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There are lots of police on 64 between Glenside and Belvedere - 6-7 pulling people over. Is it ticket day? Is something else going on?



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TheCheeseDevil t1_jeajk8q wrote

In 2022 virginia supposedly banned formal ticket quotas. But I'm sure informally it's still going on. The state claimed quotas didn't exist in response to an email from from State police supervisors leaking that instructed cops to write more tickets if they wanted to retain their positions - that wasn't a QUOTA, it was just instructions. Laughable


PhoenixAshies t1_jeawyp2 wrote

An actual quote from an ex-roommate who worked for VSP:

"We don't have quotas. Just a certain number of tickets we have to write per month."

When I pointed out that was pretty much the definition of a quota, he just looked at me like he couldn't process words.


H-Resin t1_jeb9e3u wrote

Guarantee that crayon eater had literally no clue what the word quota meant


rvakep OP t1_jeajx7a wrote

Just count the post as a PSA.


Spooky2spoons t1_jeal10p wrote

Virginia banned Ticket Quotas(which we totally never ever did in the first place no way), now they have a completely different system in where Officers have a minimum amount of tickets they must issue over the course of a month.


lifegavemelemons t1_jeahvmm wrote

End of the month, gotta meet those ticket quotas


raindeerpie t1_jeboh84 wrote

there are no ticket quotas. they were banned formally last year but never really existed in the first place.


7SlotGrill t1_jeakzn2 wrote

End of the month....gotta get that air fryer


Old-Buy-9279 t1_jeea52f wrote

I used my reverse auto correct and it concluded that you did indeed mean to type air fryer.


airquotesNotAtWork t1_jeb8egs wrote

Race at RIR so probably a lot of people from out of town, in addition to the end of the month


Rescuepoet t1_jeakfwi wrote

But...but...but...ticket quotas aren't a thing guys...for realsies.


Chrahhh t1_jeatejx wrote

Quota time, baby


upearlyRVA t1_jeaofy3 wrote

Quota could be a hundred thousand tickets and they wouldn't have a difficult time surpassing even that.


10698 t1_jecedip wrote

They were out in larger-than-usual numbers all the way down to Newport News this morning and again this evening. End of the month!


atctia t1_jeasxn2 wrote

I've been seeing a lot more cops on 64W on my way to the office out in Short Pump this month


ahuimanu69 t1_jecpwrx wrote

This Saturday is the first of the month.


travelerbp t1_jeb25bm wrote

End of the quarter, gotta boost those numbers.


FattieBanton t1_jeca2em wrote

I’m so glad I started taking the bus to work