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We are academic marketing researchers and this study involves research on consumer perceptions of grocery store brands. The survey takes ~5 min and if you complete it, you'll be entered to win one of five $50 grocery gift cards.

[survey is now closed, we will contact the winners shortly]

Thank you for your help for our research!

Sara Hanson, Associate Professor of Marketing University of Richmond Brandon Reich, Assistant Professor of Marketing Portland State University (post approved by moderator)



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rdt69420 t1_jcylkcm wrote

Done. What a weird bunch of questions.


FiveTicketRide t1_jcyqk2o wrote

I took the quiz because of this comment and it did not disappoint t


easy_Money t1_jczfsdx wrote

Right... how tf am I supposed to explain Trader Joe's hierarchies?


RulerOfTheRest t1_jd0o1o9 wrote

Well, you see, in the 1960's the brothers that own Aldi got into a fight, something about selling cigarettes in the stores where one brother was for it and the other against it, so they split the companies into Aldi Nord (north) and Aldi Süd (you guessed it: south). Fast forward into the 70's and the brother that owns Aldi Nord bought this tiny grocery chain based in Californian called Trader Joe's and expanded that throughout the United States. Around this time, the brother that owns Aldi Süd attempted to operate some stores in the US under the Aldi name, but that incarnation failed and quietly went away, until they reorganized a plan and launched the Aldi we know and love today. So in the hierarchy of things, Trader Joe's would be the nephew of the US version of Aldi...


RVAperson9 t1_jcz8fzg wrote

It seems the assumption is that I have been an employee at both stores (I have not). I had no insight into any of the questions asked.


JuxtaposedJacob t1_jd1dgnu wrote

I want to imagine that some of the questions were to throw me off; otherwise it would be hard to imagine a study that could cogently use all of that data.


DefaultSubsAreTerrib t1_jcz8udf wrote

Kroger reflects who I am.


winborne1112 t1_jd01qs7 wrote

When people want to get to know me I always say "Go to Kroger. The answers are all there."


And then they look at me funny.


TripawdCorgi t1_jcywuev wrote

Can I trade a $50 grocery gift card for a grocery store in Manchester if I win?


hilbug27 t1_jcz1pc3 wrote

Done. Did you guys test this on smartphones before launching? The scale was weird on my iPhone, vertical with very tiny buttons. Qualtrics is usually better about mobile formatting.

-a market researcher in Richmond


sarahanson126 OP t1_jcz326z wrote

Thanks for letting me know! The horizontal scales look ok on preview then horrible in real-life. Sorry about that and thanks for your time!


maddmoxxiie t1_jczo4i9 wrote

Go to Trader Joe’s for the trade secrets, stay for the hierarchy


OddWelcome2502 t1_jczla2s wrote

Fortunately some of the grocery store employee subreddits show up in my feed occasionally. I had enough knowledge to answer confidently rhat Kroger is 100% robot


oneoftheguysdownhere t1_jd0bdhm wrote

As someone who is currently finishing up a Masters in Marketing, what in the world…


textilefaery t1_jd0t4uv wrote

I don’t really think any grocery store reflects who I am


mikuhero t1_jd0462h wrote

Kroger reflects who I am


bsh008 t1_jcz8pzs wrote

cool, thanks!


Poke-a-dotted t1_jd0glbk wrote

Sweet, sweet grocery gift card. I wish I drove up to the TJs more often. Used to go there a lot in other states, somehow can’t be bothered to drive the extra 10 mins each way.