Submitted by Boredandcontent t3_123ubaq in rva

I need help figuring out how to get rid of an Amerigas large tank that was left in my garage by a previous owner. I’ve called Amerigas multiple times over the past 6months but they have kept promising to send someone out but never do. I’m at a loss for what to do next and need some help. I don’t actually have an account with Amerigas and everything I’ve tried to do through their customer service department has failed. Their customer contact form goes nowhere and gives an error.

Can I call someone from the govt/police given it’s in the garage and is likely against some regulation or another? Is there a different company that can take ownership and just take it away?



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CoffeexCup t1_jdwca5v wrote

If it’s disconnected and just sitting there post it for free on Facebook and it will probably get snatched up quick.


Boredandcontent OP t1_jdwjl5s wrote

Didn’t even think to do this. Not sure about the legality of transferring these but maybe a solution.


RVAringfinder t1_jdx1007 wrote

Nothing illegal at all-in It's a tank. You getter deal from the supplier if you own your tank, vs leasing theirs. Someone will take it off your hands.


lunar_unit t1_jdwr3sd wrote

Is this a tank for a propane grill (15lbs of propane, about 18" tall) or something bigger?

The tanks for grills can be dropped off at any place that sells propane (like Lowe's), because they usually trade empties for full ones.

Go here for info & options


Boredandcontent OP t1_jdwstyf wrote

No, this is bigger. It’s about 5ft high. I’ve gotten multiple dms for potential solutions.


Canard427 t1_jdxfw2y wrote

I'm me experience, if it's metal and you can get it to the street with a free sign on it, it will be gone within the day


Boredandcontent OP t1_jdxkwa7 wrote

Problem is it’s too big for me to carry so can’t even get it out of the garage let alone to the street. But to you point, Someone already dmed about pickup so post virtually about metal and they will come.