Submitted by Unsungruin t3_126yixv in rva

Just heard a loud series of pops on Cary street, around the 2100 block. Anyone know what that was about?



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9to5Voyager t1_jebs1iv wrote

Jfc. There was a definite exchange of gunfire on Williamsburg Rd yesterday as well. Shit's never going to change.


lunar_unit t1_jecylcj wrote

I'm in Fulton, and didn't hear it, but my neighbor said it went down at the Krispies Chicken at Williamsburg x Parker.


tigranes5 t1_jecc7go wrote

Two men got in a shootout, shooting across Cary. People ran out of Fresca screaming. As far as we know no one was killed.


[deleted] t1_jebkxii wrote



Unsungruin OP t1_jebmmbt wrote

Roommate saw cops on the block. Hope no one got killed.


ilovedpizza t1_jeeviu8 wrote

i hope no innocent people / bystanders got hurt or killed. Those doing the shooting can fuck off and kill each other. Senseless shooting always puts others at risk


freeride1 t1_jecs81q wrote

That's life in the big city. It's a real knife fight out there


lunar_unit t1_jecy3zm wrote

>That's life in the big city.

That's exactly what a cop told me after someone drove up my street shooting into the air from a moving car.