Submitted by nsaju t3_124vnkl in rva

I just bought an older house that I’m going to do some preventative work on the cast iron pipe since it goes under my house via a narrow crawlspace.

I wanted to ask you all about local epoxy lining contractors that you would recommend and your experiences with them. Thank you!



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silly8s t1_je2743u wrote

Not a lot of companies do this and it's not cheap. I looked into it and ended up just replacing the whole line instead. So explore all your options. But to answer your immediate question: Stemmle Plumbing does this.


hksjjsads t1_je2xyu2 wrote

Had Flynns Rooter Service do mine. Previous owner replaced the cast iron line to the septic all the way up to where it went under the carport.

It's not cheap.


FluxAnomaly t1_je3j2n0 wrote

Is Flynn's still in business? I used them before and was happy with him. I tried to call recently for some more work I want done. They never answered and never called back.


hksjjsads t1_je7j1oh wrote

I believe old man Flynn retired awhile ago. His son in law? is doing the work now.


FiveTicketRide t1_je348ir wrote

USA Pipe Repair is the go-to for the epoxy pipe lining in town. A lot of the other plumbers you can call for it actually sub it out to them. You can check Google reviews for people's experiences with them, and I know some people on this sub may chime in as well with personal experiences.


gracetw22 t1_je5n5ff wrote

I hired USA pipe repair because I couldn't find anyone else who could repair my sewer line by lining it, and based off my experience if I were doing it over again, I would look harder to find someone else who could do the job.

Or to put it differently, if I had another issue that could be fixed by lining a pipe, I'd pay about 1500 more to have anyone else do it. If it was that much cheaper, I would probably deal with him again and have someone on site to keep an eye on everything while they work.


futuregeneration t1_je1qnpb wrote

Is epoxy lining preventative? From a quick google it seems like the kind of thing a re-seller would do as a band-aid solution that fails catastrophically down the line and makes an actual preventable fix harder to accomplish.


One_Athlete8545 t1_je2pckr wrote

It is a permanent solution that is much less invasive than replacing/repairing a sewer line. Very little digging involved. Works great - but is expensive.