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Ms-Pamplemousse t1_je9wdd8 wrote

Full-on concerts are generally not dog-friendly -- the music is far too loud (for humans, let alone dogs).


MiloAshworthy t1_jea6nxp wrote

Your dog can hear from 80ft what you can from 20ft...there is absolutely no reason you need to have your dog and a concert...if you're near the stage then you should be wearing earplugs, now multiply that volume and think of your dog...


jberryman t1_je9vgj4 wrote

ya pets aren't allowed. I can't think of anything you need to know :)


RVA_Warrior804 t1_jea04t8 wrote

Please leave your dogs at home, for darn near everything except WALKS!!!!!


Breauxmance t1_jeb8hvs wrote

YES thank you I LOVE dogs and am an owner myself, but we need to get it under control here


RVA_Warrior804 t1_jeb8t2m wrote

I have two and I cant help but think how miserable they would be hanging out with me while I run my errands, much less a concert!! Leave your fur babies at the house!!


Horror-Antelope4256 t1_jea4s9j wrote

Brown’s Island** Your mashing up the name with nearby Belle Isle. I’m sorry, i had to do it. Welcome to Richmond!


Hangrycouchpotato t1_jeb4i4a wrote

Fido should sit this one out. Dogs and concerts don't mix.


Tayl44 t1_je9vboc wrote

I don’t think so, but maybe somebody else can chime in. It’s end up being an awful lot of people at Friday Cheers.


LoafRVA t1_jeaqdkt wrote

The music will carry quite far from the venue, so you could probably find a nice place along the river to hear the music (maybe even on the other side of the river) with your pup


Tressler3 t1_jeaqpbp wrote

This is the info I was hoping to get. I appreciate it!


fr0bert t1_jebwlar wrote

The 'dog owner' energy here suggests he's gonna go anyway.


SIDEEYEmusic t1_jec6iab wrote

You know what a music concert is, right?