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popeboyQ t1_ja7o3e2 wrote

Get as drunk as you want, destroy your liver, kill some bikers with a DUI, kill yourself from withdrawal symptoms, but don't you dare try to buy pot here...

Back asswards I tells you.


WhoCaresBoutSpellin t1_ja7umh2 wrote

A lot of folks would be perfectly fine if pot was legalized, but why do you have to try and drag down the craft beer industry to make your point?


MouthFartWankMotion t1_ja7y3al wrote

Bear with me here, but most people can actually have a beer or two at home without doing any of the things you mentioned.

FWIW I agree on the marijuana part.


7SlotGrill t1_ja84fq4 wrote

Snoop Dogg said the best. Put a thousand people in a room who don't like each other in, fill the air with weed and they'll be chilling; and taking selfies.
Put 4 motherfuckers in a room that don't like each and introduce alcohol, someone's going to end up dead.

Gov't doesn't like cannabis because it's tough to regulate, and tax it like tobacco


LetgomyEkko t1_ja99b6s wrote

I personally think this take is dumb, solely because people don’t choose to keep their drug use mutually exclusive. Often times people smoke when they drink, drink when they smoke, etc, etc. Lots of combinations.

I see what you’re getting at though.


IronGiants1973 t1_ja8pze6 wrote

Get as high as you want, destroy your lungs and brain cells, kill some bikers with a dui, kill yourself with mouth, tongue, throat or lung cancer, but don’t you dare let a business have control over how their products make it to market.