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connor8383 t1_jbbs2el wrote

Which is interesting, bc we are taxed at about double the rate of most places, at least downtown.

I went to LA recently and was shocked to see the tax at restaurants was pretty standard. Eating in Richmond has made me think 15% tax is normal lol.


tail_ler t1_jbbzxlm wrote

That’s probably why it’s so high. People are basing the tip on the after tip total making their tip as a percentage of sales higher


connor8383 t1_jbc9386 wrote

True. Call me an asshole but I always base my tip on the subtotal. Especially here now where the restaurant tax is ridiculous

Edit to those downvoting me: 20% of the subtotal is my default. Unless the service is downright bad, I rarely stray from 20%. Seeing lots of people saying 15% is within acceptable range, 15% of the post-tax total and 20% of the subtotal aren’t that different.


redditrva456 t1_jbiw3h3 wrote

Ignore the downvotes. It’s common knowledge, maybe just not to some, but it is common knowledge that you tip on the subtotal. There is no point in tipping on the taxes.