Submitted by ThrowYaBoatt t3_1271x3l in rva

Just looking to get my fix on some great tasting food. I have done absolutely no research to the area even though I have lived here for a long time.

I have no idea what a “search bar” is but that sounds like a great time!

I ask because I have seen commercials screaming: “WHOPPER WHOPPER WHOPPER WHOPPER” and while I don’t know what that means, it sounds exciting and I really want to be a part of it.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated



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ProtoDonCheadle t1_jec5z58 wrote

I haven't done any research, I also don't know what a search bar is but I have heard that Arby's HAS THE MEATS so surely they have the best processed burger.


9to5Voyager t1_jecioyb wrote

This ChatGPT thing has really gotten out of hand


dreww4546 t1_jecli6z wrote

I assumed it was a post from am overseas scammer..but chatGPT makes sense too. The syntaxe is just too strange


lunar_unit t1_jec8mh1 wrote

What even is a 'processed burger'? In my day, we just cut a slab off a four legged mammal, threw it on a bun, and were happy that we had a meal that didn't involve ground up bugs on top of stale noodles cooked in puddle water.


RVADoberman t1_jecf9hv wrote

In my day, we hyphenated compound words like “four-legged”, but you whippersnappers wouldn’t understand the kind of grammatical discipline it took to defeat the Kaiser.


ProtoDonCheadle t1_jec9qwl wrote

My understanding is that they are things like fast food burgers and the crap that comes in cases at Walmart (Billy burger or whatever it is)


BureauOfBureaucrats t1_jecow4d wrote

The “Search Bar” is a kink sex club and the bot that wrote this post is a virgin.


Character-Plantain-2 t1_jececwi wrote

In case you are actually serious - Roys Big Burger in Lakeside is without a doubt the best fast food style burger in RVA


Mr_Boneman t1_jeehrt4 wrote

I feel the exact same way about their CHICKEN CHICKEN CHICKEN CHICKEN commercials.


KPriceArts t1_jeckgwt wrote

Do you mean the Search Bar in Google?


Manuntdfan t1_jec6y9b wrote

Go to google maps: search this area. Type in “burgers” read the reviews. Don’t make us do the work for you.