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Pretend-Bread-8856 t1_jbfsc1w wrote

So they are raising prices just like I said on my original post. Im really not sure why you keep talking about this, nor why you are so condescending. Im not the smartest guy, but its a pretty simple and old concept. I understand how the economics work. I agree most people will not have a problem with paying more in the overall bill with the trade off that there will be no responsibility to tip. I do have an issue with the idea that this will work with no mechanism to make sure the owners will not find fuck with the money, such as raising the price 20% giving employees 15%.


Notexactlyanoob t1_jbfspzm wrote

Sigh. Because you're being obtuse. The prices, the cost to the consumer, in effect, would not rise if you're already tipping 20%, like ya should. How many times do I have to repeat what I meant before you get over yourself?

Thats what regulation is for. Like all kinds of workplaces have. Like the ones allowing them to pay less than minimum wage because of tips currently. No one said it should be a free for all, keeping the current laws, or that unfair rules should be put in place. That would be incredibly stupid to argue for. Strawmen are good for farming, not for discussions.

Stop defending systems that were LITERALLY designed to work against you.


Pretend-Bread-8856 t1_jbfvnrm wrote

Lol your taking what i said and trying to explain it back to me and calling me obtuse. We are saying the same thing. You are really toxic dude. Maybe try therapy? You are losing it.


Notexactlyanoob t1_jbfvusd wrote

Sure. When you say people would be happy to pay more on the overall bill in exchange for not having to worry about tipping we are not saying the same thing. And keep having issues with stuff no one suggested. On a topic you dont know the history of. Have a good day.


Pretend-Bread-8856 t1_jbfwqhr wrote

I cant tell if you are being pedantic, or just a jerk but that is how it would work. The bill would be higher to cover higher labour costs so that a higher than living wage would be achieved tipping would be eliminated. Yes? Fuck the system? All for it dude I want these things. But i dont want these things until the mechanism is there to enforce them. We are in america, i dont see it happening for a long long time.


Notexactlyanoob t1_jbfwwmw wrote

What's the difference between the bill, and the overall bill?


Pretend-Bread-8856 t1_jbh8z9m wrote

Man that strawman line, so funny!