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J-Colio t1_jbaig4s wrote

Fun tip to tip

Say your check comes to $abcd.ef

Move the decimal to the left one and multiply by 2, so 2*(

That's your 20% tip. Monstrously faster than dividing by 5.


TheyCallMeKP t1_jbavk1f wrote

Never realized people just didn’t do 10% then double it. Dividing by 5 is wild haha


LeahsCheetoCrumbs t1_jbc49kz wrote

That’s what I do. Round up, 10% and double it. But I’m bad at math, so I just figured this was the easiest way.


rattylight t1_jbakd07 wrote

This. So easy! Plus I usually round up to the nearest dollar to make it a little extra since I can


Notexactlyanoob t1_jbejvuz wrote

If people are too dumb to figure out 20%, with literally everyone having a calculator in their pockets, and THATS the reason they haven't been tipping 20, this tip isnt gonna make em do it. Cause that aint the reason.


J-Colio t1_jber4n6 wrote

That's rough. People are too proud to admit that they're trash at math.

I'm biased. I'm an engineer and in my experience even many of my peers have a questionable grasp on math. If I'm questioning how good at math the people who are widely accepted as being legitimately dang good at math are, then I really gotta assume that people are normally REALLY bad at math...

Our scores as a country support this rationale. The general population is plainly bad at math. When you see the Karens of Facebook complaining about new methods to teach math - they're probably horrible at math. We're not going to improve our scores by teaching the same way that got our scores so low to begin with...

We're left with people who are bad at math who are too proud to admit that they can't figure out something as simple as 20% in their heads - I don't think they want to use their phones because then they're admitting it. You know? Multiplication and division are grade-school math. You want a 35 year old guy with 2 kids admitting he can't do grade school math in front of his kids? You want some hotshot yuppie taking his tinder date out for drinks to whip out his phone and proudly proclaim that numbers scare him? You want a proud independent woman who's run her own business for the last 10 years to admit she still has anxiety dreams about math-tests in front of clients?

I don't think it's malice or mal-intent. I don't think anyone WANTS to be a bad tipper (unless they're going full Karen). I would think (hope) the reason is more plain-Jane hubris. They want to tip. They don't want to bankrupt themselves. They don't accept numbers, so they go with their gut instead knowing they won't go broke.

Thank you for attending my TED talk. You can get early access to conetent like this by contributing to my patreon. /s


Notexactlyanoob t1_jber8lu wrote

Seems a little dismissive, but ok. If people cared, they'd tip better. Everything else is an excuse. In this case, a long one.


redditrva456 t1_jbivttv wrote

People only tip better if the service is better. Don’t bring “care” into the mix, that ain’t it.


Notexactlyanoob t1_jbiwhc5 wrote

Not true, but go you. Like, yeah, that how it's theoretically supposed to work, and how it STILL works in places where tipping is not expected to pay the servers salary, but only for truly exceptional service. But no, that isn't how it works in practice for everyone. Yeah, some people dont care, period. Whether you like it or not.


meowmeow_now t1_jbenfme wrote

I did this my whole life and stingy assholes who insist on tipping 18.5% or some dumb shit would be angry I was tipping too much.


redditrva456 t1_jbivqz5 wrote

No. Take subtotal, not the full check.

The rest you have is correct for calculating 20% if the customer deems 20% appropriate


aimeebisoubisou t1_jbbbyne wrote

I round to the nearest 5th & then divide by 5


J-Colio t1_jbbfo91 wrote

I do my method then round up the total to make a pretty number.

13.57 becomes 2.714 which then goes to 2.93 because $16.50 is prettier than $16.28

I don't know which is easier on the servers/restaurants, though. Easy number tips or easy number totals. I only ever have my cards...

It looks nice on your statements having pretty numbers.


aimeebisoubisou t1_jbbgvyz wrote

The rounding up of the total for a pretty number is where I draw the line, math-wise. I’m barely able to do the other math 🤣

In your $13.57 scenario I would just round up to $15, divide by 5 to get $3 for a tip, and the total would be $16.57. Bam, math done.

But then again I’m also the type who doesn’t round up @ the gas pump either. Very few other transactions are round numbers so 🤷🏼‍♀️