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Just a random question, I know that Dominion Energy is the dominant electricity utilities provider in the Richmond area - I've had a negative experience with them in the past, does anyone have any recommendations for comparable/reliable providers as an alternative?

Thanks so much and happy Sunday!



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Proper-Ad4006 t1_jcuamun wrote

Are there even any other providers lol


Waste_Treacle2291 OP t1_jcuaszh wrote

lol that's what I'm wondering, I mean I found a few names via google search but websites all looked a bit funk and I don't know if anyone has tried using them before


heraus t1_jcubu9t wrote

Don’t get scammed! Dominion is your distributor and supplier in Richmond and most of the state. It’s a monopoly. I believe you can elect to have your energy generated through alternative energy sources but it’s still just Dominion agreeing to purchase your usage from those green generators and then you get a surcharge for that. You will still get your bill from Dominion.


Icebergaheadchauncey t1_jcuas18 wrote

Dominion or solar are your only options


cduganne10 t1_jcuba0b wrote

Even if you have solar you still deal with Dominion, I converted to solar last year but still deal with them due to send over produced power back to the grid for credit. They are the only gig in town, so you just have to deal with shitty service!


gamerthrowaway_ t1_jcvt8xd wrote

Afaik, you only have to deal with Dominion with your own solar when you are hooked up to the grid (regardless of any net metering or other programs). If you aren't, then it doesn't matter as there is no meter, but you're on your own.


cduganne10 t1_jcvvj1i wrote

Correct, if you’re the unibomber and live in a bunker with solar panels then yes, you do not have to use Dominion. 🤣


gamerthrowaway_ t1_jcw38bz wrote

its crazy, but I actually know someone in Amelia county that truly lives off the grid like that. More luck to him, but I couldn't do it... The battery investment is probably the biggest hitch for me.


Icebergaheadchauncey t1_jcw3phz wrote

2 different households I know of in the city have gone full solar. So, no, you don’t have to deal with dominion.


jee-bus t1_jczt1xc wrote

what did they use for their battery storage? curious if they found a good system


DangeRaide t1_jcuaw2a wrote

Dominion Energy has a monopoly in the state of VA. There are no alternatives for electric power unfortunately.


JackieBlue1970 t1_jcubgsb wrote

There are others in the state but they have defined areas, so each is a franchise with exclusivity. Rappahannick Electric is one. Appalachian Power is another.


Hiltson87 t1_jcubc5j wrote

They have a monopoly in large parts of the state, but there are co-op power companies throughout the state as well. Powhatan and Prince George both have co-ops that I can recall offhand, but they're not the only ones.


StarHeroPixels t1_jcucv95 wrote

The Eastern Shore has A&N.


glboisvert t1_jcue5ka wrote

But the point is, you can’t choose between them and Dominion. In RVA Dominion is your only choice; on the eastern shore A&N is your only choice.


StarHeroPixels t1_jcvabwx wrote

I thought this little segment of the conversation was just discussing if Dominion was electric service for the whole state, so my bad and apologies for misunderstanding.


iSYTOfficialX7 t1_jcuy5hr wrote

Powhatan, Amelia, Nottway, and some other counties have Southside Electric

Mecklenburg has Mecklenburg Electric

I do understand your point tho. Bro's stuck with dominion unless he moves to a county that doesn't use them.


instantcoffee69 t1_jcudgan wrote

Dominion owns/controls distribution, transmission, and generation.

Dominion can be problematic, but you'll get nothing better from another company. And you won't get a better deal with a de-regulated market like Maryland (with PJM).


Gamegis t1_jcvaer3 wrote

Dominion is part of PJM too (and Virginia is also a deregulated Energy market just like in Maryland). But yes, otherwise I agree. Op you are stuck with dominion and anything else is likely a scam


needsexyboots t1_jcufwcj wrote

You can’t choose unless you move to a different part of the state or go fully solar


FalloutRip t1_jcuaxvw wrote

As far as I'm aware, Dominion has a monopoly in the area, and most of the state. Some areas of the state have coops as an option, shown on this map.


SothebysVA t1_jcy0ru8 wrote

Not in Richmond. In other areas, there are Co-Ops. I believe that Tappahannock has a Co-Op power station.