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Hello good people of Richmond in your personal opinion what place/food truck serves the best tacos in Richmond, as far as I’m concerned TAQUERIA PANCHITO in south side takes the first place Any other suggestions?



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Stewkirk51 t1_j9qrdfx wrote

Tacos Mexico off Jeff Davis in Southside looks so sketch, but the tacos are so good.


Waynewolf t1_j9s4ft2 wrote

And they have flour tortillas which most don’t. Yes, I like flour over corn, unless they’re those homemade ones.


goodsam2 t1_j9tqdu1 wrote

The whole flour vs corn thing is so dumb. Northern Mexico into Texas has flour south of that has corn. Neither is more or less legit than the other.


Notthatianmcewan t1_j9rub0z wrote

Damn I happen to drive by and knew I should stop for tacos but was in hurry. Next time definitely stopping. Thanks.


Pduke t1_j9q3pf3 wrote

El Chido. And if you need great tacos 24-7, La Milpa.


Pokemoron_705 t1_j9qqay2 wrote

I second el chido. My partner and I love their truck. I didn't know they were 24/7 though.


RVAPerson804 t1_j9qd7cj wrote

So just a thought, wouldn't you break this down into authentic tacos and gringo tacos? I think the two things are so different, for authentic I'd go with La Cabaña which is a a hole in the wall but great.

For the Gringo tacos, that's tougher, i feel like a lot of people have done "elevated cuisine" with lamb and caviar tacos for 20 bucks a taco and it's never been worthwhile.


Richmond_Mondo t1_j9qstdn wrote

Co-sign on La Cabana.

The La Milpa truck (but not the actual spot) is also great.

Tio Pablo when/if it reopens if really good and more central to the city folks like myself.

Also - not tacos - but holy shit Torchy’s queso is AMAZING. Tacos are OK.


Hayek66 t1_j9re97k wrote

Yo don't go spilling the secret of La Cabana!

No everyone should go there, may it be in business 1000 years. Suadero + Cabeza + Nopales <3


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Waynewolf t1_j9s4pw1 wrote

El Paraiso has better burritos, which most people don’t order there but I don’t know why.


I_AM_RVA t1_j9qor31 wrote

There’s a lot to unpack here.


I_AM_RVA t1_j9qv39m wrote

Since I’m being downvoted I’ll be a little clearer: tacos, along with all other cuisines, can be “elevated.” No one is actually charging 20/taco. Just because it’s not French or Italian or Spanish doesn’t mean it’s a cuisine that can’t be elevated. And wow lamb and caviar? Believe it or not there are “authentic” Mexicans in “authentic” Mexico selling and eating “authentic” tacos that are are made with “authentic” lamb.


ThaLZA t1_j9pv525 wrote

I love TBT El Gallo! And Sincero’s carnitas are delicious too


OkProduct3849 OP t1_j9pvt6a wrote

TBT El Gallo tacos looks so amazing on google images. Will definitely be trying.


Waynewolf t1_j9s4wib wrote

Break out the big bucks cuz it’s not cheap


Hedgecore138 t1_j9q0mic wrote

La Cabaña off Staples Mill. And there's always something great about tacos al pastor from La Milpa.


FearingEmu1 t1_j9qtss9 wrote

Wth I've never heard of La Cabaña but have seen it mentioned several times in this thread, and it's apparently 5 minutes from me. I know where I'm trying this weekend.


Hedgecore138 t1_j9qu6a5 wrote

At the polar opposite of that strip is a market called El Paraiso that has the best damn burritos I think I’ve ever had in Richmond.


Sillloc t1_j9pwetq wrote

Big Chile es numero uno


Alex_Caton94 t1_j9pymax wrote

Taquiera Habanero. Cheap, delicious, reliable, & authentic. What more can you ask for?


Available-Reward-912 t1_j9r0zqt wrote

I used to love them. Last visit was weird and meh. Like new owner3. Hopefully, I'm wrong.


atl_bowling_swedes t1_j9sglaz wrote

I don't think you are. I loved this place and my last visit was also not very good. That was almost a year ago and I haven't been back since.


twelvesteprevenge t1_j9qtjuz wrote

The taco truck that’s been at the Lowe’s on Broad, Taqueria Morelos, is my new favorite taco. They make tortillas to order (!!!), they have desebrada/tinga/crispy carnitas, a serious arbol salsa… pretty great taco experiences.


Ill_Perception_4777 t1_j9px2nx wrote

Big Chile for sure. TBT is okay and have unique tacos but if you want a real taco get the carnitas at Big Chile those guys never miss and the green salsa is chuggable


No_Travel19 t1_j9qt2jt wrote

What other taco spots have you visited?


Ill_Perception_4777 t1_j9rp9os wrote

En su boca, tio Pablo’s before they closed but they reopening soon. And I like the food trucks at the farmers markets but can’t recall them specifically


SadValleyThrowaway t1_j9pwd7b wrote

TBT or Torchys.


coalmines t1_j9pyxea wrote

Husband and I have been to Torchy’s twice now and each time it has been great! Plus, they have a beyond meat taco. Most authentic places don’t have a meat substitute besides beans. If anyone knows of any that do please let me know!


vtbeavens t1_j9pv35s wrote

Please include if it's a truck or joint - I am trying to up my RVA taco experience.


BobbyFuckingB t1_j9q0emx wrote

Panchito is my vote. Y Tu Mama is very good. Big Chile isn’t bad either. TBT el gallo is good but gets pricey quick. I wasn’t impressed with Torchy’s. Blue Habanero was better than I expected.


Drakflugilo t1_j9qofbr wrote

TBT El Gallo and Mel Chido are my favs.


callawayzr t1_j9tr337 wrote

Y Tu Mama


fitztiff t1_j9yb9j5 wrote

Came here to say this. I absolutely love this place ❤️


bianca6638 t1_j9t68cp wrote

Shelly’s off Staples Mill!!!


sleepy_heartburn t1_j9u4n5d wrote

Conejo if you want something fancier. Everyone was raving about it in another thread—surprised I’m the first to mention it.

Y Tu Mama is my go-to for the quesabirria tacos.

Agreed that Tacos Mexico is also great and authentic. Taqueria Panchito is very similar and great/authentic.

Don’t Look Back is solid.

Soul Taco is a fun one if you want unconventional tacos with different ingredients. (Chicken tenders, oxtail, etc).

Would avoid En Su Boca. Not great, and parking sucks sometimes.


ArcadianBlueRogue t1_j9qz3m2 wrote

If you find yourself down south around Chippenham, La Milpa is the balls.


picklewillow t1_j9ra0t1 wrote

Big Chile, La milpa, La one not far from regency don’t know the name


MrPlowThatsTheName t1_j9rdgzn wrote

Rusty Taco used to turn out halfway decent gringo chain tacos when they first opened but holy shit it is inedible now. Avoid at all costs.


92eph t1_j9s7xrv wrote

Rusty Taco is horrible (and always has been, as far as I can tell).


Woodandsmoke t1_j9ry8jv wrote

Food trucks: LaBète, Cocina Calle, El Guapo, Intergalactic Tacos


beewee673 t1_j9t5bwr wrote

I don’t often share this advice because I don’t want my favorite taco place to get overly busy, but Taqueria Y Antojitos El Chido on Staples Mill. It’s a truck permanently parked at a BP gas station. Tacos are awesome, but don’t overlook the burrito’s either.


Ill_Perception_4777 t1_j9px3bm wrote

Big Chile for sure. TBT is okay and have unique tacos but if you want a real taco get the carnitas at Big Chile those guys never miss and the green salsa is chuggable


shiftedreality1 t1_j9qu2x1 wrote

Drive down Jeff Davis and hit a taco stand


evey22 t1_j9rj3mx wrote

Kahlos in Union Hill is my favorite! Best salsa in town, made fresh multiple times per day.


SassyPinkPanda t1_j9tgi6s wrote

El Rey de Tacos truck is my favorite for great street style tacos.


Dripp_e t1_j9tiqyr wrote

I'm a fan of Don't Look Back.


goodsam2 t1_j9tq9jn wrote

For me La Milpa > Panchito's but you can't beat Panchito's Wednesday $1.50 taco deal or whatever.

Also for me I don't love Panchito's lack of salsas that are not hot. La Milpa has guacamole, mild, salsa Verde , and Chipotle. If I'm driving 15 minutes for awesome tacos I want to taste them.

If it's little Mexico/Lalo's cheap tacos drenched it tapatio and a fresh thing of chips and salsa. That's good but a fundamentally different experience.


kamasutures t1_j9xra0t wrote

Big Chile, El Chido, Panchito truck, TBT El Gallo are all pretty good.


justicedeliverer1 t1_j9yuy67 wrote

For authentic Lengua tacos, 3 Marias Taqueria around Short Pump. Surprisingly, Torchy's has a pretty authentic northern Mexican barbacoa taco (The Democrat). TBT El Gallo's pork belly taco is also excellent.


hd1115 t1_j9qb5ts wrote

Boka Taco has a truck and a carry out location off of Forest Hill. Delicious


xRVAx t1_j9qmwz1 wrote

Pepe's or Little Mexico


arl_hoo t1_j9s3wjy wrote

Nobody has mentioned Wongs tacos.

I miss Taco Bamba from Nova:(