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njbrews t1_jbaokf3 wrote

Probably because we're forced to tip at every stop we got lol


StarGraz3r84 t1_jbbf2bf wrote

I get what you are saying, but no one is 'forcing' you to do anything.


gravy_boot t1_jbbuohl wrote

The other day I was forced to back out of a preselected 20% tip and manually enter 0 when I bought a retail item, while the clerk watched me.


BureauOfBureaucrats t1_jbc75b0 wrote

It’s to the point where if we see those swivel tablet registers at a place that does NOT offer actual table service, we just won’t go in. I depend on tips myself, but it’s just ridiculous how far tipping has gone.


alejandrocab98 t1_jbclrd7 wrote

A lot of places have forced 20% tip, even for takeout.


StarGraz3r84 t1_jbcnl6s wrote

Haven't been to one of those, but stop shopping there if you aren't a fan. No one is forcing you.