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lunar_unit t1_jdo2yiy wrote

We use Fabscapes for some of our yard and tree stuff. Jim and his team are timely and nice to deal with. Send them an email or phone call and see if they'd be someone you'd want to work with.


dances-with-poodles OP t1_jdpjdsc wrote

This is awesome - thank you. It looks like they do ornamental trees, so I’ll definitely reach out. I actually have one that’s more of a waterfall style, for which I semi-understand the general shaping method, but my Twombly’s red sentinel is totally stumping me. It’s supposed to be columnar and there are a few branches that I’m having a hard time making decisions on, and then if they go, where is the best place to cut. I swear these trees are so complex. I think an expert would really help me.