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It’s holiday season, as today marks National Tortilla Chip day. It’s not a federally recognized holiday but I’ll celebrate anyways. Speaking of celebrating, how is everyone going to celebrate the start to the weekend?

Today is also Edward Baker Dickinson day, I Hate Coriander day, and Independence Day in Estonia.

Happy Friday y’all!



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BlueXTC t1_j9ted87 wrote

Happy Friday. The 4th generation of our family arrived at 4:55am this morning after 24 hours of labor. 1st great grandchild which makes me a great aunt. Now I have to live up to that expectation.


Asterion7 t1_j9tizo5 wrote

Congratulations 🎉


BlueXTC t1_j9tr6kq wrote

Thank you. My nephew is beside himself with happiness. His mother (grandma) will make sure that baby has everything.


cleverocks t1_j9tioig wrote

Last night I read the dangers of drinking too much and it scared the living bejeebus out of me. It is such a scary read and very eye opening. I made the decision then and there to never read it again.


hugacrv t1_j9twzar wrote

Also, drinking and driving is very dangerous. If you're not paying attention you could spill your drink!


The_UnknownTA t1_j9t7jop wrote

By sleeping in till noon tomorrow, making ostrich chop suey, and nearly finishing off paying my credit card debit. Next is student loans <shudders>


momthom427 t1_j9tivvk wrote

Congratulations! Paying off debt is a great accomplishment!


everybodyhateskhris t1_j9tl119 wrote

Almost congrats on the cc debt!

>Next is student loans <shudders>

Right there with you.


Asterion7 t1_j9t7pjx wrote

I spent a day in Estonia on a day trip from Helsinki. That ferry ride was party time..all the Finn's ride to Estonia to buy booze at much cheaper prices. Literal shopping carts of booze. Then start drinking it on the ride back. Talin was a nice city with really cool medieval towers to climb. Happy independence day.


[deleted] t1_j9usz4z wrote



Asterion7 t1_j9uty7u wrote

Russians and Finn's like to party hard on public transit for sure. We also did an overnight cruise from Helsinki to Stockholm and that was all party time as well.


GrayRVA t1_j9tbpmz wrote

Are you smarter than an RVA Mod? Dunno, because they never post their scores on the Slate News Quiz.


PercyDovetonsils t1_j9tno1c wrote

7/12, 314, and that was with a bit of guessing. I suppose RVA mods are smarter than me, too smart to post such pedestrian scores as mine.


I_Got_A_Truck t1_j9tssgf wrote

Didn't really wanna post, but since everyone else is getting 7/12, I may as well.

7/12, 320.


RV-Yay t1_j9twg4o wrote

8/12 355. I was totally out of the loop on the ones for which I had to make guesses.


raindeerpie t1_j9tp9fg wrote

7/12, 305. looks like I'm on theme. just a little slow


GrayRVA t1_j9tdwpw wrote

Alex Murdaugh is guilty AF.

Alex Murdaugh might just get away with executing his wife and son.

I’ve been obsessively following this saga since 2021 and yesterday he surprised everyone by taking the stand. His performance was flawless. Anyone who says otherwise is either trolling or blessed with the IQ of a sea cucumber. We’re watching a masterclass in how to take the sting out of your opponent’s arguments by admitting every horrific thing you’re accused of except for murder.


schmoopie76 t1_j9ug8cm wrote

So guilty! Obsessed too! I walked past the bar and pier from boat crash at Christmas. I want to do a Murdaugh murder tour but seems wrong.


adognamedgoat t1_j9tiuus wrote

Cocaine Bear at the grown up theater tonight. Happy hour with a girlfriend tomorrow night. Ass on couch on Sunday.

My doggy is sick again and this time seems bad. She had abnormal bloodwork yesterday, so next week they're going to be doing various things to rule out/in cancer. Poor ole girl.


foxcat505 t1_j9u7dzi wrote

I’m so sorry to hear about your doggy - I hope they find what’s wrong and are able to help her feel better❤️‍🩹


popeboyQ t1_j9t8z0m wrote

Had to call in sick today. My mother took yesterday's warm weather a little too hard... She's been puking and dry heaving since yesterday afternoon.

I'm trying to convince her to go to Patient First or something this morning. The last time she was like this she ended up in the hospital for days.

Fingers crossed.


ChuckBS t1_j9t9dud wrote

After work I’m packing the car, grabbing my spouse and dogs and driving up to my MIL‘S house in the woods for the weekend. It has been a very very busy week and at least it’s super dark and quiet up at my MIL’s house. I just wanna sleep in.


ZephyrInfernum t1_j9tatfq wrote

Ahh, coriander AKA cilantro! To eimenit tastes wonderful and to others it tastes like soap. To those people, I recommend trying "culantro" if you can find it. It's milder and doesn't have the detergent taste.

And I find it odd that tortilla chip day and hate coriander day are the same day seeing as coriander is a staple ingredient in salsas, which go on tortilla chips. Oh well.


DefaultSubsAreTerrib t1_j9tb9p2 wrote

I always use "coriander" to indicate the seeds and "cilantro" to indicate the leaf. I like them both


ZephyrInfernum t1_j9tf71i wrote

That's a North American thing. Everywhere else they're interchangeable/synonymous.

I think they're great too. Ground coriander goes well in basic tuna/chicken salads.


TheCheeseDevil t1_j9tiluv wrote

gosh I love cilantro. I have a handful of weird recessive genes but I am sure glad I don't have the cilantro/soap thing going on


Kingful t1_j9ucwj7 wrote

Easy there, partner. The man said it's tortilla chip day, not salsa day.


ZephyrInfernum t1_j9udgjg wrote

Are you going to eat tortilla chips without salsa? Or queso? Both should have cilantro.


Kingful t1_j9udx4i wrote

How better to appreciate the taste of tortilla chips on Tortilla Chip Day than without salsa and guac getting in the way


ZephyrInfernum t1_j9ugoc8 wrote

Fair enough. Just seems a little drab to me. To each their own.


weasol12 t1_j9th9db wrote

Anyone else down to get a group together tomorrow evening to watch the Defenders game somewhere?


ChupacabraRVA OP t1_j9tzmhb wrote

Defenders? What sport do they play?


weasol12 t1_j9u3ltu wrote

Football! The XFL is back and is, in my opinion, more entertaining to watch than the NFL.


TheCheeseDevil t1_j9tipyd wrote

Celebrating by hoppin on a jet plane. Excited for a nice weekend away, and trying not to think about real life.


Arcangelathanos t1_j9tnbzy wrote

By sheer coincidence, I bought tortilla chips and queso last night so I look forward to celebrating.

I found a YouTuber who makes traditional regional Indian food. I had great success with her recipe and method for overly complicated flatbread, so we're moving on to her dosa recipe. Fingers crossed.


foxcat505 t1_j9u7qra wrote

What’s the you tubers name ? I’ve never been successful making Indian food at home .


Arcangelathanos t1_j9ul75j wrote

SoooOOoo....her name is Leskimi Nair, but before you go searching for her, I have to give disclaimers - It's not in English and only some of the videos have English subtitles. She also does a crap ton of filler talking. Additionally, most of the recipes will probably be unfamiliar to you bc Indian restaurants around here are North Indian. Shaan Geo's videos are better bc there's no filler talk. The ingredients are written in English so in theory you should be able to follow along even with the language barrier. But same disclaimer about the recipes.


foxcat505 t1_j9v27gw wrote

Oh wow thank you for the heads up - I will def check out Shawn Geo and look forward to trying a new style of Indian food - thank you!


piso_mojado t1_j9tsxr3 wrote

Does anyone have a suggestion on places to park to catch the Pulse into the city for the VCU game this evening? Thanks!


SarahOnTheHill t1_j9tyixg wrote

Which direction are you coming from? I think you could park at Willow Lawn if you’re coming from that side.


piso_mojado t1_j9tyu8i wrote

Yeah I’m coming in from the west. I’m leery of parking in Willow Lawn proper due to their no parking towing signs. Does that actually happen?


SarahOnTheHill t1_j9u2hr5 wrote

Not sure. I think it would be too difficult to determine why your car was parked there. You could be at Panera for all they know.


stickynohte t1_j9u23vx wrote

Honestly, just park in the fan or Scott’s. Short pulse ride to campus.


foxcat505 t1_j9u7y5m wrote

Just don’t rely on the pulse taking you back if you stay out too late - my friend and I waited an hour and the last bus never rolled by.


raindeerpie t1_j9ua0wm wrote

why time is the pulse supposed to stop running? I've done this for multiple games and never even thought about getting stranded.


stickynohte t1_j9u33sf wrote

Well now I want chips and salsa so thanks for that.

Coworker and I took a stroll to the downtown Starbucks this morning which is working wonders on my energy levels.

Woke up alone this morning as my cat had already relocated to the windowsill perch (he has a bed there) to watch everyone’s morning commute on 195. Hate waking up without him, but he’s a curious cat so I’ve gotta respect his neighborhood watch assignment.


DefaultSubsAreTerrib t1_j9tb5se wrote

Among pastafarians, yesterday was vaccine day, today is beard day, and tomorrow is octopus enjoyment day.


icepick314 t1_j9tcyfi wrote

>tomorrow is octopus enjoyment day.

I KNOW I've seen this hentai before.


Pentakles t1_j9u3ma6 wrote

The weekend always means the most work for me, so I'm ready for Monday to arrive! I'm grateful to have steady work when it seems most have to have more than one job just to get by now.

Over the next few days I have to start roughing out two different five course pairing dinners and a warm weather menu change. It'll be a happy type of busy.


Moondinos t1_j9u4rd0 wrote

Having a mental health day today after my partner and I go to the store and he goes to work. Tomorrow probably light school work before work and then Sunday my moms for her bday dinner


Byosunshine t1_j9uka0n wrote

No way! Trader Joe’s in Short Pump was giving away free tortilla chips this morning and I don’t think they even knew about the holiday. Too perfect.


Ocean_waves726 t1_j9v48cj wrote

My dog died unexpectedly last night and I’m so sad. Just going to try and enjoy this weather today because I know he would love it.


seaybl t1_j9wo1sg wrote

Turned 40 today. Took off work. Spent the day with my youngest son (10 months), took the whole family (4 of us) to sushi. Had a couple beers and chilled. Tomorrow heading to Hardywood for my celebration with all the friends.


7SlotGrill t1_j9tii6b wrote

Mmmmm chicken nacho's. I think the BEST I've ever had in Richmond was at Mexico restaurant off Horsepen Road...


momthom427 t1_j9tj2l7 wrote

I’m working tomorrow so I will be postponing celebrations until Sunday. Or late Saturday if I have the energy.


maddmoxxiie t1_j9tkez2 wrote

My weekend started yesterday when I was blessed with 80° weather. I’m still pretending Saturday doesn’t exist. We’re going to eat soups, listen to Bobby Vinton on vinyl, and curse the weather gods for cold rain.


popsrcr t1_j9tn9fe wrote

Short week for me. Going to have a few more as I have days to burn. Nothing really going on here tho.


Federal-Subject-3541 t1_j9uieyu wrote

2023 February Fire Home Grown Cannabis Cup...Sat 11A. HomeGrown VA


postnut_FUDbutter t1_j9u9btr wrote

ISO a cheap small-ish and quiet space (30 people max) to rent to hold weekly cheap open figure drawing sessions (~3hrs) on Friday nights.

Not looking to turn a profit on this, all proceeds that wouldn’t go toward renting the space would go toward paying the model/instructor.

Anybody have any ideas/leads? Any sort of vacant multi-purpose space would probably do.