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ThatChildNextDoor OP t1_jdine1s wrote

Could you describe what all happened that day?


lunar_unit t1_jdj19dr wrote

A lil taste of that day:

As the first building burned, large flaming chunks of Tyvek were lifted aloft by the wind, carrying the fire to other buildings.

A friend of a friends truck didn't burn, but was close enough to the heat that all the rubber and plastic melted, and was a total loss.


bruxalle t1_jdipca0 wrote

The dorm caught on fire. It was big.


Gorz0th t1_jdj7tda wrote

Always was an apartment building.

You could be standing at Grace and Shafer (used to be a VCU parking lot) and feel the heat. Traffic was fucked, Broad was blocked, and had to jump off the bus at Belv. and walk west. If I remember, cars were cooked in the parking deck across the street, it set off a few other fires in Carver.


JeffRVA t1_jdjixps wrote

>If I remember, cars were cooked in the parking deck across the street,

They were. I had a friend that was parked on the side of the West Broad Deck closest to the fire and her car was totaled.


RCBilldoz t1_jdmeeck wrote

And the laptop and other research in the car. What a year!


chasetwisters t1_jdkgiap wrote

95 was shut down. The wind blew the smoke and embers towards 95 across Carver


Cheaperthantherapy13 t1_jdjo1nh wrote

A mixed used building was almost done being built and some idiot on the construction crew threw a lit cigarette down the trash chute into a dumpster full of saw dust. Dumpster caught on fire and took several buildings with it.