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69FunnyNumberGuy420 t1_j6oam7l wrote

The best part is that the home plate ticket will cost $6 and you'll have an entire section to yourself.


esushi t1_j6oc80o wrote

Do people in Pittsburgh say "glizzy"?


lvngstndm t1_j6od97g wrote

Zoomers do, yinzers don't.


MerkinMed t1_j6pba9h wrote

Today I learned there is no one between the ages of 13 and 26 in Pittsburgh.


Dismal-Bumblebee4932 OP t1_j6oi7ye wrote

It’s not a Pittsburgh thing it’s just a common slang for younger people for a hotdog


esushi t1_j6okrxb wrote

I see on Google Trends that it is extremely regional to the D.C. area (and Maryland), just funny to make such a Pittsburghy post featuring such a regional word from somewhere else. (PA got a 'search interest rating' of 12)


LukeV19056 t1_j6p5bhh wrote

It originated there but we all say it as a joke from time to time


AlfieHitchcock t1_j6p30td wrote

omg you outed a closet Caps fan- it all makes sense now! Why he likes a shitty baseball team, why he talks this way.


basil1025 t1_j6pay41 wrote

All the golfers are calling them glizzys now.


FlimsyTry2892 t1_j6pd8pg wrote

We say it in Wheeling. Just me, my son and my brother but we say it.


setti218 t1_j6ok3uv wrote

Schneiders did this with Mindful Brewery in the summer. Super delicious summer beverage


Embarrassed_Band_512 t1_j6ohr7t wrote

Where do I get this glass?


uglybushes t1_j6oitrh wrote

I’d be embarrassed to go to a pirate game and support the nuttings


Dismal-Bumblebee4932 OP t1_j6oj1eg wrote

If we keep Reynolds’s and bringing Cutch back and hayes getting better every year AND Cruz gonna be a unit this year. I may not love Bob butting but I do love the buccos this season


uglybushes t1_j6ojpkx wrote

You think cutch is a difference maker? He’s basically a pierogi in the race, a side attraction to bring people in.


Dismal-Bumblebee4932 OP t1_j6ojy5z wrote

Tell me you don’t watch baseball with out telling me you don’t watch baseball… telling me cutch is only useful for the races smh


uglybushes t1_j6oke1c wrote

You think he will make the pirates competitive?


Dismal-Bumblebee4932 OP t1_j6oko6q wrote

Not one player ever will. Do I think he will be a great DH and help the younger players grow the correct way like hayes and Cruz yes. You are just miserable bro


uglybushes t1_j6ol9kl wrote

No I don’t appreciate the financial raping that nutting does to all residents of Allegheny county.


Wide-Concert-7820 t1_j6p1tuu wrote

  1. Thats 43 and counting. Yes miserable with no real hope of it ending without the team sale.

Skepticism on this subject is very well earned.


Torbelson t1_j6okaf7 wrote

For God sakes watch something actually worth watching. Not the fuckin Pirates!


PGHxplant t1_j6ol34f wrote

"When Pittsburgh Dad brought this creation to the world in a hilarious video, we had to try it for ourselves."

Anybody got YouTube link? Can't remember when he released it and it's resisting my search skills.


[deleted] t1_j6ob8yt wrote

Beer and Ice tea together ? Sounds a little fruity 🍎 🍌 🍎


Dismal-Bumblebee4932 OP t1_j6obgvb wrote

Talk shit on turners tea again and I’m gonna Mister rogers come dahn from heaven and back hand your ass