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aimeebisoubisou t1_jbbbyne wrote

I round to the nearest 5th & then divide by 5


J-Colio t1_jbbfo91 wrote

I do my method then round up the total to make a pretty number.

13.57 becomes 2.714 which then goes to 2.93 because $16.50 is prettier than $16.28

I don't know which is easier on the servers/restaurants, though. Easy number tips or easy number totals. I only ever have my cards...

It looks nice on your statements having pretty numbers.


aimeebisoubisou t1_jbbgvyz wrote

The rounding up of the total for a pretty number is where I draw the line, math-wise. I’m barely able to do the other math 🤣

In your $13.57 scenario I would just round up to $15, divide by 5 to get $3 for a tip, and the total would be $16.57. Bam, math done.

But then again I’m also the type who doesn’t round up @ the gas pump either. Very few other transactions are round numbers so 🤷🏼‍♀️