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YAboss1243 t1_jdi9dpc wrote

For the budget, and especially if you need unlimited washes, I would choose Flagstop. Decent for the pice when I used them. However I’m currently with Tommy’s. Much higher quality, tends to scratch/swirl my car paint less, and the vacuums are decent. They have the option to pay per wash and I usually pay $18 per wash and wash about twice a month. Lmk what you choose

Edit: also customer service at Tommy’s is petty good.


lunar_unit t1_jdigwpr wrote

There are a few posts on this subreddit from a Tommy's rep, u/Jesusismycurseword.

And if your search 'Tommy' on here, you can read about other customer experiences with them. At least their customer service seems legit.

IDK if Flagship also does this, but if you install the Tommy's app, you get a month of free washes, so you could try them both and see who you like better.


birdmanmanbird t1_jdiicp1 wrote

Is this a strictly car wash sub now?


lunar_unit t1_jdiixvv wrote

With a smattering of lost pets and angry rants to fill out the content.


ExtremeHobo t1_jdilm2a wrote

Please stop __________ (insert thing that assholes do but obviously won't stop because of a Reddit post)!!!


wickedwoobie328 t1_jdi8sx6 wrote

I like that flagship offers towels to dry off your car and wipe down the interior.


JDnice804 t1_jdiisox wrote

I like the Tommy’s because I have matte black rims and the landing belt at Tommy’s is flat, so they won’t get scratched up.