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WideOne7070 t1_ja7ivsa wrote

Gee. If only this could be done with cannabis.


eziam t1_ja7jdys wrote

Voted in the wrong governor and house for that to happen.


kneel_yung t1_ja9zrk4 wrote

"trump was gonna legalize weed but obama stopped him!!!1"


dougc84 t1_ja7lrgt wrote

Under Youngkin? Yeah, no way. We won’t see legalized weed until he forfeits his position to run for president, or when he’s done.

It’s a damn shame.


justbecauseiluvthis t1_ja7s747 wrote

In Virginia the governor can only one run one term at a time. He could be back and in a greater numbers but not consecutively


PopularMedicinetoday t1_ja7yr9u wrote

He’s running for president. And honestly, with Trump and DeSantis tearing each other apart, I think Youngkin has a good shot coming in and looking very reasonable for GOP.

Virginia Governorship gave him the baseline to run for president just like FL governship did for DeSantis.

Remember how important local politics are. VOTE!


ulverjones t1_ja9aae9 wrote

Mark my words, Glenn Youngkin will get less than 2% of the primary vote. maybe less than 1%. I doubt he will even win VA. He's done absolutely nothing of note that he can point to, unless his strategy is to say "well I would've been a strong conservative big boy like DeSantis, but the liberals wouldn't let me." People need a reason to vote for someone, and theres absolutely nothing of note Youngkin can say he's done in this state other than win. He's toast.

I tend agree with the central premise that Trump and DeSantis may eat eat each other alive, but it could also be over the second Trump calls DeSantis "Miss Florida" in the debates. That said, should the big two eat each other alive, I just can't see Youngkin being the one to break through to victory.

Of course - whoever wins, we lose. feel free to bookmark this post and own me the day Youngkin cruises to a 49 state electoral victory 😂


Lokky t1_ja9get2 wrote

It's vital that trumpkin be cast as the wolf in sheep's clothing that he is. We can't let him get away with appearing as a moderate republican on the national stage like he did in VA


dougc84 t1_ja7w58t wrote

You’re right. I forgot about that. Updated.


RVAPerson804 t1_ja83irp wrote

Dude, if Youngkin drops out you've going to see the real crazy.

Winsome Sears is pretty far out and pretty far right.


VCUBNFO t1_ja9di1n wrote

Youngkin indicated he wouldn't stand in the way.

It's the house that's really stalling it from happening.


dadjokes23229 t1_ja9d3yy wrote

Weed is legal. What you're wanting is a retail market. Which may not happen. But between going to a medical dispensary or growing your own or picking it up from whatever instagram delivery people you might choose, I don't think anyone is having a hard time getting weed these days.


dougc84 t1_jaa17c0 wrote

Yes and no.

It isn’t federally legal, and, like it or not, federal overrides state. You’re still taking a chance by having it. Even with a medical cert. Will anyone mess with you about it? Not unless you’re doing something stupid. But cops gonna cop.

And while you can have it, you can’t buy it legally without a medical cert. Which doesn’t really make it anymore legal to the average consumer than talking to their plug. Not everyone is interested in cultivating their own plants or wants to deal with the black market. I’ve got a family - I’m not gonna risk anything from some dude at the murder mart. Is it easy to find? Sure - if your friends have hookups - but not all circles do.

So, yeah, it’s legal to own (up to a limit) and MMJ is an avenue to access, but it’s not really legal to the average person that just wants a dime to enjoy their Saturday afternoon.


Ditovontease t1_ja7qws5 wrote

I would say "I hope this teaches folks a lesson about what Republicans actually want regarding cannabis" but those people dont really care anyway


ladythestral t1_ja7wcsu wrote

Came here to say this. Clown is ok with supporting poison, but not cannabis.


RVAVandal t1_ja7iahg wrote

Good and about time. I lived in Indiana when they passed a similar law and the craft scene got way better. Started seeing way more variety in restraunts and stores. Of course this also coincided with the explosive brewery growth in the late 2000s and early 2010s...some maybe just correlation rather than causation.


PM-ME-YOUR-TOTS t1_ja7lphn wrote

I’d assume mostly correlation? There’s already soooo much craft stuff everywhere that I have a hard time imagining there being even more variety of indistinguishable craft IPA’s on taps and in grocery stores.


RVAVandal t1_ja7p23v wrote

Yeah but the stuff we see more often than not belongs to breweries that are owned, at least in part, by a larger corporation like Inbev, SAB etc. They also own a lot of the distribution and are able to lock out smaller independent breweries from retail distribution.


PM-ME-YOUR-TOTS t1_ja7vqmi wrote

Oh you mean like how devils backbone is a “craft brewery” but got bought by whatever company it is that owns Anheuser Busch now? That sucks


RVAVandal t1_ja811va wrote

Yup, 3 companies control something like 80% of the beer market in the US. Of course that's the same for almost every product these days. The illusion of choice is keeping the country from realizing that almost everything we put into or onto our bodies is owned by a shockingly small group of companies and people.


whw53 t1_ja829bs wrote

80% of the product consumed maybe, not 80% of unique product choices.


PM-ME-YOUR-TOTS t1_ja84jpd wrote

Definitely depends. You can’t buy a car from someone on Etsy but if you need soap, there are about 5 million unique choices and 4.999 million of them are made by hippies at craft shows


Charlesinrichmond t1_ja8flsy wrote

oligopolic yes. But owned by a shockingly large amount of people, the stuff traded on the public markets. Most/many of the owners are retirement accounts


whw53 t1_ja823k1 wrote

That's hardly true. First of all SAB is no longer a corporate entity. AB-InBev sole 'craft' ownership in the state is Devils Backbone. MolsonCoors zilch. Sapporo bought Stone but i am unaware of any other corporate acquisitions of local breweries in the same fashion. Constellation bailed and sold BallastPoint in Roanoke back to craft ownership.. A far cry from 'more often than not'


Charlesinrichmond t1_ja8fnwd wrote

ballast point is private again?


whw53 t1_jaa9ny5 wrote

It was purchased by Kings & Convicts Brewing out of Chicago. Constellation maintains the Roanoke facility and produces its macro brands out of it.


Danger-Moose t1_ja8pmgu wrote

Did you want the OP to perform a simple Google search for you?


allthesideeye t1_ja91gc6 wrote

I think they were referring more to what beers you are able to find on tap in bars and restaurants.


pocketdare t1_ja8qoru wrote

Agree. Like probably many people who enjoy beer, I considered (briefly) starting a brewery but the market is just so over saturated today that it's nearly pointless to get into it. Not too many good ways to differentiate yourself today. Sure you could make a niche living, but the days of starting a brewery that had a strong possibility of growing to a significant size are piratically over. I'm not saying that it's impossible (much as becoming a famous Hollywood celeb or best selling author aren't impossible) just highly improbable


PM-ME-YOUR-TOTS t1_ja91rde wrote

I think the key that could still make you a success this late in the game is massive initial investment on an awesome venue. I know that’s not feasible to just, like, have $10M to start. But a venue like Devil’s Backbone which is basically a campus with a fire pit and music stage and decent restaurant can still get you the brand recognition for people to buy your beer at a store. I think Bingo has done this to a smaller degree. But being successful with a hole in the wall generic warehouse brewery is, I agree, nearly impossible.


popeboyQ t1_ja7o3e2 wrote

Get as drunk as you want, destroy your liver, kill some bikers with a DUI, kill yourself from withdrawal symptoms, but don't you dare try to buy pot here...

Back asswards I tells you.


WhoCaresBoutSpellin t1_ja7umh2 wrote

A lot of folks would be perfectly fine if pot was legalized, but why do you have to try and drag down the craft beer industry to make your point?


MouthFartWankMotion t1_ja7y3al wrote

Bear with me here, but most people can actually have a beer or two at home without doing any of the things you mentioned.

FWIW I agree on the marijuana part.


7SlotGrill t1_ja84fq4 wrote

Snoop Dogg said the best. Put a thousand people in a room who don't like each other in, fill the air with weed and they'll be chilling; and taking selfies.
Put 4 motherfuckers in a room that don't like each and introduce alcohol, someone's going to end up dead.

Gov't doesn't like cannabis because it's tough to regulate, and tax it like tobacco


LetgomyEkko t1_ja99b6s wrote

I personally think this take is dumb, solely because people don’t choose to keep their drug use mutually exclusive. Often times people smoke when they drink, drink when they smoke, etc, etc. Lots of combinations.

I see what you’re getting at though.


IronGiants1973 t1_ja8pze6 wrote

Get as high as you want, destroy your lungs and brain cells, kill some bikers with a dui, kill yourself with mouth, tongue, throat or lung cancer, but don’t you dare let a business have control over how their products make it to market.


Charlesinrichmond t1_ja7ytxi wrote

great idea, the distribution system here is a mess of a monopoly


cpaul91 t1_ja8g5ue wrote

And Brown Distribution is 3 thumbs Down


kneel_yung t1_ja9zwf7 wrote

which is exactly why youngkin will pocket veto it I'm sure


WouldbeRVAtourguide t1_jad1i6b wrote

So hopefully we will see more variety in specialty store and better quality control. Often distributors won’t distribute anywhere near the number of sku available. If it work the way VA wine does specialty stores will be able to have much more direct relation with breweries.


americanspirit64 t1_ja7nxji wrote

My thought, is it is always about money and is always complicated and at the end of the day it is always the consumer that loses. Whether a distribution company is used or not. I understand why distribution companies exist and it is a system that is fair and unfair from a capitalist sense. Regional beer, or any local product production company needs regulations in place that allow them to survive without inference. Such as getting to the point where the company doesn't need to constantly expand to be successful. Some of the best companies to work for, revolve around making a living wage for everyone involved in the company and that is enough, from owner, to managers to workers, is a noble goal. Not all beer companies needs to have a national or statewide presence to be successful. Especially if prices are carefully managed to reflect inflation and high quality products, not just greed or the bottom line. Companies that make the consumer happy and their workers are the best model of business.


sleevieb t1_ja7u05r wrote

Distribution is monopolized.

They came here and killed brown about 7 years ago iirc


chasetwisters t1_ja7zaum wrote

Brown Distributing? They're still around.


sleevieb t1_ja8hb71 wrote

iirc they got bought out by the big chicago based boy


chasetwisters t1_ja8i8kv wrote

You're thinking of Loveland. They were bought out by Premium who is owned by Reyes out of Illinois


gamefaced t1_ja8u8jh wrote

from reading this -i don't think you do understand why distribution companies exist. look into 'prohibition' and 'three tier system'.


americanspirit64 t1_jads7ua wrote

I believe a lot of distribution companies exist, as a way to enforce antitrust laws and to prevent monopolies and flooding the market with just one brand. You should look at how the UK and Ireland distribution beer. There laws are all about protecting local breweries from just that flooding the market.