Submitted by coffeedoodle t3_121yti2 in rva

I know there was talk last year of putting a Raising Canes on Brook Rd. Does anyone know if that’s still happening?



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Ok_Boysenberry_4223 t1_jdolcaa wrote

No idea, but it was the most bland, overhyped food I’ve tried in a while.


RVAringfinder t1_jdp2f1a wrote

Thank you!

I don't get it- A friend that swore by them had me try it in C-ville. Bland chicken tenders, with frozen crinkle-cut fries from a bag. The only thing I can figure is that people get a nostalgia trip back to when they were three and Mommy made the "Fun Dinner".

Also: The sauce ain't that great, and adds an insane amount of calories, fat, and sodium.


1yellowstoneguy t1_jdqsddg wrote

I feel the same about Zaxby’s. Everyone was excited when the came; tried it; completely unimpressive in any way.


1975hh3 t1_jdp7v3j wrote

Bland chicken fingers and dry white toast. I’ll never understand the appeal.


121G1GW t1_jdpiv78 wrote

I thought the texas toast was the best thing in the meal honestly.


testylawyer t1_jdoqc8s wrote

Its unseasoned chicken tendies that makes the sauce do all the heavy lifting. I have an iron stomach but Canes gave me a Run for my money. Sweet tea is decent. Also when I went the one in Chester there was a girl wiping down the sweet tea machine the entire time.