 wrote

They have some like this - the one at downtown State College that a few people have referenced above was only the food bit, no gas. I worked at a Sheetz in Westmoreland county for 5 years and can confirm they do not want to be in the gas business. They're always trying to push over into just food, and encouraged us to act like we worked at "A restaurant, that just so happens to sell gas". I wish they'd open more food only locations. Also they have a sheetz drinks food truck (only made the shakes/smoothies/hot & cold coffee drinks) that they'd travel around to different public events, like the PGH marathon and whatnot - worked in it once and it was so chill while being nonstop busy, definitely an interesting experience.


weavs13 t1_j6jns4f wrote

I said the same thing when I lived in oakland.


Hoppiness83 t1_j6jpe63 wrote

There used to be a Sheetz in Oakland, right on Forbes Ave.


weavs13 t1_j6jtj9h wrote

Not in 2010. Closest one to my campus was Babcock Blvd.


Hoppiness83 t1_j6kr6z8 wrote

In the 80s and 90s at the corner of Forbes and Oakland Aves.


Mutombo_says_NO t1_j6kmfdn wrote

Literally never


Hoppiness83 t1_j6kr3f4 wrote

In the 80s and 90s. At the corner of Forbes and Oakland Aves. I've been there so don't tell me it wasn't there.

See the other comments in this thread.


DefinitelyLevi t1_j6kzuyy wrote

Used to visit my ex at UVA and they had a stand alone Sheetz there just for the food/convenience store


CarRamrodIsNumberOne t1_j6l1i00 wrote

Can confirm! I was surprised when we were walking around campus last summer to break up a long road trip.