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mewisme700 OP t1_ja7g8qq wrote

Some of you guys know I'm a huge Pokémon collector, as well as own two Pokémon promotional cars! I wish I had more stuff from my childhood, but unfortunately none of my childhood stuff stuck around. My parents have no idea what happened to it.

(Was trying to add a picture of my cars and collection but imgur isn't working for me this morning)


popeboyQ t1_ja7k89g wrote

Two cars!? That's rad.

I wish I had the resources to rebuild Robocops cruiser.


Canard427 t1_jaa0315 wrote

I will build the jurassic park explorer one day


kabg02 t1_ja8mzyv wrote

Do you own the Pikachu VW Beetle? Because that's awesome!


Round_Tie_2320 t1_ja7miwl wrote

Should have titled this: pokemondaily


GrayRVA t1_ja7gmbu wrote

Pokemon-Go-to the polls.


fannypax t1_ja8bfas wrote

This never won’t be hilarious to me


TehKimmeh t1_ja7grcc wrote

Woah! After giving up on it for a few years, I was surprised to see that after redownloading it, Pokémon Go still is very much active in richmond!!


MelonBubbleTea t1_ja8gp50 wrote

I'm going to piggyback off your comment but the Pokemon Go RVA group is a fantastic little community. They have meetups every month or so to gather and do trades, raids, and explore together. Such a fun, kind, and helpful group of people. (Here's the link to join, if anyone is interested: )

If you're wanting to get back into Pokemon Go, this is an awesome time to do it. They're continuing to add new features and literally always have events going on. The game is (thankfully) far from dead!


Asterion7 t1_ja7mufk wrote

When I was a kid we had baseball cards and garbage pail kids cards.


Danger-Moose t1_ja7trgf wrote

Same, but I didn't want to sound old.

Edit: And Magic: The Gathering cards.


Asterion7 t1_ja7u1j0 wrote

Back in my day we played marbles and kick the can and we loved it.


Danger-Moose t1_ja7u5os wrote

And we wore an onion on our belt, as was the fashion of the time!


ImmobilizedbyCheese t1_ja7r5tk wrote

Did you ever watch the Garbage Pail movie? I only got to see it because it was a special request on a tooth pulling day otherwise my mom would never have said yes.


SnarkMatter t1_ja848r1 wrote

Ok boomer.

So I was kidding... I guess that wasn't clear.


saehildth t1_ja7pdv5 wrote

If you go to the bedding at Target, treat yourself to the Snorlax plush. It’s soooo soft and squishy. Gave me 10+ serotonin.


gentleghosts t1_ja8hhx0 wrote

can confirm, I sleep with mine every night. perfect squish size!


FlailingOctane t1_ja7n0sr wrote

my favorite pokémon memories used to be sneaking a bit of Blue under my desk during French class, but now it’s running through the open world in the latest one with my son by my side


mockhouse t1_ja7j621 wrote

My greatest memory is going to the west tower theater with my lil bro to see the very first Pokemon movie. We were cracking up at Slowpoke's SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW


popeboyQ t1_ja7k21i wrote

My 6th grade science teacher took a binder full of my cards. I got them back at the end of the school year, but holy shit, childhood me could not handle that kind of stress...

Now I have anxiety issues, go figure...

Short work day today and then two glorious days off! Maybe I'll finally get a haircut and see Cocaine Bear.


Professional_Mode295 t1_ja7llsv wrote

What's everyone using for allergy medicine right now? We recently just moved here and my wife is getting clobbered.


NoRecommendation8634 t1_ja7mjzc wrote

Generic Allegra at night, generic Flonase in the morning + water,water,water throughout the day


Round_Tie_2320 t1_ja7ml64 wrote

Allertec. I’ve been dying since last week so I’ll be going to Costco after work to pick it up


SwitchToDecaf t1_ja7phao wrote

Boyfriend uses Flonase during the day then he and the cat both take Zyrtec at night. (Welcome to town!)


Crazy4Rabies t1_ja7mvzl wrote

I’d been using Zyrtec for a while and recently switched to Allegra. Different active ingredient. I think I’d built up a tolerance so switching to another has helped tremendously


NoRecommendation8634 t1_ja7pt72 wrote

Same! Not thrilled about the higher price of Allegra (even generic), but worth it to not be sneezing every 3 seconds 🤧


Arcangelathanos t1_ja7p5wh wrote

Claritin, 1000mg of vitamin C (which is a natural histamine blocker) and Pataday eye drops. I took zyrtec for a few years, but I think I built up a resistance to it.


Charlesinrichmond t1_ja7z7cl wrote

allegra, generic fexofenadine pill, once a day is normal, I get to take it twice a day AND go to the allergist!

But it's a good pill. Do it. Cheapest at Costco etc etc


ramblingclam t1_ja874lk wrote

Costco is where it’s at for generic Flonase, Claritin and Claritin D. I was using the generic Claritin D for a while because it’s the most effective, but it was causing my blood pressure to be slightly elevated. My doctor recommended Flonase once a day and add Claritin in when it gets bad. It’s worked for me since last summer so far!


SnowWhitesBox t1_ja7lndj wrote

I feel like I was born in peak Pokémon times (1997) but I can honestly say I never played the games, watched the show, got the cards, nothing. Feel like I might have missed out on a cultural moment.


DontTryAndStopMe t1_ja7ryqz wrote

Think you might have been on the down end, I'm a 91 baby and think I was in the sweet spot - Pokemon red and blue came out in 98 in the US. Yellow came to the US in 2000 and a personal core memory since I went with my parents to Target to buy it the day before my elementary school field trip. Played it the entire 2 hours there and back, it was fire.


TheCheeseDevil t1_ja7sw35 wrote

Yeah, us 91 babies were the perfect age when the games hit shelves. The anime was on its first season in the US. It was a hell of a time.


Guru_of_Glaze t1_ja7ndqw wrote

Oh, that takes me back to high school. I bought Red and my friend bought Blue so that we could trade 'mons through that Gameboy linking cable. The day I caught a Scyther was one of the greatest days of my life.


AnAcceptableUserName t1_ja7ukek wrote

Red & Blue hit my class like a crack addiction in grade school. I was on the elite four grind for weeks for xp and money to buy supplements to juice up my fighting animals. Got the whole squad maxed and roided out. The latch key program battles were ruthless.

After getting the 151 in Red they came out with more to catch in gold & silver, but I've never had the heart to do it again. I caught them all, then the goalpost moved.


barrewinedogs t1_ja7wtjt wrote

I don't... lol. I was homeschooled and raised fundie. Pokeman was the devil's tool.

I am, however, enjoying watching Cherie's Antique Emporium slowly crash and burn. I really want to tell the owner that if he didn't insist on posting political rants and calling people "woke" as a slur, his business might not be in the shape it's in. I would certainly shop there, as I am currently on the hunt for vintage Corning Ware and Pyrex. But if I say that, he'll just call me a liberal snowflake. It's his loss.


SwitchToDecaf t1_ja89r0h wrote

We went to Cherie’s a few years ago not knowing anything about the owner. Boyfriend went the record rooms and found a few well-priced hidden gems, which he commended on while checking out. Owner then told him his good-for-nothing intern mislabeled them and tried to up the price but “cut him a deal” because he bought like 12-15 records. Really does seem like the only way he can stay in business is because of the aggressive “YOU BREAK IT YOU BUY IT” signs posted up every five feet on mountains of stuff strewn everywhere.

On an more positive note, I discovered Vintage Glass and Pottery in Lakeside a few months ago. Lovely owners with a well-organized shop and good amount of Pyrex/Corningware in one of the back rooms. :)


fr0bert t1_ja8b9v1 wrote

He tried that shit on me too a few years back. I asked if that's how it works, I dig through and find the stuff that's worth a damn and then pay a premium? He gave me the marked price and I never went back. Fuck 'em!


barrewinedogs t1_ja9p59u wrote

I love Vintage Glass! I actually went there this weekend and got a few good pieces!! RVA Antiques had an amazing Pyrex bowl set but I was not paying $189.


fitemillk t1_ja7rywi wrote

I collected the TCG cards, was a certified TCG “gym leader” at our bookstore (which hosted Pokemon events) and taught little kids how to play. My nana let me have free reign of her basement, so I drew a bunch of Pokemon, cut them out, and decorated the walls. It was called the “Pokemon Palace” and it was the best hangout spot ever. A friend of mine and I would trade her “2 B A Master” CD back and forth, mostly for the Team Rocket song. I loved the anime and had like three Pokémon shirts that I got at the WB Studio Store. 1997-2000 was peak Pokemon mania and it was great


ChuckBS t1_ja7zgzw wrote

I am..kinda down today. I’ll be fine, but I’m just bummed


Clean-Independent129 t1_ja850ld wrote

Sounds like Snorlax (see other comment above) from Target would be a good investment. Hope your day moves in the upward direction.


Normal-Location t1_ja86xbv wrote

playing pokémon collosseum on the gamecube :)


MazeppaPZ t1_jacbzzz wrote

The N64’s Pokémon Stadium and Pokémon Snap! were my gateway.


resident16 t1_ja7jvu6 wrote

Getting Silver version for Christmas. Talk about sheer joy!


Arcangelathanos t1_ja7pd4j wrote

The husband is a Pokémoner. I'll tell him. I think I missed the Pokémon train by a few years.


The_UnknownTA t1_ja7s5ol wrote

My greatest was finally beating the original Red and Blue mystery dungeon on Gameboy. I actually took some time off because it got so hard but I finally done it all with Salamence. Now I own the Blue and Red mystery dungeon DX and that game is much easier. Miss thr challenge.


mewisme700 OP t1_jabjp7e wrote

Mystery dungeon is better than the mainline games and you can't change my mind


jodyhighrola t1_ja7ye8f wrote

I grew up in the golden era of Pokémon. Nothing was more intense than wheeling and dealing holos in passing period in elementary school.

Then it got worse. I would make my mom buy me Japanese holos from hobby stores and I would be the weird kid with rare Pokémon’s trade raping others. I still mess around with the GB games on emulators from time to time. So fun.


DustySleeve t1_ja8j3y7 wrote

the most valuable media franchise ever is only 27 years old? dang.

safari zone, trying to use strength on that truck, ss anne, the ghost tower theme, being blown away by ruby/sapphire graphics... amazing games, and the sountrack to the first movie was bangin


ajsommer t1_ja8wso6 wrote

My dad passed away 9 years ago on this day. He was 54. Cancer sucks. Got Mr. Submarine for lunch though and that’s somehow making me feel a little better


Bunnawhat13 t1_ja96wi8 wrote

I have Pocket Monster cards.


TripawdCorgi t1_ja7l5w4 wrote

I don't have any from being a kid, I wasn't into them back then. But I did recently get my partner a really dope holo trainer card made of himself and commissioned a local artist to make an awesome Pokemon themed card box to hold his special cards.


TheCheeseDevil t1_ja7r7oq wrote

My first card was a ponyta a kid gave me at lunch and my first game was Yellow on a Gameboy pocket. I still play the games (Legends Arceus really reignited my love) and I collect ghost type cards. Gotta keep it narrow so I don't go TOO crazy


Poke-a-dotted t1_ja7sea5 wrote

I watched the show in college occasionally. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Never really played with the cards, but my younger cousins did.


momthom427 t1_ja7su73 wrote

Was there an unusually large number of trains during the night or did they all just blow their horn and I happened to be awake for all of them?


PayneTrainSG t1_ja7vj4v wrote

I only ever had consoles until I got a DS lite, so Pokemon Stadium and Snap for the N64 were my only childhood touchstones.


7SlotGrill t1_ja84op3 wrote

Never played intention in doing so. I had trading cards growing up. I have an indoor storage unit (12x12) that is full of Baseball, Hockey, and Football trading cards dating back to 1976 up to 2012. Sorted per team/year, sleeved (rigid and semi-rigid, and some screw down for the special cards), and in binders.
I seriously need to just sell them LOL


LikeAThermometer t1_ja87ylr wrote

I was a little old for Pokemon, but I 100% support the Pikabug.


gentleghosts t1_ja8il0u wrote

pokémon and zelda are the first two games I remember playing and they’ve both stuck with me as an adult. My gameboy went everywhere with me. A store in town had huge plushies of the og starters and I remember absolutely begging for a charmander. That poor guy got thrown up on, stitches up his back, you name it 😂 But I still have it to this day.


itstheVikShow t1_ja8lnlb wrote

Asking my mom to wake me up at like 6am to catch an episode of pokemon before kindergarten


chairmanbrando t1_ja8mkm8 wrote

My parents got me a berry Gameboy Color for some reason, and with that I played Pokemon Red. I learned about the MissingNo glitch and others and recall not wanting to do it for awhile as it couldn't be undone, but my curiosity got to me eventually. If I were to find the Gameboy somewhere, that game would still be all glitched up -- assuming its memory hasn't been wiped over time. I recently got a bunch of old video games from my parents' attic, so it's possible the thing's in there buried under all the N64 and SNES games...


ExpensiveSyrup t1_ja8mw9e wrote

I am too old for Pokemon but I vicariously enjoy it through my son's enthusiasm for it. Sometimes I will just drive him around so he can hit the different good spots (gyms?) so that I can have the side benefit of spending time with him. I may have also picked him up early from school on a new game release day so that he had extra time to play.


ichheissekate t1_ja9prlb wrote

Honestly, my favorite Pokemon memory is playing Sword/Shield as an adult. I was so struck by how beautifully it was designed and how far the franchise has come since I was about 8 years old, playing Pokemon red/blue on my gameboy when it first came out. Genuinely made me tear up. Prior to Sword/Shield I had only played gen 1 and 2, and I’ve been a diehard for the newer games ever since.


Financial_Bus2888 t1_jacexnz wrote

I’m still playing Pokémon go if anyone wants an add! I need some more buddies on there


Xanryuu t1_jad6rpx wrote

Catching Mewtwo for the first time in Pokemon Red only to have my batteries die moments later. The good ole days.

Still playing today over 20 years later.


imsatansson t1_ja7wo45 wrote

I’ve still got the complete first edition just sitting in my house. I’m sure it’s worth something these days, but I just can’t justify the risk of sending the cards out for grading. I wish there was somewhere local I could go in person.


mewisme700 OP t1_ja7y5ij wrote

Grading takes foreverrrr


imsatansson t1_ja7yco4 wrote

Yeah, I’ve also heard that too 😫

I feel like by the time I finally get them graded the hype will be long gone lmao


mewisme700 OP t1_ja8i4p9 wrote

It's been going strong for a few years now, it's so hard to say. I don't collect cards personally, but some items I have have just exploded in value. A clock I have that used to sell for around $300 is now worth $8,000+