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Hey just wondered if anyone knows if a ground level deck for a shed requires a permit, I saw on the Virginia rules it’s if it’s under 16” from ground it does but under doesnt just wondering if anyone knows if the rules are more restricted in Henrico

I know this is RvA sub but the Henrico sub seems dead



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lunar_unit t1_jdo4yi0 wrote

Depends on size, but you should be fine:

>Detached accessory structures used as tool and storage sheds, playhouses or similar uses, provided the floor area does not exceed 256 square feet and is not more than one story.


lordpuddingcup OP t1_jdo581q wrote

I guess it falls under on grade patio if it’s under a certain ground level height


lunar_unit t1_jdo5ioj wrote

You do need to observe setback from property line. There's a PDF link at the bottom of that page regarding the zoning requirements on that.

If you have further questions, call or email them at the addresses at the bottom of that page. They're generally pretty responsive.


BubbleWrapGuy t1_jdrfjm4 wrote

Setback in Henrico is 3’ from property line. I looked this up a month ago for my future shed.



That PDF is enormous lol, good luck finding relevant info in there.


jodyhighrola t1_jdotf7x wrote

There is this neat feature these days called “search”.



What terms did you search with to find setback requirements for sheds? Honestly am curious, I'd like to know this info.


fl_man_in_rva t1_jdom850 wrote

Call the permit office and ask them. When I called about my ground level deck, it requires a permit. I don't remember the specifics of what made it cross that threshold.

Edit: You said for a shed. Disregard this. Like someone else posted, you should be good as long you keep it under 256 sqft.


lordpuddingcup OP t1_jdoxshd wrote

Well I emailed and they said if the joists aren’t making ground contact it might require one but wtf does that mean like I have to put bare wood on the ground to not be permitted which seems unsafer than using sunken concrete deck stones


fl_man_in_rva t1_jdpihy5 wrote

Yeah, that was it. I don't think it matters if you are 3 inches off the ground or 3 feet. Off the ground equals permit.

I think it really comes down to if you doing a shed or a deck with a shed on it. Sheds aren't something you spend a lot of time in, unlike being on a deck. I was looking at sheds recently and the main question was whether it was for tool storage or something else (backyard bar, she shed, etc.). Tool storage, no permit required. Something other than tool storage, possibly a permit would be required.


TellYourPupISaidHi t1_jdqcw4x wrote

Caveat that if it's in or within 40 feet of a floodplain, it'll need a floodplain permit even if it's something that would normally not require a building permit. This probably doesn't apply to you, but a quick check on the county's gis will show you if there's any floodplain on your property.